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The Naga Siren brought Soran and headed towards the bottom of the temple.

Soran calmly followed behind. Last night’s battle did not get much Slaughter EXP, but it gave Soren a unique passive ability. That was the passive ability of the advanced Assassin [Murderous Heart]. The main force of the Rossad Chamber of Commerce went to the Soros Islands for arms trade, and most of them who stayed behind were just ordinary sailors and guards. Last night, Soran only encountered two Professions above grade three. All the others were just ordinary Sailors that were either grade one or two.

To Soran, all the enemies that were below Profession Level 10 (Grade 3) were sitting ducks for slaughter.

Only those enemies that were Profession Level 15 (Grade 4) and above, would be able to trouble him a little.

“Murderous Heart [Passive Ability]: You have already become accustomed to death and blood through repeated killings. For you, ending lives poses no difficulty nor fear. Your hands have already ended hundreds of lives. You have begun to become indifferent to death. In the midst of battles, you would awake the Murderous Heart ability, and this would make you merciless towards your enemy. Even the Calm Emotion spell and so on, would not affect your judgment calls at all.”

This was the prerequisite ability for the quasi-legendary ability [Murderous Instinct].

If Soran mastered the unique ability [Murderous Instinct], he would be able to subconsciously retain his fighting abilities. For example, after being hit by spells like ‘Confusion’, ‘Misleading’, ‘Frenzy’, and so on, even if Soran was unable to pass the Test of Spell Immunity, his body and will would be controlled by [Murderous Instinct]. He would automatically enter the Murderous Consciousness. Attaining this unique ability through training would be very hard. Those who have mastered it were all-powerful individuals who triumphed over countless mountains of corpses and rivers of blood.

Currently, he still did not know how to attain it through training.

Basically, there weren’t many people who had attained this ability. Even after attaining the ability, not many would announce it anyway.

The [Murderous Heart] would have two chances for advancement. It would either be the [Slaughterer] within the passive ability, or the Evil Alignment’s top Slaughtering passive ability — [Deathwalker]

100 heads, 500 heads, 1000 heads.

However, these three passive abilities were independent abilities. So as to say, attaining the [Slaughterer] ability would not replace the [Murderous Heart] ability. Both passive abilities could stack with each other. The top Slaughtering passive ability would be [Deathwalker], which was actually a legendary passive ability. Even though it could raise one’s power by a large margin, it would enable the attacks of the Good Alignment to affect the user easily. The number of passive abilities that would be able to counter would naturally be a lot too. For example, the Good Alignment’s [Glorious Emissary], the Druid Alignment’s [Natural Balancer], and so on.

There weren’t too many passive abilities. Many people who were born in the north had the passive ability of [Northerners], where Cold Resistance and Will would receive 1 additional point.

The smell of seawater was permeated through the air.

Soran seemed to have smelt something weird as he frowned.

The Naga Siren did not seem to be bothered. After bringing Soran underground, the Sea Temple’s inner structures had a lot of underground water tunnels. The entire architecture of the inner temple seemed to have been constructed entirely within the ocean. Traces of craftsmanship could be seen across the structure, hundreds of meters underground. Dripping sounds resounded as Naga Siren brought Soran to a platform. Afterward, she stopped on the spot, and let out a low-pitched hum. Immediately, the seawater in front of them started tumbling as if it was boiling.

Three strange creatures slowly appeared in front of Soran swam over from the depths of the deep blue seawater.

“This is!? …”

Soran was a little startled, as he said: “This is the aura of the undead!?… What are they?…”

There were three distorted creatures that appeared in front of Soran. The first looked a little like a Wereshark, but his skin had already shown signs of erosion. Some seashells and seaweed had even started to grow out of his flesh. The second creature looked a little like Naga Siren, but only had a pair of arms. His appearance was similar to the previous one. They seemed to have died, but because of various reasons, but they managed to transform into the undead of the ocean. The last one was a banshee that had an evil and cold constenance. Her past life must have been a spirit, and due to some reasons, transformed into an Oceanic Banshee.

“Don’t be surprised!”

Naga Siren smugged, as she said: “The vast sea is full of dangers and deaths!… The Sea Goddess also dominates the death domains within the seas!… They are the slaves of the Sea Goddess!… Now they will be your helpers!… Those betrayers seemed to have roped in those indigenous believers of the Storm Lord!… Just you alone would be hard to defeat them!… That is why I would send stronger helpers to help you eradicate them…”

“Follow me!”

Naga Siren grabbed Soran’s forearm and opened a portal. The next moment, their figures appeared on the surface of the vast sea. Coral reefs could be seen nearby, and one could faintly see what was at the bottom of the sea. Near the islands, there were huge amounts of sunken ships. It seemed that this was an ancient trade route. Before the full discovery of the Soros Island’s trade route, many ships sunk here after hitting the reefs. Even from time to time, one could also feel the power of the whirlpools.

“Sa!… A!… Moluo!…”

The Naga Siren hummed in a strange pitch that seemed to be an oceanic language. Even if Soran was a genius, he could not have understood the language of the sea creatures. However, he seemed to have discovered a form of energy that was within the language. An invisible energy pulsated across the surface of the sea. Then, he felt an energy field expand across all directions for hundreds of meters.

Great White Sharks started to appear one by one nearby!

These huge sea monsters started to surround them from afar. They were dangerous creatures that were most commonly seen amongst the seas. They could even destroy small vessels. Ocean Weresharks reared a lot of Great White Sharks, where some of them had even grown to the size of a whale. However, those sea monsters have already sort of mutated and were considered creatures that were close to legendary challenger creatures. Something seemed to have moved from the bottom of the sea, and the waves started rolling in immediately after. Some creatures that looked like Naga Siren, but were not Naga Sirens appeared. They seemed not to have possessed much of an aura of a living creature, and their bodies looked like they have merged with a sort of algae-like creatures after they had died.

It looked like a remodeled Ghoul but seemed to be way stronger than one.


A loud noise sounded from the bottom of the sea, and even a mast emerged from the waters. Then, a boat that was in ruins, but still intact, appeared. A ghost ship with its hull covered in algae came into view. One by one, the undead appeared on the deck. Then, large amounts of energy were sucked into the hull of the ship. The whole ghost ship began to be repaired as if it was a resurrection. Some undead creatures that appeared to be non-human and non-ghost stood up and went to the deck of the ghost ship one by one.

The surrounding surface of the sea started fogging, where an aura of imminent death was looming.

“This is the Ghost Fleet!”

Naga Siren grinned cruelly, and a conch-like horn was handed to Soran. Then she said: “The Sea Goddess scattered the ghost fleet to the temples located everywhere. Although I can only mobilize one, it should be enough to help you kill those betrayers.”

As if an invisible force was pushing it, the ghost ship with a black sail came quietly in front of the two.

Naga Siren grabbed Soran’s hands and brought him on board the ghost ship, then stared at the undead sailors in front of them. Her eyes glimmered with a strange light. Then, the undead sailors started to kneel in waves. The whole ghost ship was dead silent. Only the chilling winds blew, which made Soran shudder a little.

This ship is alive! It’s alive!!!

It was a living item. It was live refined through the use of a legendary spell, into an undead. It was like a high-grade Wizard’s creation of ‘Animate Castle’ and ‘Animate Pagoda’

Soran felt really uncomfortable.

It was just like standing on a rotting dark creature’s corpse. He could even feel that the ghost ship was breathing, breathing the breath of death.

Naga Siren handed over the horn to Soran and said: “From today onwards, it would be yours to command. Human. Don’t disappoint me!”

Soran reached his hands over to receive the horn. Suddenly, a dense stream of data emerged.

After a while.

The stream of data in front of him slowly disappeared. Then a string of words appeared:

Creature Name: Ghost Ship [the Deadman’s Voice]

Creature Type: [Animate Ghost Ship]

Creature Description: This was a warship that sank after hitting the reefs hundreds of years ago. It slowly awakened in its long years in the sea. The dead souls and vengeful spirits gradually assimilated with the ship, then turning it into a ghost ship that wandered the sea. There were many legends about it. In the end, it caught the attention of the Sea Goddess. She sent legendary Priests to capture this ghost ship and then secretly live refined it into the low-level undead under the divine powers of the Sea Goddess. It had a simple consciousness and would restore itself like an undead. This ghost ship could sail in any sea, and its power while in the sea is revered by all!

Captain: Soran [Temporary].

Sailors: Drowned (49), Vengeful Sea Spirits (12), Oceanic Ghosts (72), Naga Siren Banshees (9), Undead Weresharks (6), Bonded Spirits (872) [Locked]

Equipment: Sinking Mourn (Collision), the Deadman’s Cannon (24), Ghost Sails, and Heavy Artillery (2).

Skills: Fog Summoning, Underwater Navigation, Bonded Spirits, Animate Ropes, Cursed Hull.

Soran was a little startled as he received the horn, but in his heart, it was full of trepidation.

Of course.

The Ghost Fleet really existed!