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Her story wasn’t that complicated.

Adele’s mother traveled with her husband shortly after their wedding. However, they did not expect to meet the then pirate leader, the ‘Killer Whale’, who robbed their ship and killed the others on board. Only her mother was left behind by the then pirate leader for her beauty; then she grabbed her and did some dishonorable things to her. Her semi-imprisonment life lasted until Adele was born, and for some reason, her mother died later.

When she was still quite young, these things happened.

The pirate’s leader, the ‘Killer Whale’, after having a daughter began to have thoughts of retiring. Originally, he intended to leave his daughter a large legacy, and then find a place far away from the sea to live in seclusion, but did not expect to be at this time to be conspired by his fellow pirates. Adele was not a weak woman without any power, on the contrary, she inherited a quarter of Amazonian blood from her father.

That’s why she planned to take revenge!

This woman gathered several sailors, even used her father’s name to win the support of many pirates.

But after all, her strength and fame were not enough. Although she had a boat and a group of people, she still couldn’t beat the ‘Seawolf’. It was then she heard about the merchant ship full of gold and silver, and she made a very bold decision to try to seize the wealth. Although she knew it was dangerous to do so, as long as she got a boat or even a little benefit, she would have enough wealth to recruit more men.

That was because this wealth was enormous!

Unfortunately, this planned had been foiled; Soran killed all her men and even captured her.

“You were going to robe the merchants with those trash?”

Soran had a cynical smile and said, “I wonder if you’re a fool or a genius. Or maybe you’re what people say to be, brainless beauties.”

Adele’s pale face flushed with anger as if Soran’s words had stimulated her mind and made her feel that her decision was so foolish. At the same time, she also found that the clothes on her chest had split a little because the rope tied to her body made the bulging fullness of her chest more obvious; this made her feel ashamed.

“Seems like you don’t have too much value alive!”

Soran squinted his eyes slightly, and the dagger he held became blurry as he played with his fingertips. The skill Omnipotent Hands had greatly enhanced his fingers flexibility. Adele also could not see the outline of the dagger clearly. He squatted in front of the female pirate, looked into her eyes, and said in a low voice, “There seems to be nothing too valuable in you except the wealth left by your dead father!”

“You probably have realized too.”

“I’m also going after the merchants. If I got the wealth of those betrayers, the legacy your father left you would be nothing.”

“Do you think I should let you live? I do hate to leave an enemy alive!”

“Maybe I should turn you into a spirit, you’ll be more useful then.”

Adele’s face was obviously much paler. She struggled for a moment and looked desperate. “I… I can be loyal to you! I can also serve you!… My father left behind a lot of things, including a hidden treasure map!… It’s said that you can get to some mysterious place!…”

A treasure map?

Soran looked at her with an expression of interest and said, “I don’t believe in said loyalty. Your loyalty is nothing to me. Maybe you’re a good pirate on the South coast, but looking at the whole world, you’re just an ant. As for serving me, I have to admit that your body is attractive, but I learned a lesson in the Underdark: the more beautiful a woman is, the more dangerous she is; especially if she may be your enemy.”


As Adele’s mood grew worse and worse, and her expression grew more and more desperate, Soran suddenly waved a dagger, not at her throat, but at the ropes. Soran cut the rope off her body and looked into her eyes. “I feel you are of some use to me. I need just an assistant like you.”

“I don’t really care if you will betray me, but you wouldn’t want to find the price of betraying me. I wouldn’t want to skin such a beautiful woman myself.”

“I’ll give you the respect you deserve, but I would hope you don’t mistreat my respect.”

Soran stepped back slightly and watched her reaction. The pirate’s gorgeous face was apparently startled, but there was no overwhelming reaction. Instead, she had a puzzled expression and she said, “What do you want?…”

“I want many things.”

Soran relaxed a little, but was ready for battle at any time, murmuring, “Your existence is of value to me, but it’s still too small. I will help you get your revenge, killing the ‘Seawolf’, helping you become the largest pirate leader in Shipwreck Bay. When you have gained enough, I’ll tell you what I want.”

“Don’t try to do anything stupid because you know well I didn’t use all my power previously.”

“I also don’t hope that I’ll regret letting you go.”

Soran lifted his foot and kicked a chair over, while he leaned against the door. He thought for a moment, and murmured, “Since you have inherited your mother’s name, you should know where your mother and her husband’s territory were, correct? Don’t tell me you don’t know that. I don’t believe your father didn’t have the idea of letting you inherit the land.”

“Your father must have done a clean job if he was able to live for so long after killing a noble.”

“He must have killed all the relevant people, correct?”

Adele’s expression was very complicated; it seemed that she could not keep up with Soran’s thoughts, but she hesitated for a moment and said, “Yes. My mother and her husband’s territory is in the western counties, near the hill of grizzlies. Father had the intention of letting me inherit the land. After all, my blood would have passed the priest’s detection spells. But that territory has been inherited by another man, my cousin. My father was killed before he could act.”

Soran nodded and said, “Good.”

“I see the best traits of a pirate in you. I like to deal with people like you because they are not pedantic at all.”


“Your value to me has increased. Maybe I can help you get what you want. A woman doesn’t have to be a pirate herself to take revenge. If she has enough wealth, there are many ways to try to kill her target!”

“But that’s not why you became a pirate, you’re bored with your normal life, correct?”

Soran got close to her, breathing in close proximity. He looked at her eyes and said slowly, “This is the nature of Amazon women. You have the natural wildness of Amazonian women!”

Not willing to submit to men.

That was why the Amazons were so troublesome, they loved challenging men!

Although the woman in front of Soran was very beautiful, with the characteristics of Western aristocracy, snow-white skin and a tall nose; she also had the obvious characteristics of Amazonian women, especially her pupils with hidden wildness. Such a woman would never aspire to a life with a husband and son. Their bloodlust meant that they craved battles.

Being grade 4 must also be related to her bloodline!

Amazonian women were more likely to become professions because of their belligerent nature. The Amazonian ethnic population was small, but the number of middle-and low-grade professions accounted for a considerable proportion. These women could become qualified fighters with little training, sometimes even no training.

Soran was thinking for some time.

After thinking for a moment, he looked at her and said, “I’ll put you down on an island near the strait ahead and leave you enough food. This battle over the wealth of the betrayers is not something you can go to. You’d just be another dead on the battlefield.”

“After you’ve treated your wounds I’ll come back for you.”

“Of course.”

“You can also try to escape, which for me is only one less piece pawn, but for you, it would be a missed opportunity. During this time, you can also think about what you can do without my help. I don’t really like to force women.”

Soran turned to walk out the cabin leaving the very confused female pirate there.


Soran didn’t care very much if he killed her or not; he was okay with losing that few thousand Slaughter EXP. But if she could really be his assistant, then Soran’s plan in the future will undoubtedly be much easier.

He wanted a lot more and was not strong enough to deal with The Avatar Crisis alone, even if he could enter the realms of legends. The woman in front of him was still valuable, hopefully, he didn’t make a wrong decision.

If it was wrong.

It would still be okay.