Abyss Domination

Chapter 218 - Schemes and Plots!

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Port Tylon, Temple of Sea.

At the bottom of the temple, which was connected with the sea, the Naga Siren priest stood in front of a high platform and waited quietly. Soon there was a slight sound in the sea, followed by a strong Naga Siren guard swimming out of the water. He bowed slightly down and said, “Your Excellency! The Throat-Cutter had gone to Shipwreck Bay, and he did not seem to have any intention of asking for help from the temple.”

The priest frowned slightly and asked, “Really? Did he look like he could handle those pirates there?”

The guard hesitated and asked, “Your Excellency, why do we spend so much time on this human? Although he is quite powerful, we also have many warriors who are just as strong! Besides, we are already supporting a pirate king. Do we need to invest so many resources in him?”

The priest had a strange smile on her face and looked at him with amusement. Suddenly, she raised her hand and slapped the guard. “How dare you question my arrangement? You’re getting more and more presumptuous!”

The guard silently endured the slap.

The priest laughed angrily and said, “You’re more stubborn now. What has the royal family promised you? Do you still remember who you’re loyal to?”

The guard hesitated for second and said, “I’m forever loyal to the sea goddess.”

“Good.” The priest looked at him coldly and said, “Although Asrod is one of the three pirate kings, he is more inclined to the Naga Siren royal family. Don’t think I don’t know what those guys are thinking. Wasn’t the last big cleaning enough? Although the sea goddess fell asleep, she is still the master of the seas and no one can threaten her rule!”

“Someone that has been killed by the sea goddess, would never be able to control the sea again!”

The priest seemed to be warning about something, and then slowly said, “We need the power of that human. Although the belief of the sea goddess everywhere, her main believers are mainly the Naga Siren and Kuo-toa. We don’t have a very strong faith base among humans. We are so close to the humans yet we are blocked by other forces along the coastal islands. If we want to spread the belief of the sea goddess all over the coastal areas, we must rely on the strength of humans!

“There are so many humans, that they would become more important to the sea goddess!”

“Although the Naga Sirens has many powerful believers, can they mingle among humans? Can they spread the beliefs on land? They can’t even get into coastal cities!”

“Even here.”

“It took us hundreds of years to get on our feet in port Tylon, but even now I can’t show up in front of humans at will because humans are a very exclusive race!”

“They fear us.”

“There are a few coastal cities that we can influence. We need the power of the humans, and he is someone we could easily win over! Besides, I can see his potential. If such a person could join the sea temple, we would soon be able to spread our faith to the coastal cities! ”

“Send out the ghost ship.”

“We need to pay attention to his movements. He thinks that if he got the pirates, he could deal with the Swamp King. That garbage may not even stand against the Swamp King.”

“That reminds me.”

The priest thought for a moment and then said, “Keep an eye on Stingray. If necessary, let the Kuo-toa intercept them. These monsters have been kept in captivity for a long time.”

“Send word to Asrod. The Son of Dagon has been severely injured. This time we’ll end the believers of the Lord of the Depths.”

“He would become a great bait!”

“The Swamp King is a foolish and barbaric opponent. He can never refuse the temptation of killing a Favored Soul of the sea goddess. As long as he could kill the human, the Swamp King would make a sacrifice of blasphemy at the highest level. The Demon Lord, Dagon, would absolutely be willing to respond to that sacrifice!”

Shipwreck Bay.

Soran stood at the bow and watched the pirate ships in the distance. There were a little more ships than he had estimated. The ships had various flags; nearly half of the pirates around Shipwreck Bay were there. But there were still not many really threatening warships, only about a dozen or so, and the rest were mostly small fast ships. These small ships were used by small pirates to catch up with large cargo ships at speed.

“So… So many enemies!…”

Soran could audibly hear a pirate gulping from behind him: there were even sounds of trembling. This garbage would only fight when they’re on the winning side.

Adele seemed a little nervous too. She took up her spyglass and looked at them. Then she said, “Your Excellency! In addition to the Seawolf, there are other pirates, including pirates from the North. I am afraid many small pirates have been gathered by him.”

Soran frowned but did not say anything.

The pirate’s morale was not very high, and their loyalty was bad too. When they saw that the number gap was almost five or six times, these pirates became cowardly.

I must encourage this trash!

Soran turned and stood on a high platform. He watched the pirates on three nearby warships. Then said in a cold voice, “Victory is ours! Shipwreck Bay will become our territory!”

“The bravest among you all shall become the captain of this fleet!”

“Open your eyes!”

“Witness the destruction of this trash!”

Under the sea.

A huge shadow began to move forward. A twenty-meter-long killer whale gradually approached the enemy from the bottom of the sea. Soran’s mouth showed a cruel smile. With a slight snap of his finger, a small pirate ship in the distance suddenly shook violently and was overturned by a huge shadow. These small speed boats had no ability to withstand wind and waves at all. Some of them seemed to be large sailboats, and their hulls were no bigger than that of the killer whale.

“Ahhhh!… Sea monster!…Sea monster!… There’s a sea monster!…”

Although Soran couldn’t control a big octopus, a killer whale was enough to deal with the garbage here. A grade 3 killer whale had a huge advantage in size, and it could overturn a ship with its 20-meter long body. Ships sank one after another to the bottom of the sea. When he saw the number of enemies in front, Soran already had the idea of letting the killer whale die. He directly manipulated the killer whale and brutally killed a large number of pirates.

The number of enemies had been reduced by nearly half as a result of the attacks; most of them were trash anyway.

The sea was now filled with pirates.

Many pirates crawled desperately on to big boats because they were being eaten by the killer whale in the ocean. The giant marine creature seemed to be showing signs of mutation, and it was unclear whether it was because the killer whale had engulfed too many enemies.

“Prepare for battle!”

Adelle saw the opportunity and looked at the fired up pirates, “Full right turn! Cannons ready! Fire!

Boom, Boom, Boom!

A row of cannons fired.

Artillery in this era was not very powerful, and all of them used solid ammunition. However, they were still lethal because the enemy was packed together. One of the rounds hit the mast of a warship and broke it in half. Then it crashed down and hit the deck; several unfortunate men were killed on the spot instantly.

“Prepare for docking!”

Adele pulled out her sword, while some brave pirates also came to the deck. Artillery could only be regarded as embellishment, the real deciding factor was hand-to-hand combat. The world’s alchemy had been severely restricted by temples and druids. These artillery cannons could hardly hit powerful professions, and their loading speed was too slow.

Soran’s figure also disappeared from thin air!

He needed a perfect slaughter in order to establish his authority; he needed to use his dominance to terrorize these pirates.