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It had finally appeared!…

Soran had some long-standing memories not only about the deep-sea monster in front of him but also about the bottomless abyss.


The Prince of the Depths! The Ancient Demon Lord! Abyss Lord!

Lord of the 89th layer of the abyss. One of the few surviving ancient demon lords.

He was the Lord of the Ocean and the Sea Monsters. As one of the most powerful demon lords ever. Dagon lived in a trench called Iser in the abyss sea. He looked like a hybrid of fish, mollusks, and eels, with a large number of powerful tentacles. His emblem was a large mouth covered with 6 sharp teeth with spiral-shaped antennae. For a long time, Dagon’s minions were aquatic demons and the aquatic races. They infested those who lurked near with nightmares and influenced the material realm to worship him.

In the mortal world, the cult of Dagon was prevalent in the coastal areas. Its human followers mated with the aquatic races—at the cost of tainting their blood, they would receive the powers gifted by Dagon, the abundance of fish harvest and treasures.

The black figure in front of them was the [Son of Dagon]!

“Son of Dagon [High-grade demon], [Son of Demon Lord], [Gigantic celestial being], (Basic Health 25)”

“Race: Deepsea Demon.”

“Attributes: Strength 35, Dexterity 12, Constitution 32, Intelligence 18, Wisdom 20, Charm 12”

“Alignment: Chaotic Evil”

“Levels: Deepsea Demon 20, Demon Lord priest 10 [Son of Demon Lord]”

“Hit point: 600+/600+”

“Abilities: Unknown”

“Shard of Divinity: None”

“Divinity: Lesser Divinity”

“Others: ???”

A row of data appeared in front of Soran.

The monster was well known in the coastal regions. He was sealed several times by the incarnate of the sea goddess, but he still managed to escape. He had abused the West Coast and the South Coast for a long time, and hardly anyone could kill him until the Avatar Crisis came. By then he had gradually disappeared. Some said that he died in the hands of the sea goddess. Others thought he died in the hands of the Storm Lord. Some even suggested that he went back to the abyss.

Soran began to retreat desperately.

The Son of Dagon was a demigod type creature. Compared with the likes of the vampiric demigod, the Son of Dagon was much more powerful. Even if the vampire was a Saint, he would still be beaten in the sea. Soran definitely could not deal with it, even getting close to it would be bad. It could be said that all the people present, together, would not be the opponents of the Son of Dagon. At most, they could only do something to one tentacle.


The tentacles were only part of its gigantic body; its real weapon was not its tentacles.


There was a cry of pain from the bottom of the sea, and a shadow rushed out. The black dragon was not dragged into the mouth of the monster but had escaped at with a cost. When he rushed out of the sea, he was extremely injured. There were also very obvious corrosive marks on the sturdy dragon scales. It seemed that the blood of the sea monster was very toxic and corrosive.

The black dragon ran without even turning its back to look!

That was no longer a dragon; it was a terrified dog.

All the other legendary professions at the scene looked pale; even the Naga Siren priest, who had heavy armor, was also worried. Because of the actions of the sea goddess, some tentacles began to attack the Naga Sirens. Meanwhile, the other tentacles entangled the central cargo ship. Between the astonishing wealth and the threat of death, all the other legendary professions gave up fighting, and they did not choose to deal with this monster together. Instead, they used the time to snatch as much gold as possible.

The Son of Dagon was very powerful!

But they still could escape. The Duchess fanned her huge red dragon wings behind her and rushed into one of the cargo ships, ready to take as much treasure as possible. Since she was a legendary sorcerer, not a legendary wizard. Her multi-dimensional storage was limited, and she could only take away part of the wealth at most.

The other legendary professions also had high-grade storage items, which were better than Soran’s sad three feet storage bag; what they could bring with them was a lot more.

In just mere seconds!

All the legendary professions who had stopped fighting had taken more than ten thousand gold Derahls.

But even so, the remaining four cargo ships still had a large amount of gold and silver jewelry. Soran estimated that there was more. If the silver sculptures were included, the five cargo ships would have worth at least a million Derahls. Even if these legendary professions worked hard, they would only be able to take away about three or four hundred thousand gold Derahls.

Since the gold was heavy, they couldn’t just take away millions of Deralhs; twenty to thirty thousand gold Derahls was roughly half a ton.



The nearby ships were dragged to the bottom of the sea as huge tentacles destroyed many ships. Soran saw gold, silver, and jewels spilled away. A box full of gold Derahls was scattered. There were all kinds of jewelry necklaces, jade jewelry, pebbles of jewels, and even some gold and silver. All of it drifted down to where he was. These treasures would remain at the bottom of the sea. If there was no accident, the Son of Dagon would stay here for a long time until all the treasures had been returned to his nest.

Many had retreated away.

The Duchess who was wearing a snow-white dress took away more than 100,000 gold Derahls, but she still looked at the bottom of the sea with hate. She was the one who lost the most.

The Amazonian women warriors were leaping away too. What they got was slightly less, but they probably scored around 100,000 gold Derahls. The most valuable and easiest treasures to take away had been taken by them, while the rest were treasures that took up a lot of space.

No one could take away the wealth of five large cargo ships in one go. Even with their capabilities, they could only save a little.

On the surface, the Naga Sirens were in a difficult situation!

No one would help them and they were hated by the Son of Dagon.

Out of nowhere, there seemed to be a growl in the distance, followed by a continuous growl; the sound became denser and Soran could see another huge shadow on the bottom of the sea, approaching at an amazing speed!



The surviving Naga Siren fighters and Waresharks suddenly got excited; they roared like they were calling a name.

Even the priest was excited as she took out her conch and blew into it.


The desolate sound echoed in the sea, and then a huge shadow emerged from the bottom. A huge dragon-like head emerged, followed by the second huge head, and then the third, fourth, fifth…

From afar.

There seemed to have appeared an island sized object!

It had seven heads and each was the size of a locomotive. It also seemed that there were two heads hidden in the sea while its huge body moved at high speed in the sea. The surrounding seawater pushed it forward. This did not seem like one of its abilities, but more like a divine power given by the gods. Around it was giant sharks leaping out of the sea and strong Waresharks with tridents.


The priest let out a grim smile, raised their scepter and roared, “Leave them! There are sacrifices for the goddess of the sea!…”


The ghost ship tore through the surface of the sea and rushed out!

The ship which planned to run was now back; with Soran at the front with an expression that looked very heroic. He exclaimed: “Fire the cannons! Hurry up! Sink the warships of those guys!…”


Soran wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and muttered, “My God! Why didn’t they tell me earlier! If you guys were going to summon that thing, I wouldn’t have needed to run away!…”