Abyss Domination

Chapter 214 - Taking Up and Putting Down

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The cold sea breeze blew over.

Soran stood on the roof of the village and watched the sea in the distance. His face did not change, as though he was wearing a mask. Only observant people would notice that Soran’s fingers were trembling slightly while his index finger rubbed gently against the blade. He had a heavy smell of blood and a rather strong killing intent.

Soran was somewhat not able to control his killing intent!

He had been killing too many people these days; from Arrendell to Snake Island, Soran had killed many.

The killings had spawned violence in his heart, which was a kind of will confrontation.

“Chi, Chi, Chi!”

A slight swimming noise came from a distance, and Soran’s figure disappeared in place. When he reappeared, a spotted venomous snake had been pinched in his palm. This was Snake Island thus there were quite a number of venomous snakes. There was a circle of drugs sprinkled around the village to expel venomous snakes. It’s very difficult to wipe out the poisonous snakes here because there was a snake cave here; cleaning up the poisonous snakes would certainly lead to a lot of casualties.

Soran pinched the snake’s head with two fingers, but the snake wrapped its body around his arm and began to tighten bit by bit. Soran’s arm became slightly cold, but he still looked at the distance in silence, as if something in the sea was attracting him. Only when he looked away from the sea did his eyes became slightly red. He had satisfied the bloodthirst in his heart, but there seemed to be more desire forming.

A flash of light appeared.

Soran cut open the snake’s body, then he reached out and squeezed out its gallbladder. He put it into his mouth and chewed it gently. A bitter, unbearable taste filled his mouth. Soran’s mouth twitched slightly and his eyebrows wrinkled. But he chewed slowly until the bitterness in his mouth had faded, and then he slowly swallowed.

He then threw the snake and continued looking at the sea.

“Special Ability: [The Desire of Slaughter] After entering the Slaughter Form, you will be affected by the killing desire. You become extremely sensitive to blood, and your perception of any killing-related gains are reinforced. However, after you enter the Slaughter Form, you must kill at least four targets to satisfy your desire for killing, otherwise, you would go crazy. This thirst for killing will grow with the number of times you change!”

This was a special ability after entering Slaughter Form.

If he remembered correctly, the first time he turned into the Slaughter Form, he only needed to kill one or two people to quench the thirst for killing.

One, two, four.

Soran noticed that the number of killings required to meet his desire grew more and more, almost doubling every time. Although it needed only four now, the more times he changed, the higher the number of killings he needed; in the end, it may become an extremely exaggerated number. This ability could greatly strengthen his power, but it seemed to bring him closer and closer to a real killer.

Sounds of gentle footsteps.

Adele Isabella’s figure appeared not far away. After the battle, she took off her armor and temporarily liberated her full chest; it was not pleasant to tighten it with a cloth strip. She stared at Soran in the distance then her whole body trembled slightly, and then her eyes were dazed; as if she saw the shadow of her father in him. For some time, her father also liked to stand and look at the sea like this.

The sea was a very mesmerizing place.

Her father lived on the sea almost all his life. Once he was a fierce pirate, but since she had her daughter, he gradually began to become milder. It was said that after he killed his enemies in the past, he would hang the bodies on the mast, or nail it to the wooden frame to be eaten by sea eagles; he would also kill everyone on merchant ships he raided. However, when Adele was born his father never did those things anymore.

This was even more obvious after her mother had passed away!

That night, she knew that her father knelt in the temple and confessed all night. He went to the temple many times because he was a believer in the sea goddess, but they were usually prayers and offerings. In Adele’s memory, his father seemed to have never confessed in the temple. She felt that her mother hated him, even at the moment of her death, that was because he killed her husband and then took her by force. But his father must have loved her very much because Adele never saw his father getting close with other women except his mother.

From then on, her father killed fewer and fewer people. After robbing merchant ships, he would not kill innocent people indiscriminately. He went to the temple every week to confess. Nobody knew what he confessed, but Adele knew that his father was always guilty of his mother.

Unfortunately, reality still gave them a ruthless blow. His confession and kindness were regarded as a weakness by other pirates. More and more people began to feel dissatisfied with him, and eventually, some people began to resist him and plot to overthrow him. It was not until his father was attacked by hundreds of people that Adele saw his once courage and fierceness. He battled the crowd like a tiger, and finally escaped with her; even until the moment of death, he did not fall!

This may very well be fatherly love.

After the death of her mother, his father, who seldom killed anybody again, showed his strength in order to escape with her. He was still the murderous pirate; those who speculated that he had grown old and weak all recalled his past bravery and cruelty at that moment.

Many people died that night. Everywhere his father went, heads would roll. He was stronger than before and even touched the edge of legend. But Adele still couldn’t understand one thing: why his father didn’t show his strength ahead of time; little killing could have suppressed the rebellion of others. Why did he not want to fight until the last minute?

It was then that she told herself not to be weak because weakness would bring the smacking of reality.

She had many memories of her father.

But what impressed her most was the way her father stood looking at the sea from a high place. This coincided with Soran in front of her, and it somehow made her feel the similarity between them.

Maybe there was also something in this man’s heart; something more important than his life.

The only difference between the two was her father had put down his sword, while Soran had only picked up his.

Adele still knew nothing about the man in front of him, everything she felt was just her sense.

Soran seemed to have noticed her arrival, he turned around and took a glance, slowly saying, “Have you done the counting?”

“Yes.” Adele bowed slightly to show respect and said, “Two boxes of gold and jewelry have been found. They have been found in secret places. There are also a lot of goods in the warehouse, but they need to be sold. The total value of everything should be about 23,000 gold Derahls, of which about 8,000 could be spent directly, and the rest were valuable goods.”

Soran nodded gently.

He glanced at the woman in front of him satisfactorily and ordered, “All those who took part in the battle will be rewarded with fifteen gold Derahls. Allow them to eat the meat in stock, but no one is allowed to drink. Take an inventory of the sellable goods, then take 5,000 gold Derahls with you, and take a group of people to Port Tylon early tomorrow morning. Get rid of all the goods, even at a low price, and then you recruit people.

“I won’t be staying here for too long. After three days we’ll kill Seawolf at Shipwreck Bay!”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to handle this.”

“Now go.”

Soran waved softly. The woman in front of him was quite good. She received a part of the aristocratic education from her mother. She was better than other pirates in knowledge, trade, and management. At present, the only thing she lacked was strength. As a woman, she needed more power to overcome these unruly pirates.

Grade 4 would not be good enough; she would at least need to reach the level of a quasi-legendary!

But in the meantime, there was still Soran behind her. As long as the pirates knew that there was this mysterious and terrible existence behind everything, they would not dare to do anything funny.

That was because his authority was built upon decapitated heads!


The number was still not enough.

Soran still had to kill more to build up his name and make the pirates tremble when they thought of him. He wanted to build up enough fear for him before he eventually ventures to the outer islands.

Soran would need to use the shock tactic!

Slaughter and reward.

It was the simplest method to control a group.