The cold sea winds blew.

It was the coldest time of the year. It wouldn’t get warmer until February of the next year. Soran took Vivian to the pirate ship. Wondering if it was only in his head, Soran felt that Vivian was a little quieter than yesterday. The little girl held his fingers with her little hands, and occasionally looked at him and smiled. This made Soran think about their time at Amber City when Vivian liked to hold his fingers like this.

The pirate ship was filled with scary-looking pirates, but they were all shocked at the arrival of a little girl!

No one dared to ask too much.

They had already been scared straight by Soran. In the whole Shipwreck Bay area, the reputation of the Throat-Cutter had spread far and wide. Maybe it was because she had experienced a lot along the way—the little girl looked at these fierce pirates calmly, but occasionally she would look at their tattoos curiously. Pirates liked tattoos because they wanted to be recognized after their death.

The warship quickly left port Tylon. Soran didn’t tell his crew where they were going but just told them to head out.

The pirates were confused but still listened to his orders!

“Big brother!”

Vivian who was looking at the sea. Her hair blew in the wind, looked at Soran with a smile and asked, “Can I fish?”

Soran smiled and answered, “Sure. But you’ll probably encounter sharks in this region!”


The little girl’s eyes brightened and she clapped her hands, “I’ll get a great white shark!”

Soran was somewhat taken aback.

He ordered others to bring the iron hook. Naturally, they couldn’t use ordinary methods to deal with sharks. They had to attract them with blood and ordinary fishing rods were useless in this case; they had to use other fishing tools. Unfortunately, this pirate ship doesn’t have any. But it was easy for Soran to get a shark. He hung a piece of meat on the hook, and then asked Vivian, “why did you change into a white skirt today?”


The little girl watched with excitement as Soran worked, then she spun around and said, “Vivian likes two dresses, one white and one black. Do I look good?”

“Yes,” Soran smiled and nodded.

The little girl smiled and acted naturally.

The ship continued.

After some time, he ordered the sails to be raised. After looking at the sea for some time, they set sail again, approaching the more dangerous deep-sea area. The other pirates were worried; they were worried about encountering sea monsters, but they didn’t dare to disobey Soran’s orders. There were many sea monsters and other sea creatures around the deep-sea region; that was why the fleet must pray for the blessing of gods before sailing.

Northern tower.

A gorgeous woman came to one of the many tall towers in the north. This was a very old wizard tower. It had a longer history than many towers in the north, it was also the only well-preserved wizard towers since the arcane empire. The whole wizard tower was shrouded in special energy. Ordinary people would not want to get close to it, they might not even see it. The gorgeous woman knelt in front of the gate of the tower, and then lowered her head humbly.

A sigh was heard from the tower.

Then the doors to the tower were opened. The gorgeous woman had a surprised look on her face and quickly went into the tower.

At the top of the tower.

An old woman was sitting on the astrological platform. Her hair was white and the most striking thing was that her pupils had almost become white. There was no clear distinction between the sclera and the contours of her pupils. She looked up at the gorgeous woman coming out from behind the door, sighed softly and said slowly: “Corinne. Have you not given up yet? ”

The woman lowered her head and said, “Honourable Eye of the North!…I…I’m not satisfied!…”

The old witch, who seemed blind, shook her head and sighed, “with your talent, if you were not obsessing about the power beyond yourself, you may have already entered the realm of legend. I banished you to Whiterun hoping you would change your ways; hoping you would be able to take my place. But I didn’t expect you to not give up for so many years! ”

“Even your daughter will be stronger than you soon. I’m truly disappointed!”

The gorgeous woman showed an unwilling expression and murmured, “I don’t want to!… I am not willing to give up!… In the beginning, you said that as long as I could study this knowledge, I would be able to master the power of the arcane empire!… To find out its mystery, I have already lost my daughter! I have given my youth! And had practically lost everything! How could I give up now!… ”

Eye of the North sighed and said slowly, “So what if you understood its secrets? It was because the Arcanist, who was obsessed with power and knowledge, that destroyed their great empire! They destroy themselves, trying to influence those forbidden realms! ”

“You’ve lost your way in search of power.”

“I only see destruction on you; even after you’re done with your research, you’ll only bring about destruction to yourself!”

The gorgeous woman clenched her teeth and said with a pale face, “Is that my fate? Is that why you don’t support me anymore? And banished me to Whiterun? ”

The old witch said nothing but had sadness in her eyes.


Tears fell, and the gorgeous woman in front of her began to cry. This was a rare sight. She stood up angrily and said in a sharp voice, “why? Since you have seen my fate, why do you only tell me now? ”

The old witch did not answer her and only lowered her head.

The gorgeous woman looked at her coldly, then turned around. In a cold voice, she said, “you too want that power? You know I can’t succeed, but I still hope to solve the secret! ”

“I won’t give up.”

“If I am fated for destruction, then I’ll welcome destruction with open arms.”

The gorgeous woman chanted a forbidden language, then her skin began to change; her fair skin turned dark blue, and finally to a strange white color again. The old witch was shocked, and then murmured, “you… have already… ”

The gorgeous woman looked at her coldly and said, “That’s right. Since I’m seen as an evil person and would be sent to hell after my death; what’s the difference if I become like this earlier?”

She turned and was ready to go out.

However, at that time, the old witch suddenly opened her mouth and told a story slowly, “it was said that before the birth of the twins of destiny, everyone’s destiny was controlled by the goddess of fortune. She would toss the gold coin of fate which represented a person’s future. Some were positive, some were negative. However, there were also very special people; when the goddess of fortune threw their gold coin, the gold coin would stand straight. ”

“The fate of this kind of people cannot be controlled by the gods; they were said to be freer than many gods!”

“Fate would change all the time.”

“I am only able to see one side of the coin of fate. If you do not want to give up, then you’ll have to search for people who are free from the control of fate. If you help this kind of person, then your fate might change as well.”

“As for your success or failure, no one would know!”

The gorgeous woman was less tense; she bowed slightly and swiftly left.