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The Dark Maiden.

This was a special deity because she was the only good deity of the drows.

The Dark Maiden was a goddess full of melancholy and sadness. She not only protected all the good drows, but also those drows who hoped to return to the peaceful life of the surface world. Most evil drows were burning with anger at the good goddess, but for those drows who were trying to escape the web of the Queen of Spiders, she was a delightful hope. The Dark Maiden was born to love beauty and peace, but she would fight back against evil people who tried to hurt her followers. She was a tall, dark, smooth-skinned, naked elf with silver hair flowing down to her ankles.

She was also called Lady Silverhair by many and was considered a pretty good deity.

Unfortunately, she had already died.

She was the daughter of the Creator of the Elves and the former queen of the elves, or better known as the Queen of Spiders. The Dark Maiden was finally killed by her mother.

The Queen of Spiders was the final winner. She killed her daughter, the Dark Maiden, and then took her divine powers and title. Then she thoroughly unified the drows of the Underdark. No God ever made Soran so afraid. He still remembered the tense feeling he had while serving the evil goddess and the capriciousness of her various desires and needs. If a woman’s nature was fickle, then the nature of the goddess was even more fickle. No one could ever know what she had in mind.

In the past, the Dark Maiden accidentally joined the Queen of Spider’s rebellion. Thus, she was also banished by the main elven god.

She blessed the good and drows who wanted to return to the surface. She had many followers in the Underdark. But after her fall, these believers were brutally slaughtered by Queen of Spiders. The main elven god tried to accept some of her followers, but then there seemed to be some disputes. His elven believers could not accept the fallen.

Anyway, in Soran’s memory, the final fate of the believers, priests, and followers of the Dark Maiden were miserable. If they were caught by the priest of the Queen of Spiders, they would eventually go through inhuman torture, or even be turned into spider demons.

So he was surprised!

He never thought he would encounter drows here. Moreover, it seemed that they were part of a family.

In order to accommodate the surface living, they seemed to have mixed with humans.

After hearing Soran’s words, there was an obvious sadness in the eyes of the drows in front of him. He looked at Soran silently, as if he didn’t care about the knife on his neck.

Drows were a bunch of stubborn creatures; probably because of the cruel environment they lived in.

Maybe because of their gifts, male drows were good fighters while female drows were better at spellcasting. Their tradition was that only females could become priests; even among the followers of the Dark Maiden, most of them were female priests. The drow stared at Soran in silence. His eyes had a sense of seeing through life and death, while also full of vicissitudes. But when he saw the curved sword in Soran’s hand, his eyes changed, and then a little excitement appeared.


Slowly he opened his mouth, making a husky voice, speaking the drow language, which attracted the attention of his two other companions. When they saw the curved sword in Soran’s hand, they could not help showing a hint of shock on their faces. Then they knelt in front of Soran. The leader looked excited, he reached out and touched the curved sword lightly; then retracted his fingers with a shock. The leader humbly lowered his head toward Soran in front of him and said, “Your Excellency is the owner of Icingdeath! Please accept my humble respect!”


Soran frowned slightly after seeing what the drow did. He then suddenly recalled something.

It seemed that the owner of this legendary curved sword was a legendary drow, who had a great reputation among the followers of the Dark Maiden. If these drows were the followers of the Dark Maiden, maybe they knew the sword.

But the Dark Maiden had fallen for so long. They still maintained their faith?

These drows have a strong will indeed!

“Maybe they are of use?”

Soran thought for a moment. He looked at the drow in front of him and asked directly, “Where are you from? How many people are there in your group? And why are you here?”

The drow appeared hesitant in the face of Soran’s continuous questions, but after they looked at each other, they slowly told him what had happened. It turned out that after the Dark Maiden died in her mother’s hands, the Queen of Spiders, their group began to flee the Underdark. Some of them were accepted by the elven gods, but eventually, there were disputes because they could not merge. Another group came to the surface world and mingled with humans, thus several half-drows were born. For example, in front of Soran, these drows had a quarter of the human lineage.

These drows didn’t have it easy!

Because of the loss of the protection of the Dark Maiden, they had become helpless lambs. The priests of the Queen of Spiders chased them, and all the surface level forces had no goodwill toward them. After all, the drows were born evil creatures, many races could not get along with them; many Elves were even hostile toward them in the long struggle. Finally, they had to migrate. Finally, they found some living space in the deserted out islands.

However, their group became smaller and weaker after losing their deity.

Even with their excellent fighters, they may not be able to have the upper hand in the fight against some of the indigenous tribes. Because they had lost their gods, they had no priest. They had also lost their inheritance and knowledge, so it was difficult for them to produce wizards. There were only a few magicians left in their group. In this world, it was difficult to win battles by relying only on a group of good fighters.

The group was also short of food, weapons and all kinds of materials. They hadn’t adapted to the primitive and savage environment and they don’t have the means to resist the different monsters.

The three men used magic to appear human and went to Shipwreck Bay. They had originally planned to buy a batch of goods quietly to survive this difficult period, but they had underestimated the cunning of human gangs and was found out not to be human. Needless to say, they were surrounded by multiple enemies and was finally captured by Seawolf. They were kept in the cellar; probably Seawolf did not know how to deal with these half-drows.

Indeed a very sad story.

It was already quite the miracle that a group without a deity could survive for this long.

Without a deity, they had no priest. Without priests, they had no divine spells.

After losing their deity and all divine spells, it was almost difficult to maintain the growth of a community. The weaker they were, the less they could cultivate wizards; eventually, they would be left with only fighters. Spellcasters were indispensable; there had to be spellcasters in a high-end force. Their existence was like a nuclear bomb.

Could I bring them under my control?

Soran pondered. With his knowledge of the drows, he knew that they were born to be obedient to the strong, especially when they were in a desperate situation. But a drow community, even if they were weak, was stronger than Soran. Soran might not be able to show enough strength to this stubborn headed drows.

He stared at the drow in front of him and asked, “How many are there?”

The drow hesitated for a moment and then said, “We are 800 strong and more than half of them are fighters.”

More than 400 drow fighters?

Soran’s eyes brightened, immediately he felt very moved because they were fighters close to grade 3.

He thought for a moment and then said, “I’ll give you a cargo ship and some men. The ship will be filled with food, medicine, weapons, and supplies. You can take it back to your community.”


Unbelievable joy!

The three drows stared at Soran with shock and joy. They then knelt on the ground as if they were about to cry, buried their heads deep, and said excitedly, “Thank you, Sir! Thank you very much!…”

It seemed that they were going through a hard time.

With racial estrangement and an unfamiliar environment, there no way to trade with other races. They were dependent on themselves. It was truly difficult for them to live in this primitive and barbarous place.

Soran looked at the drow in front of him and paused for a moment before saying, “These substances should last for a while, but you have to choose your way in the future. Without the protection of the Dark Maiden, you may not even be able to overcome the indigenous people. I can help you, but only for this time.”

“As for your future, your people will have to make the choice.”

“Not long from now.”

“I would also expand to the outer islands; I hope you can give me the answer I want.”

Soran gradually stood up.

He then waved and asked his men to prepare a ship of goods; this island had a large stock of goods.