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Gushes of blood splashed out, and two bodies holding their necks fell down.

Soran was more and more familiar with the skill of throat-cutting. In battle, the success rate of Test of Death was getting higher and higher. If he did not have enough strength, he may not even be able to chop off someone’s head. If a person wanted to use the skill Beheading, then he or she must have at least 18 strength or more, or else that person would have to integrate the momentums of movement. Even if Soran cut through the neck with all his strength, he could only get through an inch, and not completely cut through the neck.

His figure was still hazy, but people could judge his position from the airflow, movement, and sound from him.

“Greater Invisibility [level 4 spell]; this spell works like Sneak, but it doesn’t break after an attack. After casting, the user takes a completely invisible state. After launching an attack, the user may expose his position because of airflow, contour, and sound. The effect of the spell will be weakened gradually with battle, but it could still give the user a hazy effect. Even if the enemy perceives the user’s position, the user still has 4 points of hazy effect, and the enemy would have 4 reduced accuracy. Every Spellcasting Score translates to 1 minute of spell duration.

The Great Invisibility spell was, without doubt, a very powerful spell.

The only flaw was the duration, even Soran could only maintain the spell for ten or so minutes.

Even legendary wizards could only maintain the spell for about half an hour. However, since Soran had mastered the metamagic ability [Empower Spell]; in the future, when he has a level 5 spell slot, Soran could use the level 5 spell slot to memorize Great Invisibility. At that time, the duration of the spell could be increased by 50%.

Empower Spell was definitely much more powerful in the early game, or else he wouldn’t have given up the other metamagic abilities.

“Thub, Thub, Thub.”

Soran’s figure moved quickly while killing many in his way. The enemy simply could not see his weapon, thus the probability of blocking it was greatly reduced; they could only rely on their own perception to avoid the attacks. At this time, the enemies with high basic attributes could see at a glance where Soran was and avoid his attacks. Unfortunately, they still had no way to reverse the situation because Soran’s extraordinary Dexterity was too overwhelming.

“Shush, Shush, Shush!”

The battle had now continued for five minutes and the enemy was no longer confused.

They had thought of a solution!

That was to throw their weapons and shoot with crossbows and bows. Although friendly fire may occur, at least they wouldn’t be in a passive position.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Soran blocked the weapons thrown at him, but he still couldn’t block arrows.


Soran was hit by three crossbow bolts and slightly retreated, but he was not injured because he had cast Stoneskin. The effects of Stoneskin had been much stronger; even though the crossbow bolts had hit Soran, the damage was negligible. None had damaged his viscera. The enemies were loading their crossbows, and some were slashing randomly to prevent Soran from approaching them.

“It seems that a battle test really was required!”

Soran’s expression was not very good. He raised his hand and pulled out the bolts. He then murmured, “I even had to activate my legendary equipment! If I didn’t have Stoneskin, I probably would have been severely injured. It seems that although Greater Invisibility was very powerful, it could not overwhelm the enemy completely.”

“Evade Sight!”

Soran activated the Shadow Dancer’s ability and went directly into Sneak. his figure which had been exposed completely disappeared once again.

Greater Invisibility could be stacked with Sneak, thus Evade Sight was still useful in this case!

“Where? Where did he go?!”

The remaining pirates were filled with fear; some even screamed and attacked randomly.

Suddenly the deck shook slightly, and a footprint appeared on the side of the wall. The next moment there was a splash of blood. It was only after a pirates guts had been slashed open that Soran’s figure was slightly exposed. Soran had now rushed into the crowd of enemies, waving two swords and using the familiar Ground Blade Style, seven or eight pirates in front of him burst into screams. Their legs were either slashed by the curved sword or cut off directly. Inside the cramped cabin were chopped off arms, flesh, and blood. Some of the pirate’s attacks landed on Soran, but they were blocked by the spell Stoneskin.

A lot more of their attacks had landed on other pirates!

“A ghost!…Demon!…run!…”

Finally, a pirate had lost it.

Perhaps they would not be afraid to confront powerful enemies, but now they don’t even know where the enemy was. After the splashes of blood and the fall of their companions one by one, some of these pirates had begun to break down. Some of them wanted to escape, but unfortunately, they could not escape the faint light of Soran’s swords. Soran’s expression was cold, and he had no sympathy for the pirates. He waved his two swords leaving none alive.”

“Number 39.”

Soran shook his curved sword and threw the blood off. He murmured in a cold voice, “I still have three minutes of invisibility. It seems that in the case of Greater Invisibility, I would have the ability to confront a large group of enemies head-on. But this was also because there were no spellcasters among the pirates, otherwise, a simple detection spell would have broken my spell.”

“Maybe I should visit the desert sometime. If memory serves me right, there should be an anti-spell detect cloak.”

The Anti-Detect Cloak.

A Rogue’s dream legendary item; practically a divine equipment if used by them!

The legendary equipment had almost no other additional capabilities, the only effect was that most detection spells would not work on the user. This was the only legendary equipment with this effect in the world. Soran once joined in the scramble to fight for it; a battle which could be said to be more bloody and cruel than the fights for artifacts. Even at that time, when Soran had nearly legendary combat powers, he still failed to obtain the legendary equipment.

It finally ended up in with an assassin!

In order to compete for it, much killing was done! Soran almost died under the joint attack of two assassins. Not many people died in the fight of artifacts but hundreds of high-grade professions died for a legendary cloak. If no one had found it, the legendary equipment would still be in an underground ruin in the desert. It was a dangerous place, and Soran may not have the capability to get through now, because there were some powerful demons sealed inside.

The pirates were dying.

However, he couldn’t help but frown as since he still hadn’t encountered the captain of the ship.

Could their captain not be here?

Just as Soran was about to walk around the corner of cargo, a flash of light suddenly appeared from the side, followed by a fiery red figure, and a sword coming at Soran.


Soran’s Reflex Evasion immediately took effect, he had almost subconsciously blocked the enemy’s attack.

Another attack was blocked.

The enemy was also a good user of dual weapons. After Soran blocked the first attacks, another cold light slashed at his waist. Swiftly, he turned his sword to block the enemy’s surprise attack.

In front of him was a tall woman with a gorgeous face and a captain’s cap on her head. The opponent had been waiting for an opportunity and sought Soran’s position. She tried to end Soran with a surprise attack.

A woman?

Soran wasn’t too surprised that the pirate ship’s leader was a woman because there were many Amazonian women here. His figure disappeared again and was also looking for a chance to kill his opponent. It was not easy to be proficient in dual-wielding so the woman in front of him was probably a grade 4 profession. Whether in terms of patience or strategy, Soran felt that the opponent was a dangerous enemy.

“Damn it! He disappeared again!”

The bright red-haired pirate cursed out, then brandished two knives to protect her left and right. Soran went into Sneak after activating Evade Sight. With the help of Greater Invisibility, there was now no trace of his figure. The enemy in front of him was extremely alert, and the two weapons almost covered all the corners around her body; even Soran could not find a chance to attack for a while. When he was ready to attack by force around the side, the woman in front of him did something unexpected.

The woman had shut his eyes!


She shut her eyes and held her weapons crossed in front of her. Then she took a deep breath while his ears moved slightly.


All of a sudden, Soran’s had chills all over, and he rolled back and dodged.

Two flashes of light went across the place where he was. Her attacks split the half-meter-high container completely and left three inches of knife marks on the ground. The gorgeous female pirate had found his position and then launched a fierce attack. She was still moving with her eyes closed, and her knives continued to pursue Soran. As though Soran’s invisibility was pointless, her knives were close to him.


What a powerful woman!

The female pirate captain had mastered the special ability Blind-Fight.