Abyss Domination

Chapter 217 - Chapter 30 Pirate Wars

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Soran had a feeling.

That the Naga Siren priest was doing things behind his back. It was odd to him that the King of the Swamp would suddenly become interested in the newly rising pirate power; Soran thought someone must have helped spread the rumors further. Even though the rumor of the Throat-Cutter enhanced his prestige, but it also expanded the influence of the sea temple for which the Throat-Cutter served. Because the Throat-Cutter worked for the sea temple, the more widely the name spreads, the more influential the sea temple got.

Furthermore, with the defeat of the Son of Dagon by the sea temple, there was more reason for the King of the Swamp to attack Soran.

“Sure enough, there is no simple NPC in this world!” Soran watched the sea in the distance, but his heart was not calm.

Weather Soran won or lost, the sea temple would still be the ultimate victor.

First of all, if the King of the Swamp attacked Soran, he would be forced to a very dangerous position. If he can not deal with the King of the Swamp, then he must turn to the sea temple for help. If Soran asked for help, then he would need to pay the corresponding price, or be forced to join the temple of the Sea; making the sea temple stronger. The strength of the Naga Siren priest would undoubtedly greatly enhance.

On the other hand.

Even if Soran defeated the King of the Swamp, it would be great for the sea temple too. The reputation of the Throat-Cutter would spread further, and the influence of the sea temple would increase again. As the Favoured Soul of the sea goddess, the stronger the power of Soran, the greater the influence of the sea goddess. In any case, the Naga Siren priest would benefit. That was why she did not interfere with Soran’s idea of building a pirate force and even was willing to lend a warship to him. If Soran won, she would get more influence. If Soran lost, she would get the opportunity to get another powerful warrior.

The best result, however, was…

Soran turning to the sea temple for help, then with the help of the sea temple, defeating the King of the Swamp; the priest, in this case, would gain a powerful warrior and eliminate a pirate king.

The Amazon pirate king was in the Soros islands; if Soran defeated the king of the swamp, almost all the south coast would be under the control of the sea temple.

Soran was faced with two choices: one was to turn to the sea temple for help, then find a way to defeat the King of Swamp and control a third of the South coast. The other was to abandon these pirates and set up a fleet to go to the outer islands straight away; but then he would lose any links to the mainland. The latter method would be slow and depend greatly on what resources he had now.

The outer islands.

A truly barbaric land, where beasts and monsters were rampant; there were also plenty of unreasonable NPCs. Food, medicine, weapons, and basic necessities were scarce. If he couldn’t get any supply through the sea, Soran would have to start from scratch. As the Time of Troubles approached, it would become difficult for him to achieve his goals in two years. If Soran was to become powerful at the outer islands, he would have to have support from the mainland.

“We can only eliminate Seawolf for now!”

Soran gazed at the sea in front of him and said to himself, “Killing Seawolf would make me one of the more powerful pirates on the South coast. If Vivian could wake up successfully and join forces, then we would have a chance to defeat the Swamp King!”

Soran didn’t have much choice now.

The only way out now was for him to kill his way out. Even if the Swamp King wanted to deal with him, it would not be so fast. For the time being, Soran still could do some preparations.

A day went past.

Soran led the fleet to the area around Shipwreck Bay, where the Seawolf was. He had his own territory at Shipwreck bay and an island at the same time. Since it was called the outer islands, there were naturally many islands in the coastal areas.

Pirates from all over the area sold their stolen goods in these areas, many of them were even officially formal chambers of commerce. For example, the Seawolf was secretly controlling a chamber of commerce that would sell his stolen goods.

The stronghold of the Seawolf was called the Lonewolf Island.

Soran wasn’t sure what it was called previously but knew that the Seawolf had the name changed.

This time around.

Soran didn’t want to scheme too much. He wanted to crush his enemy with dignity to prove his ability to fight on the sea and to deter the entire pirate community on the South coast. Since the killing of the Narwhal was too abrupt, some people wondered if it was a conspiracy. This time, Soran plans to attack the Seawolf head-on.

Shipwreck Bay, Lonewolf Island.

There were dozens of pirate ships gathered here, but there were only nine real warships, while the rest were vessels that couldn’t go far. A large number of pirates gathered near the harbor, as they were invited by the Seawolf a day ago to join them in dealing with the rumored Throat Cutter. The rise of a pirate force would inevitably affect the interests of others; surprisingly many had actually responded to the invitation of the Seawolf.

At the top of the hall.

Seawolf sat on his chair and looked at the other pirate leaders in front of him. He was a thin-faced man with wolf-like features. He then looked around and said, “I’m not going to say much about this! All of you should have heard about this Throat-Cutter, who has the support of the sea temple. If we let him continue to expand, there will be no room for our activities in the nearby seas.”

“Let’s gang up and kill him off. I’ll be willing to hand over the territory of Narwhal to each and everyone here!”

The crowd began to discuss.

One of the men, who looked like a northerner, looked at the Seawolf and murmured, “It seems that the person who is supported by the Throat Cutter is the daughter of the Killer Whale, isn’t it? Killer Whale died in your hands! So maybe he just wants to deal with you! Since the Throat-Cutter is a legendary figure, we might not be able to win against him!”

“Plus, you’re just sharing the territory of Narwhal? How would that be enough for everyone here?”

The Seawolf gave a cold look and replied in a low voice, “What do you want then?”

The northerner did not have much fear. Since they could survive in the south, this meant that they were quite powerful. the northerner laughed and answered, “I want a share of the black market! Especially slave smuggling! You’ve swallowed this piece for years, Seawolf. Aren’t you going to share it?

“Our earnings on the sea is nothing compared to the slave-trading and black-market you’re doing.”

“I’m afraid no one would join you in this fight if they weren’t incentivized. You should know that the area is around port Tylon, which is under the control of the sea temple!”

The crowd cheered after the northerner spoke.

There was not much morality among pirates; most would just betray each other. There was probably also very little people who would want to help Seawolf. The reason why they came here today was mainly because they heard that the Throat Cutter was going to take over Shipwreck Bay; they had to come and listen to the news.


The Seawolf’s expression was cold, and his eyes had killing intent; but he still nodded and said, “As long as I can defeat the throat cutter, I’d give you all half of my black-market shares!”

He planned to eliminate the Throat-Cutter, then get back the things he gave out.