Abyss Domination

Chapter 207 - Chapter 20 Set Sail

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What is this?!

Three rows of data appeared in front of Soran, and he got 3 divine points at once. As data appeared in front of Soran, the light on the gold bone was also dimmed. In the end, it was no different from ordinary gold. Soran did not know what it was. He’d never even seen it before, but it must have had something to do with the gods. This thing had easily given him three divinity points, almost equivalent to that of a Son of Fear.

“Could it be the remnants of a divine being?”

Soran reached out and touched it, murmuring, “It can’t be their remains! How could the bones of one toe provide three divinity points?! How much divinity could the complete bone give? ”


Greed tinted Soran’s mind.

Although the divinity had been absorbed by him, he could feel that there was another force in the golden bone that he could not understand or absorb now. However, Soran was sure that this force was very powerful, an absolutely terrible power that belonged to the gods.

Soran hoped to keep it into his multi-dimensional bag.

But to his surprise, the gold bone could not go in!

His multi-dimensional bag could not contain this material.

This situation was very rare because the bag could accommodate almost most of the things. The fact that the bag could not accommodate this thing seemed to mean that it was something very special. The golden bone may be one of those special substances. Soran tried three times in a row. Neither the multi-dimensional bag nor the Master Battler Gloves could contain it. It seemed that the dimension space was rejecting this golden bone, as it could not go into the dimension space at all.


There were trembles around his area, and soon a stern-looking Naga Siren priest appeared.

Holding the spear and scepter in her hand, she looked at Soran with cold eyes and said, “Human! Give it to me! This is a sacrifice to the goddess of the sea!…”

Her attitude was very assertive. It seemed like she would attack him if he did not do what she said.

Soran had a hint of reluctance on his face.

But he quickly presented the bone and said, “I was just going to present it to your excellency.”

The priest had a smile of satisfaction and quickly received the golden bone. She could not help reaching out to touch the golden bone, but her face quickly became somewhat angry. “Those merchants stole some of the power! Fortunately, the sacrifice that our goddess needs is still on it. These bloody idiots will have to pay the price! ”

As the high-grade priest of the sea goddess, she also could detect divinity.

There was also some divinity among priests, mainly as Chosen and Saints. Some of them may even have one or two divinity bestowed by the gods. The Naga Siren priest may even have some divinity in her since she was able to summon a whirlpool. She was even able to feel that the divine power on the golden bone had disappeared as soon as she touched it. Fortunately, the priest did not think that it had been absorbed by Soran and believed that the believers of Storm had taken it.

Seems like someone else would take the blame!

Soran was somewhat relieved; probably no one would have thought he had absorbed the divinity.

The priest seemed to also want to put the gold bone into a dimensional space, but she soon found that it was impossible; thus she could only carry the gold bone back to the surface. The whirlpool had disappeared as it hasn’t lasted for a long time. There were many dead and unconscious pirates nearby. There were also stronger figures that had not died yet. Soran had no compassion at all; he swiftly ordered the ropes on the ship and began harvesting human heads.

Some of the corpses not only had gold Derahls, but also one or two rare items!

The rarity of this equipment was beyond doubt; even Soran didn’t have many rare grade equipment. However, from the corpses of these pirates, Soran unexpectedly found three or five pieces of rare grade equipment. Most of them were found from enemies above grade 3. Unfortunately, these items were not of high grade. They were all rare grade 1 weapon, including straight swords, curved swords, and exotic daggers.

The best rare grade weapon was the Ring of Haste.

Item Type: Ring of Haste

Item Grade: [Rare (Grade 3)]

Description: This is an extraordinary ring forged by alchemists. It is enchanted with special materials and contains the power of the Wind Elemental. After activating the ring’s power, the user can get the effect of the level 3 spell [Haste], which improves the speed of movement and attack, lasting for 10 minutes.

Requirements: None.

Effects: Haste (Once a day)

Even though this item wasn’t very powerful, it had an advantage. That was, it did not need to charge; it would automatically restore the spell effects every day. If it weren’t for a single cast, and the duration, the equipment may even be legendary grade.

There should be a lot of equipment under the sea, but it was very difficult to salvage them. The huge waves may have swept many bodies away and the real top-grade professions had already successfully run away.

“Set sail.”

Right when the Naga Siren priest got on to the ghost ship, she yelled, “Let’s return to the temple!”

This somewhat shocked Soran.

The nine-headed snake seemed to be still fighting with the Son of Dagon. Both of the deepwater giants had amazing resilience, meaning they could fight for a day and night.

How could we leave now?

Is this gold bone more valuable to the priest than hundreds of thousands of gold Derahls? Sure enough, she didn’t tell me the truth. It wasn’t just the wealth that attracted her.

As if she had noticed Soran’s expression, the priest looked at him and slowly said, “The Son of Dagon would not be beaten so quickly! Human, you have done very well today. The Goddess of the Sea will give you the rewards you deserve. Now the most important thing for us is to escort the sacrifices home! ”

After saying that she used some spell and immediately controlled the ghost ship.

After that, she gave an order and the nearby waresharks escorted the ghost ship; all of them were now headed to the temple of Sea.

The battle was still happening afar.

The contaminated seawater had poisoned many sea creatures. Even the seaweeds had shriveled.

Soran was silent.

He did not want to be curious since this trip was meant to repay for the healing.

Not continuing to fight was also a good thing for him.

However, he felt as if he had been dragged into something. The sea goddess seemed to be planning something. It was impossible for them to see such a big battle today without the support of the gods. Even a high-grade priest could not easily mobilize a nine-headed snake; only gods could drive this terrible monster, and only the sea goddess could enslave this terrible deep-sea monster.

Soran started to account for his Slaughter EXP.

Along the way, he had gained more than 30000 Slaughter EXP. This was because he was not at the frontline. If he could kill a quasi-legendary profession, he would get more EXP; of course, the possibility of death was also higher. In the end, the Naga Siren guards were almost annihilated, and the waresharks had also lost a large number. Among them, almost all of the high-grade figures had died. The only lucky ones were the waresharks that arrived later.

The ghost ship gradually left the battlefield.

The priest seemed to be a little cautious about Soran, and spoke to a nearby wareshark in the language of the sea; them some of the waresharks moved in another direction, while some went to the Naga Siren kingdom.

It seemed they didn’t want to give up on the treasures!

Soran had a very calm expression. As he had already gotten some gold, he was not greedy enough to want everything.

The day went past quickly!

Soran stood up when he saw an island ahead. He looked at the priest next to him and bowed slightly. “Could you stop here for a moment? I need to pick someone up.”

The priest frowned and asked, “Who?”

Soran hesitated but answered, “A woman, my spoil of war.”

The priest suddenly had a playful expression. She looked up and down at Soran and even looked at his lower body. After a moment of frowning and thinking, she said, “Okay. Go and come back quickly. I won’t wait for you here for too long.”

Soran nodded.

It was not until Soran had left that the priest’s lips showed an inexplicable sneer and murmured, “Woman? Sure enough, human males love to mate. Maybe I can try to persuade him in other areas!…”

“A near-legendary Rogue is definitely useful.”

Soran gradually got close to the coast.

He glanced at the empty beach, and there was a hint of disappointment on his face. The female pirate was not waiting for him.

However, just as he was about to leave, there were sounds of movement.

Then Adele, with long red hair, appeared in front of Soran; with a stubborn expression on her face. She walked towards him step by step.

Soran finally let out a smile!