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Port Tylon, Shark tavern.

There were many taverns in this transit zone along the coast, but these taverns were all subpar; many of which were even grey areas, which the local residents would not enter them. Shark tavern just happens to be one of them. It opened in a somewhat remote and secluded area and there was a sign of a tiger shark hanging at the door. This was a very special tavern, where ordinary people would hardly go. The tavern mainly served pirates, bandits, and outlaws.

After entering the tavern, the inside was surprisingly well decorated.

Almost as good as a high-end restaurant; the maids who served them were young and beautiful, and from time to time the women would scream because of the harassment from these pirates. There were prostitutes, alcoholics, intelligence providers, and underground black boxing; these underground boxing competitions were held at a specific time of each month. There were few rules in the process, but one of the competitors had to die before the competition was over.

Gambling was also one of the income sources of the tavern.

Near the door, two or three pirates were sitting nearby, drinking. One of them, a pointed-mouthed pirate, touched the barmaid’s buttocks when she passed by.

The barmaid turned to glance at him, then said in an annoyed tone, “Three gold Derahls and let’s go to the back.”

The pirate with pointed-mouth was embarrassed and wanted to yell at her, but he looked at the bar with some fear. Such taverns had strong backings, and any unruly pirates would be destroyed immediately. The companions beside him all laughed and saw the pirate with a pointed mouth blush. One of them patted his shoulder and said, “This skinny monkey’s hand is only itchy. But you better not make a fool of yourself either. Last time a guy boldly touched the lady boss’s buttocks and his palms were cut off.”

The beautiful barmaid twitched her mouth, then mouthed the word ‘Poor’ to that pirate.


The pirate with a pointed-mouth coughed dryly. Although he was angry, he had no courage to cause trouble here. He turned the topic around and said, “That’s right! Have you guys heard? Narwhal has been killed! Even Snake Island has been taken down.”

This silenced the people nearby, and then someone asked, “Narwhal’s dead? Who killed him? Nobody in this area could take his island right? Did he provoke one of the pirate kings?”

All the more well-known pirates had to give tribute to the pirate kings.

The three pirate kings were kings of different islands, dividing the sea area near the South coast. Pirates in their territory would have to give tribute to them. Narwhal wouldn’t have provoked the pirate kings, and the pirate kings would not have dealt with such a small figure. But besides the pirate kings, they really couldn’t imagine who could destroy Narwhal. After all, he was also a well-known character. He had some prestige among the pirates, and not many people could silently destroy him.

“I heard he was killed by some woman!”

When the skinny pirate saw that everyone else was listening, he could not help but hold back and entice the listeners. A man next to him ordered him a glass of wine as he wanted to hear the rest of the story. Satisfied with the free drink, the pirate continued with a grin, “I heard that it was the daughter of the Killer Whale. That old man was famous at that time. Surprisingly, the daughter born was not some pushover. It was said that she was also a first-class beauty! Hehe!…”

“No.” One of the pirates with a scar on his face slammed the table and said, “I’ve seen the daughter of Killer Whale, a woman with red hair. That woman is beautiful, but her skills are at the same level as Narwhal. She doesn’t have as many men or ships. How could she kill Narwhal and take over Snake Island?

“Narwhal even has a dangerous pet that could sink that woman’s ship.”

This was someone with great intel.

The skinny pirate had a shocked expression, and when he saw the others nodding their heads, he could not help exclaiming, “Of course, it’s not just this woman. Behind her was a very mysterious excellency! That guy is the key to the killing of Narwhal. It is said that he killed Narwhal and all his men alone, and then attacked Snake Island the day.”


When they heard this title, everyone was shocked.

In piracy, this title could not be misused. At most, someone would be called the captain. To be called your excellency meant that this person was close to the realm of legends.


The skinny pirate seemed satisfied with the expression of others, whispering, “I heard that the daughter of Killer Whale has begun to recruit people. It seems that she intends to unify the surrounding waters in one go. They will give ten gold Deralhs to anyone to join. Many small pirates in the vicinity are already nervous. I heard that old Sea Dog and Saber-Tooth have gone to Snake Island to pay their respects. They were afraid that the other party would kill them also. I heard that that mysterious excellency was quite remarkable. He killed people with fierce means and tamed all those unruly guys in a day.

“Even the men of Narwhal were loyal to him now.”

The tavern was dead silent.

Even the lady boss in front of the bar could not help but listen quietly. One of the big men seemed to be a little distrustful; he asked, “You’ve talked so much, but who is this gentleman? Since he intends to take over the nearby sea area, it is impossible for him not to even have a name. Is he going to put the Killer Whale’s daughter as the front? That wouldn’t be accepted by any pirates!”

The skinny pirate’s eyes moved, and his expression seemed strange. He said in a low voice, “No one knows who that gentleman is, but he seems to like being called the ‘throat-cutter’!”


The tavern became dead silent.

Even the lady boss who was wiping the table in front of the bar trembled a little, and then gradually returned to normal. As for the others, they were frightened, and some of them even turned pale; apparently, they were pretty familiar with the title. During this period of time, there had been countless deaths in Port Tylon; all of which were caused by the legendary throat-cutter. Moreover, his identity was also linked to the sea temple and the ghost ship, which together represented a strong power and death.

The skinny pirate didn’t think everyone would be shocked to this extent.

He may have gone to sea for a long time, so he didn’t expect that after he said the name ‘throat-cutter’, the pub would be so dead and silent.

However, he still let out a grim and satisfactory smile while playing with a gold Derahl in his hand.

Frost Kingdom, Arrendell.

In this magnificent palace, the elder princess sat on the throne like a queen. Her long silver hair coiled into a graceful bundle; she wore a light blue crystal dress. She silently watched the woman under the throne who was covered in a cloak. There were strands of thin ice around the mysterious woman, which spreads from under her feet but was only three feet around her.

The elder princess shook her head gently and said slowly, “I never thought your excellency would come down here.”

“But I have to reject your proposal, although it is very tempting. But I must stay and guard Arendelle. I have a feeling that an unprecedented calamity is imminent. Moreover, your proposal is really hard to come true. He is the creator of the world, and even if you and I worked together, we can’t defeat him!”

The woman covered in cloak slowly opened her mouth and said, “Does Her Majesty really not want to get out of the present predicament? Our enemies are not as powerful as they are believed to be, as long as you and I work together, there would be a chance of success.”

The Princess obviously hesitated and said, “But he is the creator of that world, that world is his realm thus our chances are too small.”

The mysterious woman giggled sarcastically and said, “Creator?”

She gently raised her hand, and there seemed to be strange scales on her skin. With a slight turn of her hand, the water vapor in the nearby air began to gather, and then turned into a pool of clear water and emerged in the air.

“Your Majesty, did I create water?”

The elder Princess didn’t say anything but was slightly confused.

The mysterious woman snapped her fingers again and the water became a solid block of ice.

“Your Majesty, have I created ice?”

The elder Princess was still silent.

The mysterious woman flicked a finger and the ice changed rapidly; constructing at an amazing speed, and gradually separated and reorganized. Soon, a five-foot-wide city model composed of ice emerged. All the architectural sculptures in it were extraordinarily lifelike and exquisite. The technique of manipulation was so amazing that even the princess couldn’t help showing her surprise.

Of course, she was only surprised.

She thought previously she was the only one who could control ice to this level.

“Your Majesty, did I create a city?”

The mysterious woman continued, but the elder princess still remained silent.

She raised her hand to show a strange glow then active human-like beings appeared on the city model made of ice. They were very small and they moved on the city model made of ice, just like ordinary urban residents.

The elder princess had a hint of shock on her face.

This woman was powerful.

It seemed that she was maybe a little weaker than the elder Princess.

The mysterious woman seemed a little tired. She gasped slightly, then waved softly. The cold city disappeared, and the figures on it disappeared.

She sighed and said, “Her Majesty the Queen. Creation does not necessarily mean creating out of nothing, it may just mean changing its appearance. Elements become water, water becomes ice, ice transforms into cities; then life appearing in the cities. All the energy is still the same, but we have changed the form of energy.

“The creator is not as powerful as you think. Furthermore, a great opportunity is coming.”

“Are you satisfied with your current predicament?”

“Not a human, not a god? Not even able to completely control your powers?”

The mysterious woman bowed slightly to show her respect and then slowly said, “Your Royal Highness. I hope you will consider my proposal. I’ll stay in Arendell for three days. If you are willing to cooperate with me, I’m always looking forward to your arrival.

She then turned and left.

The eldest Princess watched until the mysterious woman went out. Then she gently took off her gloves; she raised her hand and gave a snap of her finger. Water gathered into a pool of clear water and ice emerged bit by bit. Soon, structures of ice gradually changed into a city model of about 10 feet, the most striking of which was a magnificent palace. More and more exquisite buildings emerged, one by one, formed by the ice. Thousands of figures appeared in this tiny city, while in the palace was a queen-like figure.

It was Arrendell!

It was a model of Arrendell.

The elder Princess was in deep thought.

After a while, she waved her hand and the entire ice model disappeared from thin air.