Abyss Domination

Chapter 204 - Legendary Sea Battle

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The ghost ship slowly dived.

Soran activated the special emblem on his body, solidifying his ability of underwater breathing. The Drowned took up arms and stood on the deck, while all around the emergence of angry spirits. The ghost ship approached slowly from the bottom of the sea, while the Naga Siren warships in front of them had begun to join the battle. Many Naga Siren fighters plunged into the water and swam towards the ships in front of them. The number of ships in the battle was quite large. Besides the ships of the Chamber of Commerce, it seemed that there were also other pirates in the battle.

“Summon Thunder!”

There seemed to be a dull thunderstorm on the sea and soon dark clouds filled the skies in a blink of an eye. Lightning flashed like snakes; even Soran, who was under the sea, could feel the fierce thunderbolt. It was not a simple spell, but a thunderbolt summoned by the priest of the storm. This was a near ninth-level spell, covering more than ten kilometers.

“Is this from the Storm Lord or their priest?”

Soran felt the tiny currents on the bottom of the sea, somewhat like an electrostatic force field, but the coverage was much wider than he had ever seen; There was probably a legendary ranked person. Heavy rain soon fell from the sky, and a terrible storm seemed to be coming. The spellcaster had forcibly changed the climate nearby and turned it into the center of the storm. Even the black dragon was unstable. Soran was a little safer on the bottom of the sea, but he could see that the ships on the sea were shaking violently.

Flashes of lightning fell in succession, and charred bodies could be seen falling into the sea. Some were the Naga Siren guards and the Waresharks who were riding on tiger sharks. Soran could not help congratulating himself on the decision he had just made. If he had followed recklessly, he would have been hit by lightning too.

The situation on the battlefield seemed somewhat bizarre since no one on the warship summoning the storm seemed to be attacking the chamber of commerce.

It was almost as if the merchants and they had reached some sort of agreement. Those who looked like pirates or storm priests were helping them fend off the black dragon and the others.

“Could the merchants have promised them something?!”

Soran was somewhat worried. He ordered the ghost ship to get close to the bottom of the sea as he prioritizes his life; he did not want to die in such a place after all. Amazonian women with spears and leather armor could be seen running directly on the sea under the aid of some spell. These female warriors were seen rushing toward their enemies.

“What fighting spirit!”

Soran shut his eyes for a moment and took notice of his surroundings. Then he muttered, “There’s at least 30 or more high-grade professions and 5 or more legends!”

“Maybe it’s best we wait for a bit.”

From the bottom of the sea, the battle on the sea seemed very awkward. Even with Soran’s Darkvision, it was still useless. What he saw was distorted. The black dragon in the sky seemed to have been hit by a heavy blow; it can’t help but roar angrily and breathe out a dragon’s breath. Adult dragons had more than 500 hit points. Even though they seemed to be seriously injured; in fact, they were only slightly injured. The regeneration ability of the dragon was no joke.

“Wing Attack!”

Soran’s most dreaded skill was released by the black dragon; high winds and raging waves raged on the sea, flipping three warships over. As the ships turned many figures fell into the sea. Soran’s eyes brightened, as if he thought of something, and ordered: “Drowned! Go up and bring down those warships!”

I can’t fight you on the surface, but I’ll drown the lot of you.

Soran didn’t believe that these professions would be any stronger than him underwater; he still had the underwater breathing emblem.

The Drowned and spirits started moving.

The ghost ship gradually rose a little bit. There were many pirates and guards on the water right after the Black Dragon’s rage overturned several warships; dozens of enemies fell into the sea. Soran had another plan in mind and immediately ordered the ship to rise. Then he pulled out his curved sword and ordered, “Activate the ropes!”


The ropes on the ghost ship shot out swiftly. These ropes were still quasi-legendary animated objects.

The ropes on the ghost ship were long and flew out immediately after Soran ordered them. These ropes could shoot out hundreds of meters in length, almost like living tentacles. Under the command of Soran, the ropes quickly caught some enemies who had fallen near the sea and then dragged them into the sea. Even if some used their swords to cut them, they were not able to cut these tough ropes.

Soran was in a good mood. He pulled out his curved sword and went over. After pulling the enemy over by activating the ropes, he killed the entangled enemies directly. There were quite a few pirates who were around grade 3. Obviously, they were around the profession level of 10; however, their fighting capabilities were gone after being dragged underwater. Soran was now like a harvester. He soon killed more than 10 enemies and had gained nearly 10000 points of Slaughter EXP.

The number of people falling into the sea got a lot more.

The sea was now full of thunder, the angry roar of the black dragon; the war spears which were like lighting, and the endless high-grade spells. There were also quite a few Water Elementals that were summoned out. Soran could not see clearly what was happening on the surface, but his business under the water was pretty good; he had now killed many pirates that had fallen into the sea.

With the backing of a ghost ship, he was now killing easily underwater!

Blood slowly dyed the sea.

The sea seemed to vibrate again. This time, Soran felt it very clearly because he was in the sea; he was certain it was some sort of power spreading through the sea.

Out of nowhere!

A flash of gold appeared in front of Soran.

No, no, no!

It was not a golden light, but gold sand that sprinkled from the sky into the sea! In the fierce battle on the sea, the five cargo ships filled with gold and silver jewelry could no longer be fully protected. One of the ships was hit and exploded, and among the flying pieces of wood, were pieces of gold scattered all over the sky! One of the heavy boxes was blown away, and over three hundred kilograms of gold sand was swept away in the wild wind. The lightning flashed across the sky and the gold sand glittered; it was like a golden curtain had fallen from the sky and into the sea.

Layers of gold sand scattered into the sea. Under the lighting and the tint of red blood, the gold sand glittered eerily.

“Damn it!”

The black dragon’s pupils turned a lot redder in an instant, and it roared out again with a dragon breathe. Just after that clash, more than half a ton of gold was spilled. Much tiny gold sand and small pieces of gold fell into the sea; then in the blink of an eye, a lot of the gold was rushed away. Difficult for anyone to get it.


Other gold and silver jewelry fell to the bottom of the sea, and in the midst of the sunken cargo ship, a striking golden object suddenly appeared.

It was that half a ton, gold throne.

This heavy throne was studded with all kinds of jewels. It could only make people think of its amazing value!

It seemed like there were men who were desperate for money; they grabbed it, but the huge weight still dragged them down. The heavy golden throne mesmerized Soran for a while, but he soon came to his senses and ordered the ghost ship to move elsewhere. Sure enough, a huge black shadow suddenly fell from the sky; the black dragon abandoned the enemy in front of him and rushed down from the sky, holding the golden throne with its claws outstretched. The weight of half a ton was still bearable to the dragon; It fluttered its wings and flew again.

“It’s mine!”

The black dragon let out a dull growl and yelled, “Oscar can give up other treasures, but this treasure must be mine! He will not return empty-handed. Give it to me, and Oscar will give up other treasures! ”

It seemed that it had also been injured!

Otherwise, the greed of the black dragon would not be satisfied with just taking such a treasure; it seemed that the attacks of others had slowed down as if they wished it would take such a treasure and leave.

After all, that was only one cargo ship!

In the center of the struggle, there were still four such cargo ships; almost every one of which was filled with tons of gold and silver jewelry!

In the end, if everyone used their full power, no one would know how many treasures were going to sink into the sea. The bigger treasures were still easy to deal with but the smaller ones would be lost after being washed by the sea.

Gold and silver jewelry, gold and silver utensils, gold sculptures, jewelry, and jadeite; the wealth of the whole tribe had been washed up by the merchants. This amazing wealth was also only the tip of the iceberg!

The black dragon seemed to be wanting to leave with only that item!

However, reality dragged it mercilessly into the sea; a huge tentacle suddenly stretched out from the dark sea bottom, and then entangled the body of the black dragon, directly dragging it into the depths of the ocean.

“All…all…is mine…”

Strange and dull sounds rang out, with a little demonic language mixed in. Few people could recognize the language, even Soran thought it was only a strange sound. The huge tentacles had incredible power; even an adult black dragon could not get rid of its bondage, so it was dragged directly into the sea with the gold throne; sinking at a very fast rate.

Silence swept the battlefield!

It seemed that this force had shocked many people, even the legends present had temporarily stopped attacking.

Tentacles with suckers suddenly emerged from the darkest seabed, and a huge black shadow appeared in the vicinity of the battlefield.

It was a terrifying power!

Professions with the ability to fight the dragon were all shocked by the terrifying power.

Soran seemed to have thought of something.

His face was a little pale. He almost squeezed out a bitter smile and murmured, “What luck! Speak of the devil!…”

“Turn the ship around! Now!… Get out of here quickly!…”

A terrifying dark shadow appeared.

From the deepest part of the sea, hundreds of tentacles moved closer to the battle area.