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Shipwreck Bay, Lonewolf Island.

Soran sat in the biggest chair in the hall with great authority, and then looked silently at the captives in front of him. There were a lot of people kneeling in the hall. They were all of the pirates who fought against Soran. The group was shocked from beginning to end; after they could react to the attack of the mutant killer whale, they were all frightened by Soran who had entered slaughter form. The overall strength of the pirates was still very good. On average, they were around grade 2 or so, which was equivalent to the city guards all over the country. However, without strict training methods, their fighting style tended to be wild, and there was no way to form formations on the sea.

That was why the vast majority of pirates were agile melee warriors; some high-rank pirates could even fight on masts. Even though the Seawolf was a grade 4 fighter, Soran still found it easy to deal with him. Maybe it was because of his superior attributes. In his transformed state, his Strength and attack speed was higher than the enemies. A Shadow Jump and a Backstab killed the Seawolf instantly; Soran could still remember the surprised expression when he was killed.

It could be said that after transforming, Soran was now very close to a legendary figure!

The number of captives captured was quite large. The enemy collapsed when the Seawolf was killed. The only ones who escaped was a pirate warship from the North. They seemed to be of Vrykul origin, as quite a few of them could activate Berserk. Even Soran could not stop them, so they escaped from the battlefield. The Vrykul were a very powerful race of humans. Although they were of human origin, they were a branch of the ancient human race and belonged to a race that could awaken its violent skills consciously. This was much like the ancient Anya, a branch of the human race of the Arcane Empire. They were gifted at magic and could live to about 150 years old.

It was rare to come across this race. Some of them could even live as long as the half-elves.

It was said that their ancestors improved their ancestry during the period of the Arcane Empire, bringing the potential of humans to its fullest. That was why this race aged very slowly.

The Vrykul were similar in this aspect, but their origins were unknown.

They had lost their history.

Soran stood up slowly. He glanced at the crowd in front of him and then said in a low voice, “You should all have heard my name. So make a choice, be it obedience or death!”

“The man who surrenders to me will benefit from Shipwreck Bay. You will have relative freedom and only need to hand over a quarter of your future spoils. However, you must also respond to my call when I need it. You should consider yourself lucky because I’m in a good mood today.”

“I’ll give you 30 seconds to consider! You should all be thankful for this offer!”

Soran was in a relatively good mood.

Because he had completely integrated with the divinity in him; moreover, he could feel that Vivian had awoken.

Although he tried to tell Vivian to wait for him to return in a way similar to a telepathic connection, he did not know if it would work. There was a clear mental connection between the two of them, but it wasn’t so strong that they could feel each other’s consciousness.

The integration of divinity from the golden bone was very easy because there was only a weak residual of consciousness in it. The more troubling thing was the divinity of Fear, but Soran noticed it was easier this time; maybe it was because he had a great amount of killing intent.

Currently, Soran had integrated 9 points of divinity.

Soran did not gain additional abilities, but only increased the power of the divine extension abilities. He still needed one divinity point to be at [Minor Divinity]. At that time, he would receive an additional attribute point for all attributes as a reward.

Minor Divinity, Lesser Divinity, Great Divinity, Greater Divinity.

The number of divinity needed for divinity ascension was doubled every time, but the effect was also amazing. [Greater Divinity] could increase all attributes by 4 points, and could also be stacked with the attributes obtained from Shard of Divinity. [Greater Divinity] plus [Greater Shard of Divinity] was equal to an increase of 8 points for all attributes, that was why the Saints were so powerful. The level of divine power was another force. Divine power did not increase attributes, but it would release divine spells and a large number of spell-like abilities. In theory, deities had unlimited spells as long as they had enough divine power because divine power could be used directly as Mana.

In the long history, although there were wars among gods, the reason why there were few wars in the kingdom of the gods was that gods had infinite magic in their realm.

As long as they don’t consume their divine powers, they would have unlimited divine spells!

However, the material plane could not accommodate too much divine power; the kingdom of gods was a semi-energy realm, while the material plane was another situation. That was why the incarnation of gods could only mobilize part of that power.

Soran got the answer he wanted.

He looked with satisfaction at the pirates who were fearful and humbly lowered their heads. These guys looked honest. Although they had little loyalty, Soran needed only their submission.

“Your excellency!”

The first mate which Soran had promoted walked in. After this battle, the pirates who first surrendered seemed to have more cohesion; they regarded themselves as Soran’s close relatives, and because of the victory of this battle. There were more worship and awe. After all, pirates were born to be a group of people who liked to follow the strong. The young first mate looked at the others in the hall and then leaned over and said, “Sir, please come to the back. We’ve found some strange captives in the Seawolf’s cellar.”


Soran squinted his eyes slightly and followed him to the back.

Adele waited outside too, she nodded softly as soon as she saw Soran, then whispered, “There are three people in the wolf’s cellar. They don’t look human and looked a little strange.”

Soran nodded and headed to the cellar while saying, “Go guard the wealth we found. Anyone who dares to steal will be killed instantly.”

“I’ll head down to have a look.”

Adele’s expression was stern and nodded without hesitation.

After so long.

She had already learned that Soran was a very rule-oriented person; anyone who disobeyed his rules would be killed mercilessly.

The cellar was very dark.

Soran’s men behind him quickly lit a torch. When he walked in and looked, a hint of surprise appeared on Soran’s face; the cellar had three humanoid creatures shackled there. They looked a little like elves, but their skin was gray-black; their pupils were slightly reddish, their hair was a little scarlet, while their body looked thin and tall. There was also a sense of strength and harmony, which meant that they were inherently stronger than ordinary people.


Soran looked at the tired and scared figures for some time and muttered, “No! Are they half-drows?”

“You are the descendants of which drow?”

The three raised their heads gradually, opened their mouths but no sounds came out.

They seemed to be too tired.

Also too hungry to even speak.

The drows were naturally powerful and had strong racial attributes; thus such enemies were dangerous if they were not affected by hunger.

Soran looked at them then ordered, “Give them some water and food! Then bring them up.”

After giving out the order, he turned and walked out.

It was very unusual to encounter drows on the surface. Although they looked like half-drows, it was still a rare occurrence.

Where did the Seawolf catch these guys!

Time went past.

After Soran had waited in the hall for half an hour, his men brought up the three exhausted half-drows, who seemed to have recovered a little energy after eating, but was still in a bad state. Only with their strong attributes were they able to survive the ordeal. A slightly weaker ordinary person would have died under such circumstances. These half-drows were all men with handsome faces, and they all seemed to be around grade 3.

Soran looked at them, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Who do you believe?”

It seemed that the question had special meaning.

One of the drows, who looked like the leader, raised his head and said in a low, husky voice, “We believe in The Dark Maiden!”

Soran’s eyes brightened. It seemed that he was not surprised by the answer. He stood up and looked at the half-drow in front of him. Then he pulled out his curved sword and put it on his shoulder. In a low voice, he said: “The Dark Maiden has fallen! If I remember correctly, your faction has been killed by the Queen of Spiders! I’m curious, why you have survived. Did you escape the pursuit of Queen of Spiders?”

Soran used his curved sword to lift the hair of the drow; there was a special symbol, maybe a special symbol of a family.

These weren’t individual drows, but were from a drow family.

In Soran’s memory, this drow faction was practically destroyed. Thus he did not expect to be able to encounter them here. Did some of them flee, which avoided the pursuit of the Queen of Spiders?