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Why is Vivian more active than before?

In Soran’s memory, Vivian had always been a very quiet and obedient little girl. It was rare for Vivian to be playful and mischievous. She would only be like this if she was in a good mood. Soran, however, didn’t doubt anything. He still felt that Vivian was still his Vivian. Maybe it was because they hadn’t been so close for a long time, and there was a trace of excitement in their hearts.

Soran reached out to pat Vivian’s head then kissed her on her head.

He wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, he felt that Vivian was a little taller and heavier than before. She would be nine years old in another month.

“Oh!…Big brother!…”

The little girl arched around like a kitten in his arms for a while and finally became quiet and relaxed. She raised her little head and pressed her cheek against Soran’s face, then gently rubbed it, to express her attachment. But soon she frowned, opened her eyes, and then rubbed her red cheeks. She tooted her mouth and murmured, “It’s so prickly! Brother, you have a beard! ”

Soran didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

He reached out and touched his chin, and found that he had a long beard. It was probably because he had not been able to pay attention. He stretched out his hand to hold the little girl and turned around. Then he put her petite body on his shoulder. Vivian giggled, and reached for his neck and laughed happily. She was a very easily satisfied little girl, a little coax and she would be very happy.

However, when Soran was about to take the little girl back, an inappropriate voice suddenly sounded: “Your Excellency Soran! The priest invites you to meet her at the temple. ”

A fully armored temple guard appeared. He bowed and said, “The priest hopes you can go right now.”

Soran frowned when he heard this.

Vivian was discontented and pursed her small mouth. Her beautiful big eyes slightly squint, and without Soran seeing, a cold light emerged from her eyes. Her eyes seemed to be filled with killing intent after being disturbed. If it wasn’t for Soran, she wanted to kill this annoying guy with “Finger of Death”. How dare he bother them at this time. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. If it wasn’t for waiting for her brother, she would have gone out and started killing.


Even though Soran frowned and was disappointed, he still nodded gently and said, “I’ll go in a bit.”

With that, he gently put down Vivian, bent over to her ears and apologized: “Vivian, go back first, I will come back later. The priest may have business with me. I’ll tell you something later in the evening. ”

Even though the little girl was not happy, she still nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you back home.”

Soran smiled, patted her head then turned to go to the sea temple.

Just after Soran turned around and left, Vivian looked coldly at the guard in front of her, and a faint divine glow appeared. The other party looked a little demented; then, as if he had seen a ghost, he showed a frightened expression. He threw away his weapon and ran away in a panic. As if he could not see the surrounding environment at all, he stumbled as he ran. He then hit the wall directly and fainted.


Lillian clapped her hands with satisfaction and said, “you’re lucky. If I wasn’t in a good mood today, I’d give you the Finger of Death!”

“Stupid Vivian!…say something!…why aren’t you speaking?…”

The little girl tidied up the black princess skirt, then untied the hairband, murmured to herself, “Have you become a mute?… Aren’t you going to fight against me?… ”

After a while.

Vivian’s weak voice sounded, as if she was in a bad mood, “I’m thinking about how to tell big brother about this.”

“About what?” Lilian asked.

Vivian’s tone was a little higher as if she was worried: “Us. You And I. How should I tell my big brother? You just pretended to be me! This proves that your heart is a little empty. You didn’t tell big brother that you are Lillian because you are afraid that he will not like you. You’re scared… Actually, I’m a little scared… Because I don’t know what we are… You remember everything I remember… I remember everything about you… But you are you, you are Lillian… I’m also me, I’m Vivian… ”

In the beginning, Lilian was about to rebut her angrily, but then she was in a bad mood.

She played with her little white fingers and whispered, “Who… Who says… I’m not worried that my brother doesn’t like me!… Who would pretend to be an idiot!… I… It’s just that I’m afraid my brother won’t adapt all at once!… ”

“Yeah! That’s why!”

The little girl nodded and thought that was the reason.

Vivian seemed to want to laugh a little, then said: “That’s why I was thinking about what to do? This is so weird! I’ve read a lot of books from sister Gloria but it’s not in the books! I’m afraid that we will always be like this. If you and I will be in this body in the future!…, we should try to get along! ”

Lilian was quiet; it seemed that she was also unsure of the current situation.

Vivian paused for a while, and then her voice was a little low: “Actually, I have an idea. Right now, no one except us knows about our situation, so I think we’d better hide it from big brother first. It’s better to wait until we figure out what’s going on with us and then tell him. ”

“I’m worried…if only one of us would survive in the end!…”

“You’re the real Son of Fear!…so if you survive!…could you still stay with big brother?…”

“Lilian!… I don’t actually hate you!… Even though you’re stubborn and mischievous.”

There was a brief silence.

Lillian’s eyes seemed to have watered up. Her beautiful big eyes were now a little tearful, and her voice trembled: “Stupid! Idiot!… What nonsense!… How could you die!… I’m not going to let anything happen to you! I am you and you are me!… Isn’t it good that we are together… Why would you say that… It makes me feel bad… ”

Vivian said in a weak voice: “well… I’m just saying in case… pat your head… Don’t cry… I should be the elder sister too… Come… good Lilian… Call me your elder sister! ”

The crying stopped.

Lillian jumped up like a kitten in a flash and said: “elder sister, my head!… I am the elder sister! You’re the little sister! Stupid Vivian!… You’re so useless!… You must be the little sister! ”

Vivian still spoke in a weak voice, but what she said made Lillian furious. “Be good!… Little Lillian, don’t be naughty!… Call me elder sister! You woke up so late… you must be my little sister… ”

Furious, Lilian jumped angrily but couldn’t do anything.

After a while, she calmed down and said in a low voice, “So what do we do? How can we hide this from our brother? Big brother is very smart! ”

Vivian thought for a while and said, “how about this?”

“You come out on one day, then I’ll come out on the next day. Don’t be too ridiculous or else big brother might realize what’s happening with us. But, we’re just children, so it’s understandable for us to have mood swings. Let’s try to hide it from him for now…I don’t know how it would turn out in the future!”

Lilian seemed to have thought about it for a while and muttered, “Oh…seems like not growing up is also a good thing…”

“And don’t ever mention that matter again!… If I’m fine, you’ll be fine!… Worst comes to the worst, I’ll just transfer some divinity to you!… Even though I don’t like you, stupid head…but you’re…you’re also important…”


“Stupid Vivian!…I’m the elder sister!…”

Vivian didn’t want to argue about that matter and used a polite manner to reply, “Well, even though I’m not as powerful as you are, I’m smarter than you.”


Angry Lilian kicked open the door and stormed into the room.

She wasn’t going to entertain her argument!

Or else Vivian would bring up spell models to test her knowledge. She was the Witch of Terror, Lilian and she didn’t care about the dumb spell models. All she knew was raising her hand and ‘Phew, phew, phew’.

It seemed that the two girls had already had a heated argument about who was the idiot.