Abyss Domination

Chapter 213 - Snake Island Owner

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Snake Island was surrounded by mountains on three sides with a natural port on one side.

The port had been artificially developed and could berth three to five warships. It had long been contested by many pirates. The Narwhal had only been here in recent years. He was originally a modest pirate. However, he rose in fame because he betrayed his past leader. In a few years, he had recruited and suppressed other pirates and robbed his fellow pirates to strengthen his financial resources.

The most important thing for pirates was their own profits. Whoever could lead them to eat and drink would get their support.

Narwhal was able to take control of Snake Island because he had recruited many small pirate groups; which led to him being a famous pirate.

The port in Snake Island was rather crude.

There were pirates near the island. The pirates took turns to go out to sea, guarding their base. Otherwise, if the enemy sneaked in and set a fire, the base they have worked hard to build would be burned down. Below Narwhal were two other pirate leaders, all of whom were small forces he had captured. The two other pirate leaders were second and third in command. When the remaining pirates saw the ships in the distance, they immediately signaled and were prepared to call them to the harbor.

Naturally, these pirates were not aware that Narwhal had been slain by Soran!

“Carlos! Where’s the boss?”

A fierce pirate with half his pinkie missing looked at the bow and stood by the harbor shouting, “Why are you back so soon today?”

A younger fellow appeared on the pirate ship, looking smart. He went to the bow and shouted, “The head is on the boat behind! Today, we had good luck. As soon as we went out to sea, we met a group of fat sheep. The boss took all their cargo, that’s why they are slower than us.”

The pirate with the missing pinkie looked afar and saw another ship approaching.


The pirate then shouted, “Looks like you guys had a good haul! We’ll have to celebrate later!”

The young man smiled and replied, “Of course!”


The pirate ship docked at the harbor, and then a group of people came down, all of which were Narwhal’s men. The pirates who were stationed at the harbor also came over. The pirate who was missing his little finger laughed when he saw them. He went to the young man and patted him on the shoulder, then asked, “How was it? Any casualties? Looks like you don’t even have any injuries? Did you find something good? any beautiful women?!”

The pirates that came down all didn’t have any injuries.

Soran was now able to kill most of these people with a single hit. With his powers, he was able to be a leader a pirate group.


The young man smiled and moved his palm back slowly. There were two other people besides him. He laughed and said, “Woman! There is a very beautiful one!… But!…”


A dagger pierced into the pirate’s waist and hit his kidney directly. Then two other people rushed over and immediately stabbed the target’s body. The young pirate named Carlos had a grin on his face, and the dagger cut his opponent’s throat mercilessly. Then he murmured, “But you are not qualified to even speak to her!… Narwhal is dead! We are loyal to a more powerful Wizard! Maybe he’ll be a new pirate king!…”

Countless swords were drawn!

The pirates who had just disembarked from the ship turned in an instant and killed the remaining enemies in the harbor in a short time. They could not have imagined that their companions, who had just gone to sea, would now stab them. Furthermore, they were shocked by the news of the death of their leader; they were caught off guard and were immediately defeated.

“Well done.”

Soran’s figure came down from the deck. He looked at the young man named Carlos and murmured, “From now on, you are the first mate of the ship you are the leader of all these people. Next, let’s take over this island; those who are willing to surrender will stay, and those who are unwilling will die.”

The young man let out a joyous expression then lowered his head and said, “I won’t let your excellency down.”

Soran’s iron-fist tactics from beginning to end had shocked them greatly. The young man sensitively perceived the opportunity; apart from the red-haired pirate, the mighty sorceress had few to rely on. Thus he figured if he could prove his worth, he could be of use to Soran. The ambush was proposed by this young man, so Soran undoubtedly had a good impression of him and appointed him directly as the first mate of the pirate ship.

Another warship began to dock, Adele’s long red hair flew with the wind. She jumped directly from the bow. Some of the stronger pirates followed suit. They were close to grade 2, equivalent to the strength of a city guard. Adele was wearing tungsten steel armor because her chest was fuller than that of ordinary women, she had to wrap her plump chest with a cloth strip; otherwise, she would not be able to wear this armor at all.

Women’s armor was specially made, leaving a cavity for the breast area on the chest. She wore armor for men.

Thus, it was still awkward on her, just somehow strange; but she did not care so much. Battle meant life and death. Who would care so much about the looks of the armor, as long as it could save your life. With her plump breasts and a tall body, ordinary armor would be awkward to wear.

Soran pulled out his curved sword slowly.

The group of pirates who were intimidated by the blitz attack also pulled out their weapons. Many were still hesitant, but when they noticed Soran’s cold eyes, their attitude gradually strengthened. This determination was not due to other reasons but simply fear. They were very sure that if they disobeyed his order, they would be killed by Soran without mercy. The killer whale was still swimming outside the harbor, so they had nowhere to run. They’ve seen too many deaths, but they’ve never seen such a killer.


Soran gave orders, and then the pirates began to move forward. Adele seemed to want to prove her worth, as she rushed to the forefront. It seemed that Soran’s continuous promotion of two people today had made her feel pressured. Although she was the strongest person besides Soran, she was only grade 4. There were also grade 3 pirates among them. If she could not prove her worth, Adele felt that she might be replaced.

A group of pirates swiftly moved forward.

Snake Island still had a strong base. It was the old base of Narwhal which still housed hundreds of people.


Soran pulled out his curved sword.

His figure disappeared, and then approached the gate of the camp at a high speed. In front of the two-story-high wooden wall, Soran jumped up with a gentle leap and killed the guards in front of the door with merciless blows.

“Thud, Thud, Thud.”

Soran waved his swords like a gust of wind, swiftly slaying the 6 guards in front of the gate. Adele’s vigorous figure also appeared in the back, so was the half-elf, Casa.

The slaughter began.

Soran’s eyes were cold and merciless; he silently counted the number of human heads as his figure leaped across the roof and wooden walls, killing all the bowman one by one. After Narwhal was killed, there were only two less powerful leaders left. Many of the remaining pirates were caught by surprise, they were either captured or killed directly.

“Have you guys gone mad? You pieces of shit! Is this mutiny?”

A very strong fellow appeared, holding a heavy ax in his hand. He roared and rushed over, roaring, “Where’s Narwhal? Are all his men mad? Why attack your own people?!”

“Evade Sight.”

“Shadow Jump.”

Answering him was a cold dagger light; Soran’s figure appeared in a twisted shadow, and he ended the grade 3 Barbarian.

One hit kill!

Soran cruelly pulled out his curved sword from the opponent’s heart and looked at his surroundings. “Surrender or die.”

“Surrender or die!”

Watching Soran wipe out their previous two leaders, the pirate’s belief in fighting against their former companions became stronger; they were now fully aware that Snake Island was about to change its leader. Thus who could prove themselves first, would get to sit in a higher position; Carlos’s promotion had aroused all their greed.

The battle continued!

Soran killed many; not the ones battling, but the ones that were running.

More and more of the enemy collapsed.

Some threw away their weapons, while others were still fighting to their death. The third leader of Snake Island did not seem to be here, and the people below him didn’t know where he had gone either. Soran, after overcoming all the pirates, immediately ordered a blockade of warehouses and Narwhals bedrooms.

Without doubt.

All the valuables on the island were in those places.

From now on, the whole island would be Soran’s territory and these pirates would be his fangs and claws.