Abyss Domination

Chapter 206 - Deep Sea Giants

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Soran was not afraid of death!

However, he would not die for nothing. If there was no chance of winning, he would run.

If it were only a legendary opponent, he could fight him after transforming into the slaughter form. However, the Son of Dagon—a descendant of a Demon Lord—was on a whole other level. <oreover, they were battling on his turf. Even a quasi-legendary deep-sea monster could be treated as a legendary monster at sea. Since the incarnate of the sea goddess couldn’t kill it Soran didn’t believe anyone here would be strong enough.

But to his surprise, the priest summoned the nine-headed snake of pure blood.

This creature was no joke!

The legend of the nine-headed snake had spread in the multiverse. It belonged to a multi-plane species and they could be seen in the material plane, bottomless abyss, Elemental plane, Baator and so on.

The nine-headed snakes had extreme poison. What they spit out was also similar to the dragon’s breath; even its blood was also poisonous. It would only die if all of its heads were chopped off. Wherever a nine-headed snake had ravaged, the terrain would change into a swamp, and their blood would pollute the land, leaving it barren for a long time.

These creatures were even more dangerous than dragons!

There were three types of giant sea monsters.

The first type was the giant sea beast of tentacles; Dagon who dwelled in the deep abyss, the king of the seas. The second type was the giant sea creatures with many heads, whose ruler was Hydra, the mother of all nine-headed snakes and the mother of the deep-sea giants. Hydra was a special demigod. Even though it had no divine title and was also a servant of the sea goddess, its body was not in the material plane but in the kingdom of the sea goddess.

As for the third and final type.

Soran still liked to call them the ‘dinosaurs’. These marine monsters were the most dangerous and powerful ones. The most representative of them was “Godzilla”, but the world’s NPCs did not call them this. “Godzilla” was just a name circulated among players. The NPCs called these creatures ‘Abominations’.

That’s right.

That creature was a living abomination.

Outside the mainland, there was a god called the ‘Father of Dinosaurs’. He was a powerful god who had fought against the Lord of Storms. He attempted to create his own Son, unlike the mortals like the Son of Fear, he wanted to create them through the combination of two gods; what was created was also a god. However, because of the limitations of some natural law, these newborns would die easily; if it died, then it would become an Abomination.

This was how the ‘Dinosaur’ type creature was born.

Even though Soran had joined the battle, he had no plans of getting close to the Son of Dagon.

He would never enter the battlefield of the demigod sea monsters. In order to keep his distance, Soran deliberately allowed the pirates in front of him to escape a little and then began to attack. The arrival of the nine-headed snake undoubtedly attracted the absolute attention of the Son of Dagon, which gradually retracted all its tentacles in the face of a deep-sea giant of the same rank.

Even the priest didn’t want to stay for the battle between two giant sea monsters.

Her original battleship had been destroyed; she approached the ghost ship and then jumped onto the deck.

“Kesharu will fight the Son of Dagon!”

The priest took a deep look at Soran and then murmured, “We must stay. There is an important sacrifice for the sea goddess!”

If not for Soran mentioning the monster, the priest might not have summoned the nine-headed snake.

The Waresharks were still good at fighting in naval battles, but it was hard for them to sink those ships. The ghost ship began to move, the black-painted broken sails bulged up, and Soran activated the sails on the ship. The ship began to accelerate, shooting like a sharp arrow, the ship soon caught up with the Storm pirates who wanted to retreat. On the other hand, the nine-headed snake had already confronted the Son of Dagon. The nine heads faced the hundreds of tentacles as they took turns to gnaw at them. The blood which was poisonous to others was now a delicacy to the nine-headed snakes. Its six heads dealt with the tentacles on the sea surface, and the other three heads dived under to attack underwater.

Huge waves began to spread!

The battle between the two giant deep-sea monsters created dozens of meter high waves. It was almost like the walls of the city were in all directions. Soran’s move to retreat was undoubtedly correct. Some of the waresharks were swept up by the huge waves, and even the tiger sharks flew up to 100 meters. However, these waresharks had to endure a very difficult Test of Constitution when they fall into the sea.

Huge shadows faced each other!

Both deep-sea giants entered the seabed, and a stream of blood spread out; some from the Son of Dagon, some from the nine-headed snakes.

Pieces of torn flesh floated to the surface. Huge undercurrent surged in all directions. Wareharks and tiger sharks who got too close began to decay and poison gradually because they touched the blood of two deep-sea giants. Soon, some unlucky souls had died in the diffuse blood. Even getting close to where they were fighting would get someone killed.


The priest had her eyes closed and felt something. Soon she opened her eyes and ordered, “There! Sink that ship!”

“Great Vortex!” [Gifted Divine Spell]

A strange ocean language sounded, as the priest chanted a curse at a high speed. Then suddenly the seawater began to turn, forming a rather huge whirlpool which enveloped the nearby ships. The suction of the whirlpool prevented the ships from leaving. There were several high-grade figures dashing out of their ships, abandoning them as they got near the whirlpool. The whirlpool was so strong that even the ghost ship had fallen in; inching ever so closely to the center of the whirlpool.

“Fire! Fire!”

There was not much fear in Soran’s eyes as he knew this was obviously the divine spell of the sea goddess. It would be an end for the other ships if they sunk, but the ghost ship wouldn’t matter because it could surface again.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The cannons began firing. One of the swivel rounds hit the mast of the other ship and broke it. Another round made a big hole in the cabin. Soon after many pirates could be seen jumping off the ship. As the hull gradually cracked and break apart faster and faster under the suction of the great whirlpool, it was better for the pirates to just abandon ship.


The Naga Siren priest suddenly jumped into the sea as if there was something important on that sinking ship.

Although Soran was interested in killing the pirates, he was more curious about what the priest was so concerned about. Thus, he crept into the sea quietly. Since the battle was almost over now; those who were able to escape have made enough profit to leave, such as the Storm Priest and the Duchess, and so on. The spellcasters ran as soon as they saw the dragons. Those left behind were only some low-grade professions.

The battle deciding who would get the ultimate treasure was now between the Son of Dagon and the Nine-Headed Snake; the rest were just there to watch the show.

Soran was calm.

He had been sidelined plenty of times after coming into this world. If he did not improve his powers fast enough, he may not even be on the sidelines.


The whirlpools on the sea were very powerful, but it was still relatively calm under the sea. Soran moved at a relatively slow speed. Maybe this was not a natural whirlpool, but a divine spell. Soran saw the figure of the priest swimming towards the wreckage of the ship. He seemed to have felt something too and began to swim in that direction. There was a force in the dark that was attracting him, giving him a sense of longing and yearning.

Found you!

Soran opened a box that had been thrown out by the whirlpool. Inside was a golden sculpture with the thickness of a thigh. It seemed like the bones of some kind of creature.

Wait! No!

This was not a gold statue, this was a piece of bone!

Soran looked at the eerie golden bone. It looked like a metatarsal bone, but what creature had such huge metatarsal bones?

When he reached out to touch the golden bone, a row of data appeared:

“Discovered an unknown divinity remains!…”

“Activating divinity devour ability!…divinity being transferred!…”

“You’ve gained 1 divinity.”