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A fishy breeze blew by.

Soran watched the female pirate gradually swimming to the shore and then ordered the ship to leave. Soran was unsure if the target would wait for him there. At the beginning of their conversation, he had given psychological hints with Fear Gaze and deliberately creating a tense atmosphere. If it did not achieve the desired effect, it could only mean that his abilities in this aspect were not lacking. After all, he was not very good at everything.

The ship began to move and the mist also followed it.

They gradually were now around the deepwater area. As the sea became wider and wider and the sea turned from azure blue to dark blue, he knew he had reached Naga Siren’s territory. Naga Sirens were not the ruler of the oceans, in fact, there were many dangerous creatures in the ocean. Even the Waresharks and Naga Sirens only occupy small parts of the ocean. There were many sea monsters, especially in the ocean abyss, near the sunken continental shelf, where even the Naga Sirens dare not easily tread.

It was also because that area had great amounts of radiation!

This was a disaster left by the Arcane Empire and has not changed for thousands of years. This area of the sea was a dangerous place where the octopus could grow to the size of the giant squid, with a length of about 14 meters; it was possible for them to overturn a boat directly. Occasionally, there were also giant monsters that would prey on whales. That was why trans-oceanic continental trade was not popular. Although some have explored the continental shelf, it was only limited to the spellcasters.

A normal person wouldn’t able to cross that area, as they can’t go around the danger zone.

The plate of the continental shelf would move slightly. The Soros Islands were previously part of the continental shelf. Below the ship was an abyss of thousands of meters deep, and no one knew what was below; it was, however, near the area the Naga Sirens lived.

A rumbling sound from below the sea.

There was a slight vibration at the bottom of the sea, and then a warship with a strange and somewhat elvish shape emerged.

It was a long, narrow ship with a sharp front section and a statue of a serpent-headed Banshee behind it. On the hull of the boat was the Naga Siren tribe, among which there was a fellow Soran had seen before. The figure of the Naga Siren priest was also there. Unlike before, she was now covered in blue armor, with four arms holding a sword, a hammer, a staff, and a shield at the same time. Although she wasn’t a legendary spellcaster, her monster level and her priest powers were equivalent to a legendary ranked spellcaster.

She was an 18 level Priest.

She had heavy armor on and even carried a shield. If Soran didn’t know her, he probably would have thought she was a fighter.

That was why priests were pretty hard to deal with.

They were not so limited as wizards as wearing full armor would not affect their casting. High-grade priests could even wear heavy armor, and then cast spells while fighting. They could sometimes even buff themselves with a divine spell. After entering the realm of legends, they could also summon celestials. Fortunately, divine spells were weaker then magical spells; even though the priests were very strong overall, they did not excel in any particular field.

Moreover, priests seldom became gods; at most they would rise to become Saints or Chosen.

“Follow us!”

With the warship moving, Soran also ordered the ghost ship to follow on. The Naga Sirens seemed to have to use the alchemy warships. Although alchemy was taboo in many places, the Naga Sirens were not concerned. Battleships were the main tools of the Naga Siren. They couldn’t tame sharks, whales and other marine creatures like the weresharks, thus they had to make fast ships.

One day went past.

On the second day after Soran had rememorized his spells, they met up with another friendly party.

They were the Weresharks, riding giant tiger sharks. They were the most loyal servants of the sea goddess. Unfortunately, these guys had very low intelligence thus they didn’t have many priests or spellcasters.

Under the clear blue sky!

More than ten tiger sharks emerged from the sea.

These Weresharks were dressed in algae braided armor. They almost had the outline of humans and had strong arms that held tridents. They made a loud roar when they came near, and then tiger sharks began to circle around the ship. At the same time, there was a Wereshark that came near the Naga Siren priests and spoke in a language that Soran did not understand.

Damn ocean language!

The priest’s expression became serious, and after listening to the Wereshark, she ordered, “sail at full speed! Our prey has already appeared. There are other hunters as well!”

The ships moved at a high speed.

Suddenly, it seemed as though the ocean surface shook.


Maybe not the surface, but that the whole sea seemed to have shaken for a while. As if there was something enormous moving under the sea, causing the whole sea to tremble. The priest seemed to have felt something too. Her expression was serious as she picked up a conch-like object and prayed in a strange language. Her prayers were like waves, spreading throughout the sea to a particular place.


A Naga Siren fighter yelled; it seemed to be the name of some creature. Unfortunately, Soran couldn’t understand it.

Soran was sure of thing though, that was this battle wouldn’t be an easy one.

Most probably above the legendary rank!

Time went past slowly.

Barrels and fragments of wood were gradually visible on the sea, along with traces of fire, which seemed to indicate a battle. The smell of blood attracted the sharks and other marine carnivores. The Weresharks drove the tiger sharks to howl excitedly then cast a spell; soon the other sea creatures also moved along with them.

It was ‘Charm Sea Creature!”

It was a spell the Weresharks had naturally; similar to the spell ‘Charm Human’.

Bodies began to appear in front.

Soran saw a flag that had white bones on it; the flag was in the waters. Soran became worried and mumbled, “The flag of a pirate king?”

There had been a battle in the nearby waters. They just didn’t know if the betrayer’s fleet had been captured. Soran didn’t care much about the wealth, because he could not get too much of it. But he also had to come, or he might be cursed by the sea goddess. Although the gods fell dormant, they were not completely unconscious.


The trembles below the sea occurred again.

The fish around the area became scared and ran away, even the sharks were slightly restless.

Far away was an island.

It looked like a cliff had suddenly risen from the bottom of the sea. It looked strange and eerie from Soran’s position. They were now already at the most peripheral part of the Soros Islands. The area here had many strange and isolated islands distributed everywhere. These islands were the products left behind by the Arcane Empire wars which were like destroyed mountain tops.


A deep roar came from afar.

Next came a huge black shadow, which gracefully opened its dragon wings and circled upward from the sea, reaching hundreds of meters in the air. Subsequently, the black figure plunged down from the sky, and there was a dull sound of artillery fire coming from behind the island ahead. Then a Dragon’s Breath swept down from the sky and became a pillar of flame twenty or thirty meters long, covering the sea.

“Black dragon!…”

Soran grasped his sword subconsciously, then turned to glance at the priest. Soran was right, that dragon could not resist the temptation of wealth.


A great explosion was heard.

Soran vaguely saw a woman wearing a white dress, maybe not a white dress, but a dress that looked a little like a wedding dress. The reason why she was so striking was that the woman had a pair of huge dark red dragon wing behind her; it was visually incredible. What’s even more incredible was the fact that she was fighting against the black dragon head-on.

With brute force!

Which other spellcasters could fight a dragon head-on?

Without doubt.

There was only one, a Dragon Disciple!

She was a legendary Dragon Disciple and had completed the half-dragon transformation; that was why a pair of dragon wings formed on her back. The woman in front should be the legendary duchess; who knew she had the blood of a Red Dragon.

The ocean trembled again!



Soran and the priest gave two completely different orders. The warships began to accelerate abruptly and the priest began to cast spells with both hands. With the sound of her chant, an elemental ripple appeared on the sea, followed by a quasi-legendary giant Water Elemental. The Water Elemental stood still on the sea, as the battleship moved forward. The ship Soran controlled began to dive, and the spirits of the ships were ready for battle in the sea.

It seemed that they weren’t early or late!