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Temple of the Sea.

Soran was a little shocked when he came to the door because he saw a special carriage, not how special it was, but because of a tuna-like emblem on it. If he remembered correctly, according to the world’s knowledge [Nobles], it should be the family emblem of a noble family. The family emblem was of special importance and representation. To use a tuna-like emblem, the person should be a noble family around the coastal area.

This was port Tylon.

A chaotic area place. Although people were running the place, they were not nobles; the forces behind the scene also changed frequently. That meant that this noble wasn’t a local, but only from the coastal areas. But why did the nobles from the coastal areas come here? And to the sea temple, which was of the evil alignment? Did they believe in the sea goddess?

Soran walked in with a frown.

As expected, he saw a figure of a woman praying. From the back, she was very tall and beautiful. She wore a veil on her head and had a slender waist. Because she knelt in front of the statue of the sea goddess, her hips and buttocks looked voluptuous. No matter from which angle, the woman was full of temptation.

Soran’s footsteps startled the woman.

When she heard footsteps, she stood up. A pair of blue eyes looked at Soran, and then she took off the veil with a smile. She had a very charming face and a tall nose, which was the characteristic of Western nobles. Her skin was very white, and her eyelashes were long and looked like she had fake eyelashes, but in fact, she was born so. Another characteristic was that there was a mole on the corner of her mouth; it was very small and inconspicuous. The small mole somehow made her more attractive.

The woman was tall, about five centimeters taller than Soran. It was not easy for a woman to find a husband with such a height.

She was roughly a meter eighty tall.

This tall woman looked very slender. The age of the other party should be in her twenties, not over twenty-four years old. Because of the popular long skirts with slim waist among the nobles, her white and full breasts were more noticeable. She had a slender waist and slim legs. Her body was outlined by the snow-white long skirt which highlighted all her curves. This kind of dress seemed to be often worn at noble parties because it perfectly reflected the curves and attractiveness of women.

This was not something they wore normally, because it restricted the natural breathing; women who were not used to it might even become breathless!

Soran was slightly caught off guard.

He couldn’t help looking at her more; not only because of the charming appearance of the other party but also because of familiarity. Soran, of course, had never seen this woman before. However, after a few more glances, he finally understood why she seemed familiar; that was because the woman in front of him was somewhat similar to Adele Isabella. The two were about 50% similar.

Facing Soran’s gaze the noblewoman’s face became slightly red. She bowed down gently while her white hands raised the corner of her skirt. When she slightly bent her knees, the fullness of her chest became apparent. It was as if she had deliberately exposed her cleavage in front of Soran. The noblewoman in front of his eyes looked up with a bright smile. It seemed that her cheeks were slightly red because of Soran’s handsome face. She then turns around and stepped into the back of the temple.

“Her name’s Monica Isabella.”

The figure of the Naga Siren priest came out, seemingly satisfied with Soran’s reaction. With a strange smile, she said: “she is the daughter of count Kaleide and his only heir. She is the descendant of Queen Isabella, with the purest noble blood which had given birth to countless gifted sorcerers. Although she is just an ordinary person, she has a very rich dowry. Because her father is getting old, she is in charge of the power and wealth of the whole territory. She even has a knighthood loyal to her.

“In the coastal areas, she is the dream wife of many noblemen. Her beauty and wealth are sought after.”

“That’s right.”

The priest looked at Soran who was somewhat shocked. With a playful expression, she said, “She’s also a virgin!”

The Fuxk!

What’s all this?

Even with his calm demeanor, he was still shocked by what she had said.

After some time, he recovered and asked, “Your excellency had asked me to come here for some business?”

It seemed that Soran had underestimated the influence of the sea temple.

If the noblewoman had the right to inherit the Earl’s territory. She would be a first-class noble family of the south coast. However, the priest was able to use her as a kind of trading commodity, as if she could arrange marriage if Soran wanted her. Women in this world also had the right to inherit titles.

That was why noblewomen had a good status in the world. Many noble families would consider the bloodline, dowry, and status of the noblewomen before marriage.

Beauty was only a small factor.

From this point of view, that noblewoman was really of high class. The fact that she was the target of many nobles on the south coast was not exaggerated at all.

But how could the sea temple control such a noblewoman?

Although it only affected her marriage, it still meant that she had a strong influence. The sea temple had a stronger control over the coastal areas than Soran thought. The noblewoman just now must have made a deal with the sea temple or some sort of contract. Soran couldn’t be sure what it was, but he was sure that the priest meant business this time.

The priest frowned slightly.

The trump card she brought out hadn’t completely moved him; this made her feel a little annoyed. But she still restrained herself from showing it because what this was only the carrot; soon she would bring out the stick.

She smiled strangely and slowly said, “I never thought you had that kind of ability! Able to subdue so many pirates in such a short time.”


The priest paused for a while and continued, “You seem to have become the target of the Swamp King. He seems to want to kill you to strengthen his position. He is a very powerful pirate king and his men are different from the people you have met. There are even many non-human monsters among them. ”

“If you’re unable to beat him, then all this work you’ve done would be a waste!”

“Those pirates don’t have much loyalty. If you fail once, they will betray you without hesitation. So I want to know how you’re going to deal with the Swamp King? ”

The priest let out a faint smile as if she was happy with the situation.

If Vivian didn’t wake up, Soran had to turn to the sea temple for help; but now it was possible to defeat the Swamp King. After all, Soran was very clear about the power of the Son of Fear. They were born as quasi-legendary figures. Furthermore, Vivian has now integrated the power of two Sons of Fear. Her strength was not only a little bit stronger than Soran; the only thing was that she didn’t know how to control it.

Should he reject the priest?

In the future, he might still need the help of the sea temple; thus Soran couldn’t make their relationship too rigid.

Could he accept her help?

If not the mandatory divine contract, Soran could still say yes; he didn’t have any faith right now, and it was fine with him to have faith. After all, the sea goddess was still a good goddess.


After some thought, his decision was ‘Eat the icing and throw the grenade back’.