Abyss Domination

Chapter 200 - Duel-weapon Battle

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“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

At last, Soran was unable to retreat and was completely blocked by the enemy. He could only use his swords to block the enemy’s attacks. Blind-Fight was a powerful ability that could play an unexpected role in some situations, such as fighting invisible enemies, or in the face of spells like Darkness, Blind, or in dark environments. Soran had previously spent a lot of time mastering this ability because, without this ability, your combat effectiveness would drop by 30% in the Underdark.

This ability had certain requirements on Wisdom, so people with low Wisdom would find it hard to master!

Soran was now locked on by the opponent’s wisdom. The enemy had completely locked on to his retreating footsteps, the moving wind, the slight flow of air and so on by means of Blind-Fight. These slight hints were very clear to a grade 4 profession. With her eyes closed, the perception of the outside world was even more enhanced. As Soran had to use his sword to block the opponent’s attacks, his figure broke away from Sneak and a hazy figure appeared.

The pirate captain opened her eyes and a glow of light flashed in her eyes!

“Sword form: Spinning Strike!”


The two knives in the opponent’s hand cut through everything, and her whole person turned at a high speed. The opponent kicked violently on the barrel, then her figure swooped up, and turned around in mid-air. The two knives cut all the boards in the surrounding area completely and were slicing toward Soran’s waist. This was the fighting ability of a Rogue, but with time, the ability gradually got mastered by other melee professions. ‘Sword form: Spinning Strike was the killing tactic of the duel-wielding combatant; the ability could send out continuous strikes in a flash.


Soran only succeeded in blocking one attack, while his chest was hit with a knife. Dual-wielding meant that her power output was lowered, thus she had just hit him in the chest and slightly penetrated the muscles after Stoneskin was broken. A stream of blood splashed out. Soran hardly had time to fight back; he swiftly withdrew from the cabin. Fighting against a dual-wielding profession in this narrow space was disadvantageous. Moreover, the opponent was a real master of dual-weapon combat.

“Trying to run!?”

The pirate captain let out a scream and continued her attack, not letting Soran have any time to recover.

Because the speed of her continuous attack was too fast, Soran could only wait until an opening presented itself. Unless Soran had a completely overwhelming ability to counter her, he could only retreat.

The female pirate seemed to have realized that Soran’s reflexes were astonishing. Suddenly she combined her two knives and turned it into a heavy curved sword. She had turned the one-handed weapon into one two-handed weapon.

A double-ended sword?!

Soran’s pupils shrank slightly, and he bent back sharply to avoid the sword. At the same time, he stamped his foot on the deck such that a crack appeared. He then launched himself into the opponent’s bosom. There was no room for an attack so Soran went to the opponent like an artillery shell, knocking down the female pirate. They slammed against the door of the cabin and cracked the wooden planks behind them.


Sounds of bone snapping were heard.

Soran’s sudden attack had broken four or five of her ribs. The Female Pirate didn’t expect the enemy would use this kind of attack and her reaction was too late. Soran suddenly gave up using his curved swords and used her head on her chest. The huge impact force made her lose her balance and hit her back. Her chest was now injured by a broken rib thus it made it difficult to breathe.


A cold light came from behind Soran.”

“Kidney punch!”

“Vampiric Touch!”

Soran’s curved swords suddenly disappeared, then he moved back half a step and then hit the opponent with a fist near the kidney. At the next moment, the female pirate went into a fetal position while her face turned red and her eyes turned up slightly; her whole body was motionless.

“Continuous attack!”

Soran’s chest wound gradually stopped bleeding. Although he had no weapons in his hands, his hands hit the opponent’s abdomen with a violent wave of fists. Then he twisted her palm with his hand, and with a click, he broke the opponent’s arm without pity. Again, his attacks interrupted the enemy’s breath. Then he caught her other arm and twisted it in the joint position to dislocate it.

The pirate captain fell to the floor with an empty look; it seems that she had already passed out.

“Seems like learning unarmed combat was useful.”

Soran picked up the female pirate in front of him with one hand and looked at her. He murmured, “The close-quarter combat skills of the Pugilist was very useful. It could suppress the enemy’s attacks. It seems that if facing a monk in close -quarters, I should use a dagger to fight.”

If a Pugilist drew close, that was to say, in close-quarter combat, long weapons would be completely useless. The longer your weapon was, the less chance you had to attack with it; the inverse was true for short weapons as small daggers and daggers worked better. Soran had just used the fighting skills of the Pugilist. Previously, he met a legendary Pugilist with Vivian. He gave Vivian a book regarding close-quarter combat. Vivian hadn’t read it but Soran had read it several times.

The Pugilists were similar to the Sword Saints, both were very dangerous professions in this world!

Their attacks, however, were not powerful.


Soran picked up the double-ended sword from on the ground with his feet and looked at them for a moment, then he murmured, “A double-end sword indeed! very few use this. Maybe she’s someone special?”

The double-end sword.

A rare type of weapon, which was more common outside the eastern desert. This weapon had a special hook in the position of the handle. The handle of both knives was specially made belonging to the more ferocious infantry knife. This weapon could be split into two long knives or combined into a heavy battle sword, which had a fighting style similar to that of the Pudao.

The weapon she used belonged to the curved sword type but was a lot rarer.

“She doesn’t seem like a person from the desert?”

Soran looked at the female pirates. He checked to see if there were tattoos as the oriental pirates had special marks. Their fighting style was also totally different from that of the pirates on the west coast. The nearer to the east, the more sophisticated the fighting style. It was the birthplace of monks. The deserts once had civilization, but it was destroyed by some ancient evil creatures.

The oriental pirates were masters of the curved sword, some were even masters of dual-wielding.

“Oh well.”

Soran frowned and looked at her. Then he cut down a rope and tied up the female pirate. He tied her up good, not leaving any space; he wasn’t too good at tying people up and he was afraid she would escape. Soran had plans for her as he thought she might be useful in the future.

The mist around the ship began to thicken.

Soon a ghost ship appeared nearby.

Ten minutes had passed and there was no living soul on the pirate ship. The Naga Siren Banshee was in disbelief. It was hard to believe that Soran had killed all the pirates in such a short time.

“Animate Rope!”

A rope flew out of the ghost ship, then entangled the red-haired pirate and hung her on the mast of the ghost ship.

These ropes were so powerful that they would need 18 Strength or more to break free. Thus without any weapon, the ordinary pirate would not be able to break free from it. These ropes were part of the ghost ship and were life-like objects. They were like tentacles as their flexibility and strength were amazing. They were also devastating to lower-grade enemies.

“I got a ten thousand Slaughter EXP!”

Soran looked at his data page. A smile appeared on his face as he said, “Sure enough, killing humans was the fastest way to accumulate Slaughter Experience. In less than 20 minutes, I had earned more than 10,000 Slaughter EXP. If there were some more pirate ships along the way, maybe I could raise my wizard by one more level.”

There were nearly thirty to forty pirates in a boat. On average one pirate would give around two to three hundred Slaughter Experience Points; that was why Soran could easily obtain ten thousand Slaughter EXP.