Abyss Domination

Chapter 222 - Chapter 35 Indifference

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Seawolf had plenty of wealth.

Soran had found only about 7,800 Gold Derahls, but all kinds of goods and jewelry were worth 230,000 Gold Derahls. All of this didn’t calculate the amount of earnings they got from the black market trading. If someone was sent to take over this, the income there may be more than 50,000 Gold Derahls. Soran once had to work hard to earn some Derahls. The polarization of wealth in this world was more serious than in his previous life.

The tax revenue of this world was almost the same in different regions. Maybe some kingdoms could get millions in taxes, but this must be rich kingdoms like Arendell. In the Ming Dynasty, it was easy to slaughter several wealthy businessmen and powerful merchants and get a year’s tax. The world’s wealth distribution was not fair at all; there was hardly any fairness to speak of. The money Soran earned by killing two pirates was equivalent to nearly a year’s tax of a city.

This money had many uses!

Even though many were valuables, there were ways to sell them off.

If he didn’t obtain so much wealth, Soran would not have so easily gave out a cargo of materials.

For Soran, this was a necessary investment.

With the wisdom of the drows, they surely understood what Soran wanted. Unfortunately, Soran was not strong enough, so he was wise not to ask directly. If the other party disagreed, conflict may have occurred in the future. It was better, for now, to make good the relationship, then ask them to join later when Soran had gathered enough power.

The value of these drows was astonishing. Not only their fighting power but more importantly, they could serve as a source of faith and build a framework for a temple.

There must be priests of Dark Maiden among them, or else they wouldn’t have lasted for so long!

Of course, they were useful in other aspects as well.

It was difficult to change their beliefs. Even if they could not become a source of Vivian’s future believers. They could still be used to expand faith toward Vivian, and complete the temple framework. To take a step further, these drows may even become the foundation of Soran’s consecration. The Avatar Crisis would be a big chess game and only gods would be qualified to play on the chessboard. No matter what Soran planned to do in the future, it was absolutely not wrong to become qualified to become a deity.

The Avatar Crisis would definitely be turbulent times, but it would not be the end of chaos!

At the end of this turbulent period, although peace would have been restored in the world, the struggle between the gods would become more and more obvious. If he and Vivian could defeat the vampiric demi-god and Dread Lord, then they would need to face the deities above and below. For the established deities, the two would become easy prey; Vivian would become the lamb in the eyes of all in the future.

Soran was half-elf and the drows. In order to survive on the surface had also mixed with humans.

If Soran remembered correctly, the first gods to fall during The Avatar Crisis would be the half-elf gods and the god of rogues; this meant that two areas of the divine title would become empty in the future. Although these were only minor divine titles, they could still help Soran in the further when he has to fight Fear. Undoubtedly, it would be much easier than to fight him as a mortal.

Soran would give up his life for Vivian. He even thought of turning into a Lich for her. So if Vivian couldn’t fight Fear, then he would become a deity to fight them!

The vampiric demi-god was indeed a very smart fellow. He knew that he could become a god by using the domain of vampires. This gave Soran some inspiration. Since that vampire could become a god with a less noticeable domain of vampire, it was not impossible for Soran to gain the domain of half-elves in the future by using his own lineage as a platform.

With a title on him, Soran would at least be at a Saint form!

At least with a Saint form, Soran could face the other deities better.

There was a long road ahead of him.

It was only after Soran saw this half-drows that he had a vague idea of what he wanted to do. The vampiric demi-god gave him the greatest inspiration, as he knew now he could use the half-drows as a platform. After reaching a certain level of strength, then he could seek the half-drow divine title in the Times of Trouble. This way, the whole world’s half-elves could be used as a reserve base for his followers’ development. Doing so would lead to less friction with other ancient gods.

Even though it was a minor divine title, to Soran, this was an important platform for another reason.

That was because he possessed the divinity of Slaughter!

The road to consecration was difficult.

Since Soran had decided to go on this path, he would have to plan ahead.

One thing to celebrate was it seemed that from the beginning to present, all his Legend Ratings were related to slaughter—whether it was the rumors of the Throat-Cutter or other legendary events.

As a new god, as long as the vampiric demi-god did not fall, his strength would grow day by day. Soran could not let this opponent get too powerful.

A day passed by.

The pirates prepared a cargo ship, then loaded the ship with the goods on the island. After a night’s rest, the drows recovered a lot. Before sending them away, Soran handed them a letter and said, “Give this letter to the leader of your tribe. Maybe she would what to choose in the future!”

“I look forward to your reply.”

The leader bowed humbly, then reached for the letter and put it close to him. “We thank you very much for your help, and we are willing to help you when you need it,” he replied.

Soran nodded gently and said, “Go on now. I think your tribe must have waited for a long time.”

The three half-drows bowed down again before they stepped onto the cargo ship. They were lucky to have met Soran in their most desperate moment. Not only were they saved, but they also brought back their cargo. But that’s about all it was; if they could not prove their worth or bring out the same benefits, they won’t be able to get the help of Soran any more. As drows that came out of the Underdark, they fully knew that everything had a price.

Soran looked at the departing cargo ship, then turned to Adele and murmured, “Send someone to take over the black market trade in Shipwreck Bay and share some of the benefits to the local forces, but the slave trading must be in our hands.”

Slave trading?

Adele’s face was puzzled, but she got used to Soran’s orders and was already preparing her men without asking more questions.

As a group of pirate had been eliminated, Soran needed to nurture a new group of pirates in Shipwreck Bay.

Since the vampiric demi-god could use the vampire domain to infringe into the domain of fear, Soran could also try to use the half-elf domain to infringe into the domain of fear. In all respects, Soran actually had an advantage, because no matter whether he eventually become a deity or not, not many people would be energetic enough to come here to kill him.

This was why he had put his focus on the outer islands!

With more and more cards in his hand, Soran’s vision became clearer and clearer. As long as he controlled the pirates, he would seize the sea.