Abyss Domination

Chapter 226 - Special Arrangement

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Temple of the Sea.

Soon after Soran left, the figure of the noblewoman came out. She looked up at the priest who was not very happy, and then said, “Is that him?”

The face of the priest was still very unhappy. She found that Soran was like a slippery loach, no matter how hard she solicited, it seemed that it was always almost not enough. Sometimes she felt like hitting air, which made her intestines uncomfortable. She glanced at the charming noblewoman in front of her and said slowly, “not necessarily. This man is too cunning. Unless he joins us, you’re just a bait in front of him. ”

“I’ve spent plenty of resources on you. If not for our help, the territory your father had would have been taken away.”

“Also, pay attention to your virginity. I’ve noticed that it seemed to be very attractive to human men. You must not get close to any male creature until we decide who is valuable to us. Your task now is to continue to expand your influence, and if necessary, to start wars among the nobles of the south coast! Only wars can break the deadlock. Let us push our influence into the humans!”

The noblewomen’s face was stiff, and her eyes still had some anger—still, she nodded obediently and replied, “yes.”

No matter who was put around like a chip or goods, there would be a trace of dissatisfaction in their hearts. However, it seemed that her respect for the sea temple was obvious, and the sea temple must have had great control over her. That was why she had to bow her head, even when the priest was humiliating her. No one knew what agreement Soran and the priest would finally reach, but looking at the face of it now, she doesn’t seem to have much of the upper hand.

This made her somewhat impressed with Soran as only a person with enough power could play this kind of game with the sea temple.

Soran left the temple.

He was not very happy. He turned and arrived at the port. Then he waved a pirate and said in a deep voice, “Tell Adele to come see me.”


A red-haired female pirate with a skin-tight armor appeared in front of Soran. She took a careful look at Soran’s face, and then said, “Your Excellency? What can I do for you? ”

Soran took a look at her and said without expression, “from today on, 50% of the profits from port Tylon will be handed over to the sea temple. You will control the smuggling trade in Shipwreck Bay; you must ensure that no one else can touch the route. Also from now on, all the slave trade, whether legal or illegal, we must grasp it in our hands. Anyone who wants to make money from slave-trading must get our consent! ”

Slave trading.

This was the largest trade in the south coast because there were many mines near the coast, which needed a lot of labor to mine. It was impossible to hire civilians because everyone knew that mining was a deadly job. That was why the labor force could only be sourced from criminals and slaves. In addition, the aristocrats in this area had a large number of manors which needed plenty of cheap labor.

Slavery was a widespread problem in this world.

Even deities could not change the situation.

Even in Soran’s past life, the abolition of slavery had been delayed, confined only to modern history, and it had been deeply rooted in the world for countless years. It was almost becoming deep-rooted in people’s hearts. Most ordinary people would hope to own a piece of land and then buy and own some slaves. If not for good people, and the fact that some temples were quite disgusted with slavery, the southern region would have been filled with slaves.

“Yes, your excellency.”

Adele nodded and continued, “I’ll make arrangements immediately.”

Soran took a silent look at her and then said, “do you know a woman named Monica? She also has the surname Isabella and is the only daughter of an earl. ”

The red-haired pirate wondered for a moment, then said, “Your Excellency. This surname is distributed in the South and the West. She may be related to my mother, but I’m not familiar with these people because of my birth. Mother seemed to have a cousin on the south coast, who see,ed to have the rank of earl, but his family has long been in decline. If she was the only daughter of the count, he would be my mother’s cousin. There were only a few who had this surname on the south coast.”

A declining noble family?

She may be a good investment, and someone easy to control.

Soran nodded softly then said, “Go. Put your focus on the slave trade, and make sure that this trade is in our hands. ”

Adele nodded a little, hesitated, and asked, “Your excellency… With the importance you put on the slave trading, are you going to use them to expand to the outer islands?… I’m not questioning your decision, just wondering! ”

She looked at him respectfully after asking the question.

Soran was slightly surprised, but he didn’t tell her his intentions. Instead, he replied in a low voice, “Do your job and you’ll find out soon enough.”

Slaves were the cheapest labor and a group that was easily satisfied.

They had been forced to despair, so as long as they were given a little hope—a little right to survive and a little freedom—they would become a very useful force. Soran not only needed their labor force, but also needed them as the foundation. It was very difficult to transfer the overseas population because the mainland had not completely fallen into chaos. That was why slaves were a key part of Soran’s plan.

Soran walked away.

Adele Isabella stayed where she was and looked intently at the direction of Soran. The more she understood about this man, the more she felt that this man had a big plan. Someone who could give up so much wealth must be going for something more valuable.

What does this man want?

She was even somewhat excited and wanted to understand his plan.

Unfortunately, she could only hide her thoughts for now.

Soran went back to where he stayed.

Just as he entered the room, he saw a petite figure swooping over, and then directly hung on him. Vivian hung around his neck and said in a crisp voice: “Big brother is back at last! I was bored to death by myself! ”

Soran smiled and carried her to the bed.

Then he sat down, with a serious expression, “Vivian? How are you doing? Is there anything uncomfortable? Why did you call yourself Lilian, the Witch of Terror last time? ”

The little girl became stiff for a moment, then her eyes twinkled and said in a low voice, “I… I’m fine… But I remember a lot of things!… It’s about Lillian! Then I learned a lot of magic and became more powerful than before! ”

“Oh!… does Big brother not like Vivian anymore?…”

The little girl acted pitiful after saying that.

Soran felt hurt, he quickly kissed her forehead and replied, “Dummy!…I’ll be with you forever!…”

Is that so?

Soran’s heart thumped a bit as he thought to himself: “if I had died, maybe Vivian would have become Lillian?”

“I must not leave any hidden dangers for her!”


“I have to find a way to kill the other Sons of Fear, and then wipe out the consciousness of Fear completely! Otherwise, as long as his consciousness still exists, there would be danger. If I already have problems fighting against the will of Fear, Vivian would definitely have a harder time. ”

Soran seemed to be thinking about something.

The little girl’s expression was unnatural but still sat beside him.

After a while, Soran seemed to have thought of something and said in a deep voice: “Vivian! Brother has a way to check your body. It may be a little uncomfortable. Would you like to try it? ”

The little girl was slightly confused but still nodded obediently.

Soran smiled.

Then there was a glow in his eyes, which seemed to make Vivian feel uncomfortable.

A row of data appeared:

“Proceed with data scan of target?!…”


“Target is very dangerous!… And might be aggressive!… data scan requires 16000 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Proceed with scan?!…”

It requires so much Slaughter EXP?

Although Soran felt a little hurt, he still proceeded with the scan as he had gained more than 70000 Slaughter EXP from his trip. He needed to know how much Vivian had strengthened, and whether Vivian had been influenced by the will of the Dread Lord. Vivian’s safety was more important in Soran’s eyes, as Slaughter EXP could be gained later.