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Soran began to check on his loot.

The pirates did not have any valuables on them because rare grade equipment was rare, it seemed that there was no good loot to be harvested either. But there were many barrels of rum and cargo. If they could be sold, they would worth thousands of Derahls; but Soran didn’t have the time to do that. He just collected the small amounts of gold and silver Derahls and found a box of jewels from the captain’s room. It seemed that these pirates hadn’t done any substantial dealings lately, or they’ve hidden their wealth somewhere.

Pirates loved to hide their stuff.

After getting a big reward, pirates would hide their loot in chests and bury them in remote islands. Since gold was a very stable metal, burying it for thousands of years would not be a problem.

If the pirate had died and no one knew where the treasure was, then the wealth would remain in place for others to discover. Many people have unexpectedly found such treasures before, but nobody seemed to have found any great wealth.

“Just an average loot!”

Soran looked at the pirate ship for a bit. If only he had time to take it back, the ship was actually worth some money too.

It was impossible to take it away and it was a pity to leave it here for others. For a moment, Soran had no idea how to deal with it. He could only pick up the anchor and let the ghost ship tow it to the shallow seas. He could only leave it here for now and see if it’ll be useful in the future. If the pirate ship is valued on the market, it would be worth at least five or six thousand Derahls.

Onboard the ghost ship.

Soran treated the wounds on his chest; if not for the spell Stoneskin, he might have been killed.

Vampiric Touch had almost recovered his wounds, but he still needed a simple dressing. Soran looked up at the sky and ordered the ghost ship to move on. The Naga Siren priest had already given him a coordinate to head to, the place was still about a day’s voyage away; that was where the Naga Siren tribe would meet him, and it was certainly where the group of merchants would be.

“Let her down.”

Soran walked in front of the mast and the ropes slowly let the female pirate down.

This ship was alive!

Even though it could not communicate, it could understand simple orders; just like a low-grade spirit.

Soran reached out and picked up the female pirate in front of him. She was very pale, but she was very beautiful and uncivilized. Although Soran’s attacks were fierce, they were not fatal. Most of her injuries were bruises. Since the Life Force of high-grade professions was very high, they would not die so easily. He wasn’t interested in healing his opponent, so he picked her up and threw her into the sea.


The female pirate fell into the sea, with the animated rope still on her; dragging her along the sea.

“Blurp, Olp!…”

The female pirate woke up and coughed.

Soran nodded satisfactorily, raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The animated ropes then pulled her up again and hung her on the mast. The female pirate’s chest oozed out traces of blood, the broken ribs caused her serious injuries. She looked weak as if she could die at any time. However, she woke up with a very fierce look in her eyes, stared at Soran and said, “Kill me if you want! You dog of Seawolf! I won’t tell you about my father’s secret!”

There’s indeed more to this.

Soran let out a smile as he was happy with his judgment.

A female pirate captain, with such striking long red hair, using special weapons and had grade 4 powers; she must also have some secrets. If she didn’t have the status, it was difficult to command so many pirates on her own. Pirates were notoriously unruly; only listening to power, not words. It seemed that her father was also a pirate, a pretty well-known pirate maybe.

“I wanted to kill you initially.”

Soran shrugged his shoulders then snapped his fingers. “But I felt it was such a waste killing you, maybe there was some use for you.”

“I think maybe you should look around you, and see what connection I have to that Seawolf you were talking about.”

Look around?

The fiery red-haired female pirate looked up at her surroundings, and all of a sudden her whole person shivered because she was surrounded by floating spirits and ugly looking, algae-covered undead. The crumbling hull, the black sails, the ferocious ghosts, everything in front of her made her feel a little afraid, and she said in a trembling voice, “Spirits… Ghostship!?…”


A ghost ship.

One of the forbidden things among pirates.

Because this was a curse of death, the dead became supernatural lifeforms. Not many people had ever encountered a ghost ship on the whole south coast, but its terrible legend had been circulating among pirates for a long time. If anything frightened them, it was ghost ships. In pirate legends, ghost ships were a prison of the dead; they were bound to the ghost ship unable to be free. They could only rest when the ship was no more.

This was no joke.

As many souls were bonded to the ship; many were previously pirates.

Soran had a satisfied smile on his face. He reached out and lifted the pirate in front of him. He showed his white teeth and smiled. But he looked like a demon in the eye of the female pirate. Soran then said in a low voice, “I don’t know who Seawolf is! But if they’ve chosen a name like that, they must be some incredible group right?”

“Your father’s secrets may not worth much to me.”

“What I am interested in now is whether you are valuable to me! If you’re worth something, I’ll let you go! If not, I’ll kill you! Our ship is missing our first-mate after all! ”

The female pirate shivered all over and her teeth trembled slightly. She looked around at the ugly ghosts and murmured, “No!” I don’t want to be like them!…”

“What do you want?!…”

Soran nodded satisfactorily, tapped a finger to loosen the ropes and smiled, “Very good. Looks like you’re going to talk to me about your value?

“If you’re more valuable alive then dead, then congratulations.”

“I won’t kill you.”

Soran waved the undead around him away, then took the female pirate to the captain’s room. Meanwhile, he took out a bottle of healing potion and poured it into her mouth roughly.


Soran kicked the door of the captain’s cabin and threw her on the floor, which was filled with slimy algae.

He looked at her coldly and looked at the undead outside. Then he said, “Tell me something about you. You can try to lie, but if I feel you’re lying, I’ll cut off one of your fingers. I am a very principled person. As long I don’t catch you lying, you’ll be fine. But if I catch you lying.”

“Then pardon me for giving you some punishment!”

He made the gesture of cutting when he said that.

The fiery-red-haired pirate swallowed her saliva. The man in front of her gave her a lot of pressure. She didn’t even know whether he was still alive. His smile was natural, but it was because it was natural she felt afraid. The female pirate was familiar with the aura Soran had. Only those pirates who really came out of the sea of corpses would give her so much pressure. Even her father did not have such a strong killing intent.

“Fear Gaze!”

She shuddered and looked at the captain’s cabin, which smelled fishy and corrupt. She then unwillingly said, “My name is Adele Isabel, the daughter of the ‘Killer Whale’, the captain of the Wrecked Gulf Pirates.”

“Hold on,” Soran suddenly interjected.

He raised his opponent’s chin, looked at the woman in front of him, and then frowned slightly. “Isabel? This seems to be the name of the aristocrat in the western kingdom. Do you have a royal lineage? Is this your father’s surname? Or your mother’s surname?”

The western kingdom.

A more chaotic kingdom where taboos, chaos, ethics, heresy, desire were frequent. Because this land had been ruled by a warlock family for generations, in order to maintain the purity of their lineage, the marriage of aristocrats in the kingdom was chaotic. Isabel was the queen’s surname, which had been handed down for hundreds of years. After the split of the unified western kingdom, this surname was inherited by nobles. Usually, a direct bloodline would only be allowed the use of this surname.

“Mother’s.” The red-haired pirate looked down at the ship’s deck and said in a low voice, “My mother was a noble lady of a principality on the West coast. She married a viscount but met my father on a trip to the sea. My father killed her husband and all her followers, and then took her over as his wife.”

“I inherited my mother’s surname, as per my father’s wish; he didn’t want me to become a pirate too.”

Soran had a playful smile on his face.

As if he had thought of something, he smiled and asked, “So your father was killed by the so-called Seawolf? And you’ve thus become a pirate?”

“To avenge your father? Or because you’re bored of your normal life?”

The woman became silent.