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Frost Kingdom, Arendell.

Princess Anna was awakened by a ray of morning light. First, she opened her eyes, then stayed up for a while as if she had not yet woken up. Then she stretched out beautifully. The maid outside seemed to have heard movement; soon, two pretty maids came in with a dress. One of them was even bringing her underwear as her royal highness did not like to sleep in clothes.

The room was at a comfortable temperature.

The crystal lights at the center of the room gradually lit up; this was something only the royals could afford.

Princess Anna stretched herself and yawned. Then she let the maid put on her clothes one by one. Soon she had put on her dress. A maid opened the window and the blue sea in the distance could be seen. Of course, her royal highness would not get up so easily; soon, three maids came in. They brought silver washbasins, tools for washing, and accessories for the day. Princess Anna was reluctant; she gently wiped her face with a towel and said, “I don’t want to wear them today.”

One after another, her accessories were rejected by her; finally, she picked only a pair of crystal earrings.

The maid behind her was combing her hair. Her long, silky blonde hair was combed into a beautiful bundle. She looked at the big, golden mirror and waved softly, “That’s fine. Where’s my sister?”

The girl stood up.

She was a little more beautiful and elegant than before; her thin face was reddened, and her body seemed more fit. Princess Anna stood barefoot on the floor covered with soft carpets. Suddenly she seemed to have noticed something. She grabbed the beautiful maid in front of her and made a comparison. Then she smiled and asked, “Tina, are you getting shorter? Or am I growing taller?”

“Your Highness has grown taller.”

The elegant maid smiled, took a pair of delicate deerskin boots, and said, “Princess Highness has grown this much.”

The maid gestured with her fingers; roughly less than a centimeter.

It took Princess Anna nearly an hour to get up, wash and dress up. After that the maids left, leaving only two maids close to her behind.

She moved slightly, put her slender hand at her waist then muttered, “It’s a little tight. Am I a little fatter than before?”

She slept more recently.

Whenever she remembered that person, she would feel wronged for no reason. Then she would lay in bed to sleep.

How has he been?

Where’s he now? Would he come back to marry me?

The girl looked out in the distance, and the two maids beside him looked at one another. Whenever she thought about him, she would be in a daze. They could not understand why her highness would like such an adventurer. Even though the man was a little handsome and seemed powerful, he was after all just an adventurer. How many excellent young nobles in the kingdom, and princes in other countries who wanted to propose to her. To them, it seemed that anyone of the nobles was much better than an adventurer.

Princess Anna didn’t think about him too much. In fact, she had gradually become accustomed to it. The original impulse had completely disappeared, but occasionally she would miss him.

Even though her emotions weren’t that strong, from time to time she would still think about him.

Inside the palace.

Princess Anna came out wearing a red cape. She looked at the head guard in front of her. She could not help but frown slightly and say, “Where’s my sister? Is she not here?”

The head guard bowed slightly and replied, “Her Majesty has gone out, she’ll probably be back soon.”

“Really?” Princess Anna nodded, then sat down in a chair and began to process papers. In fact, it was she who had started to deal with many things in Arendell. The girl opened the documents and read them. Several female officers stood beside her; from time to time, they conveyed her orders. She flipped through the documents quickly. After reading a pile of documents, she looked up and asked, “My sister seems to have gone out a lot recently? What has she been up to?”

The people around her were silent. No one was allowed to ask about Her Majesty.

“Ta, Ta, Ta.”

A succession of footsteps rang out, and then a great soldier came in. He had very clear northern characteristics and wore heavy armor. After he saw princess Anna, he bowed down slightly. Then he said, “Princess, the Vrykuls has been causing trouble. They attacked our fleet and looted many villages.”


Princess Anna raised her head and frowned slightly. There was a trace of anger in her eyes and she said, “Are those pirates causing trouble again?”

She was the heir apparent of Arendell.

Since she began to manage the kingdom, she had learned that one of the kingdom’s most troublesome problems were the Vrykul. This group of people lived in Iceland which had a very harsh environment; that was why they were strong and barbaric. Also because of the harsh environment, these people had to rob and steal from the Frost kingdom. These people maintained an ancient, traditional and barbaric belief that the people who died in war could return to the kingdom of the gods they believe in, while the souls of the old could only fall into the Styx River.

That was why these people kept fighting. Sometimes they would even start a battle just so they can end their lives!

The elder Princess once severely punished them after she was crowned. Although this made them hold back, they still plundered and attacked Arendell from time to time every year because they did not have enough material to life. These people believed in the god of war and liked to put dragon head totems on their warships. Because a god was supporting them, even the eldest princess sometimes had no way to deal with them. They attacked coastal areas and merchant ships like locusts every year, and if they encountered the navy of the kingdom, these guys would flee back.

There were many who watched enviously at the wealth of Arendell.

The Vrykul was only one of them. If it weren’t for the elder princess, Arendell would have fallen into a state of war.

Princess Anna could not help rubbing her forehead. She often could not decide about this kind of problem. After all, she was only a young girl. The education she had received in the past could not give her enough experience to solve all these problems. She frowned and looked at the head guard next to her. She then whispered, “Hasn’t my sister come back yet? Where did she go?”

No one knew what the elder princess had been up to.

She had gathered a lot of kingdom’s wizards and had left the affairs of the kingdom to Princess Anna.

Time went on slowly.

At around midday, the elder princess finally appeared. Accompanying her was a mysterious cloaked woman.

For some reason.

When princess Anna saw the mysterious woman, she frowned and showed displeasure.

Princess Anna did not like this woman.

She didn’t have any reasons, just her intuition!

Shipwreck Bay.

Soran’s figure shuttled through the crowd. Behind him were bodies. His very blur figure moved like a ghost. Every time the light of a sword appeared behind him, a body also fell to the ground. The merciless killing was spreading, the killing intent on Soran was getting greater and greater; the effect of Greater Invisibility was weakening as blood spreads all over his body. Fear spread over the pirate ships, and the enemy gradually collapsed under the merciless slaughter.

One, two, three…five, ten, twenty…thirty, forty, fifty…

Every time he ended a life, he gained more momentum and his expression became colder. In the end, he was reaping life like a messenger of death. Soran moved at a high speed like a human killing machine until a row of data appeared.

“Slaughterer [Passive Ability]: You have become accustomed to death and blood, and there is no difficulty or fear in ending lives. Hundreds of lives have ended in your hands. You begin to ignore death and life. In battle, your abilities will bring pressure to the enemy. Anyone who fights you must undergo a Test of Will, otherwise, the person would fall into a state of panic because of fear. [Permanent will + 2, intimidation + 20]


Soran stood in the middle of the broken limbs on the ground. Then a divine light suddenly appeared in his eyes, and then invisible energy spread out. The enemies nearby seemed to have felt great fear and began to run for their lives. The fear was so hard to resist that it remained in their hearts as if it had been branded. Not only did the enemy feel fearful, but even the men under him felt fearful for no reason like their souls had been shaken.

The divinity points were quickly transforming.

As Soran’s powers reached a peak, Vivian’s figure was floating in a room at port Tylon. Her white hands seemed to have moved, her eyelids trembled slightly, her index fingers flexed, and her lips moved slightly as if making a sound.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and said the first thing subconsciously.

“Big brother?!”

Vivian’s petite figure fell from mid-air. She looked at her white princess skirt and didn’t seem to like it very much. She raised her hand and changed it into a black princess skirt. She turned around gently then laughed and said, “Sure enough, that fool didn’t move as fast as I did. Finally, it’s my turn to come out! Big brother? Where is my brother?”