Abyss Domination

Chapter 227 - Legendary Grade 5

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A crazy amount of data appeared in front of Soran.

Soran’s eyes filled with 0 and 1s. It didn’t cost him much for his scan, but it had cost a lot more Slaughter EXP for him to scan someone else. In the beginning, he did a rough scan on Vivian, but at that time, Vivian had only awakened her sorcerer abilities; the Slaughter EXP consumed was nothing compared to the current scan. Now that Vivian was a legendary caster, Soran did not know how much data would come out.

The amount of data made Soran feel slightly dizzy. Vivian also seemed to be very uncomfortable; like an annoyed kitten she stretched out her little hand and tightly grasped the corner of Soran’s clothes. The little girl seemed to be rejecting this strange energy scanning in her heart. If the person in front of her was not her brother, she might have already attacked him.

Name: Vivian [Witch of Terror] [Son of Fear]

Race: Human

Attributes: Strength 9 (+1), Dexterity 12 (+1), Constitution 16 (+1), Intelligence 21 (+1), Wisdom 21 (+1), Charisma 27 (+1)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Profession: Level 10 Sorcerer (Max)/ Level 8 Divine Sorcerer/ Level 7 Wizard [Grade 5]

Health Points (HP): ???/???

Ability: Unknown

Shard of Divinity: None

Devine Title: None

Divinity: Minor Divinity [All attributes +1]

Domain: Fear

Others: Unknown

Basic Skills: ???

Legendary Abilities: Legendary Spell Penetration, Legendary Spell Control, Legendary Spell Construction, Level 1 Spontaneous Casting, Level 2 Spontaneous Casting, Level 3 Spontaneous Casting.

Other Abilities: Spell Control, Spell Penetration, Empower Spell, Combat Casting, Silent Spell, Spontaneous Casting, Flying Cast.

Gifted Abilities: Spellcasting Prodigy, Divinity Transformation, Son of Fear.

Other Skills: ???

Soran was shocked.

When he saw the attributes of Vivian after the scan, he was stunned. Now he finally understood why it took so much Slaughter EXP to scan Vivian’s ability; the little girl in front of him was becoming extremely powerful extremely fast. Soran was deeply shocked when he looked at the row of legendary abilities. No wonder Vivian didn’t need to chant much, and the speed of her casting was incredibly fast!

So she has so many legendary Spontaneous Cast abilities.

It seems that she also naturally has [Minor Divinity]!

When Soran saw that Vivian’s race was still ‘human’, he let out a breath of relief; it seemed that the Dread Lord had not impacted her too much. But Soran had to marvel at the Gifted Abilities and all kinds of abilities brought by the inheritance she had. It took Soran great effort to master one or two spellcasting abilities, but Vivian had already acquired a large number of legendary abilities.

With her powers, she could easily take on legendary wizards!

Divine Sorcerer?

The fact that Vivian had awakened her bloodline, she had automatically become a Divine Sorcerer?

Soran was lost in thought. Divine Sorcerers were a special branch of the sorcerers who had the enhancements of the gods. It was not difficult for Vivian to advance into this class, as she was a Son of Fear. However, since she had advanced to the divine sorcerer, it would be impossible for her to become a Dragon Disciple. The only path she could take now was to become a Fatespinner, but the class advancement was somewhat dependent on luck.

Since Vivian was so powerful!, they could easily destroy the Swamp King; maybe, they could even go against the sea temple.

“Big brother?!”

The little girl looked at Soran blankly and asked, “What’s the matter? What did you see?”

Soran snapped out of his thought process and smiled, “Nothing.”

“I knew my Vivian would be a rich beautiful sorcerer in the future!… I just didn’t think you would be this powerful already!… You’ve even entered the realm of legends in such a short time… ”

Vivian had a somewhat confused look.

However, she still smiled and said, “Even though I don’t understand you, I felt like you were praising me!”

“Vivian is powerful!”

Soran raised his hand and stroked the little girl’s head, then said seriously: “Vivian. I want to tell you something serious next. Your future as the Son of Fear is bound to be difficult, so we must plan ahead. You’ve always been smarter than other children, so from today on, I’ll try to tell you many things; it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand them now, just try to remember them for now.”

The little girl nodded in confusion and said, “Alright. I’ll remember them.”

“Very well.” Soran smiled and said: “the first step now is to give you the strength to fight against the vampire God. He has controlled the vampiric divine title and has become a Saint. Right now, we can’t face him. But it’s only a temporary matter; just give me a little time, and big brother will make you more powerful than him! ”

“The Dread Lord is our ultimate enemy!… But we’ll have to handle some small matter first!…”

Soran slowly explained.

The little girl listened carefully on his lap, and occasionally asked questions. As Soran explained more and more, her expression became more and more confused. Although she had the ability of the Son of Fear, she was just a little nine years old girl after all. Her innate intelligence couldn’t make up for her lack of experience. There were many things she couldn’t understand, but she made a great effort to remember them; her intuition told her that her brother’s plan was much better.

From when she accepted her identity as a Son of Fear, the little girl had already realized that her life would be hard.

Their final enemy was the Dread Lord!

A being that has existed for a long time. He had great divine powers and controlled a great portion of the Abyss.

The Sons of Fear were only his pawns.

Whether it was the vampire God, Vivian, or Soran, they were all on the chessboard arranged by him. Even though they had tried to change their own destiny, the greatest power was still in the hands of the Dread Lord.

Since the Time of Troubles had not begun!

The devils and demons that could enter the material plane were only a few. However, once the Avatar Crisis begins, the balance between planes would be gradually broken and a large number of plane gaps would increase. At that time, not only the Abyss and the Nine Hells of Baator would be connected, but the connection between the four elemental planes and the material plane would become very close. In Soran’s memory, there were even celestial creatures appearing on the material plane.

By then, the Dread Lord would explode in power!

In history.

Even though many deities were destroyed in the material plane, they were still able to survive for some time. The material plane was the root of all believes. Many deities had believers in the material plane.