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Under the cold moonlight.

Two guards of the Rossad Chambers of Commerce were on patrol. Because the Chamber of Commerce stored quite a lot of goods, the security here had always been very strict. The timing of the patrol was quite exhausting. Two not so young guards were chatting and discussing which hooker’s shop in the Port Tylon had prettier unlicensed prostitutes. Basically, after entering the middle ages, those men who rely on their fighting prowess to earn a living would turn to more stable jobs. Those who head out to sea were mostly younger guards. The older ones stayed behind to guard because they needed more experience.

The shadow in the dark twisted for a moment.

The older guards, who might have been in their forties, were very alert as they stopped their footsteps. Arduous battle experiences were accumulated over time made their instincts more sensitive. They pulled out their weapons almost immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late. A cold glint flashed as a curved sword penetrated into his back and went straight through. Then another curved sword swung to the man next to him and trying to cut off the head on the spot, but it went halfway. Because he was using his left hand, Soran could not cut his head off directly, but only managed to cut off the spine. There was still a piece of flesh attached to his neck. The whole bloody head still hung on the back, and about another three centimeters could have done the job.

Blood poured out in heaps.

Soran raised his legs indifferently to support the fallen corpse, so as to avoid making any noticeable sounds. He gently pulled out the curved sword and dragged the two bodies into a corner. So far, he had not found any enemies that were able to threaten him. At present, the highest grade of the enemy he has killed was around grade three. Except for a troublesome trap near the warehouse, almost all of them have fallen asleep. Many of them were just strong ordinary people, and the main force of the caravan seemed to have gone to sea.

Soran had killed twenty-six people.

The stench of blood in the air has become much stronger, and if someone woke up, he might have been found, leaving him little time.

Chilling killing intents were slowly converging bit by bit.

Every time an enemy was killed, the cold light in Soran’s eyes condensed into one point. His heart had already lost every strand of merciless. When he quietly entered a room, he immediately wielded a blade of light and it killed five people who were sound asleep inside. One of them seemed to have woken up, but it was too late for him to react after him just waking up. A cold light had cut off his head. Soran silently kept his sword and retreated. This courtyard was larger. He had also killed other targets as soon as possible.

“Who’s that!”

The stench of blood grew thicker and thicker until finally, it shook the experts in the Chamber of Commerce. A tough-looking man in the backyard suddenly opened his eyes and picked up the weapon beside his bed. He pushed the door open and looked around, and immediately let out a roar. Noises started resounding nearby. Then a dozen men with swords and weapons rushed out in untidy clothes. The man seemed to be an important figure in the Chamber of Commerce, and the others were obviously gathering towards him. At the same time, he ordered, “Enemies are invading! Wake the others up quickly!”

The shadow behind him twisted.

An inexplicable chill was sent down his whole body, and he could not help feeling stiff. When he looked down at his chest, a curved sword had passed through his heart, piercing cold penetrated into the bloodstreams, and he could see a wisp of frost emerging from the wound. Soran had no masks on. Since he wanted to kill all the targets, he did not need to wear one. After the sword had ended the soldier, who was higher than grade three, Soran raised his finger and fired an Arcane Missile.

A fighter could not respond in time, and his head instantly shattered. His nose was smashed, and the center of his face concaved.

He was just an ordinary man.

It might have been a Fighter who had just advanced. Such an enemy would not even be able to take one spell from him.

—— “Bull’s Strength.”

Although the head of the Chamber of Commerce was killed in a split second, the fact that there was only one enemy led the other guards to have mustered up their courage. Someone wanted to ring the alarm. Unfortunately, Soran shot him directly with a crossbow. The Omnipotent Hands strengthened his Accuracy ability, and the other party was shot in the head on the spot. Soran dual-wielded his curved swords, then rushed towards the dozens of caravan guards. He leaped from the ground and bounced off directly on the beams. The beams trembled, and in a moment the curved sword cut through with a cold light and slid the throats of two enemies.

An aura of fear was spreading.

Apparently, many people were frightened, while others were planning to flee for help.

Soran’s expression was rather indifferent. He rushed directly to the enemies that were ten times more than himself, and in the blinding light of the sword’s after-images, limbs fell to the ground as blood splashed everywhere. A minute and a half later, Soran sheathed his swords. Behind him were twelve corpses with their throats cut. There was a scream of terror in the darkness, which shocked other Chambers of Commerce nearby, but no one seemed to dare to just come over. The stench of blood in the air had become very strong.

Soran took out the crossbow expressionlessly and shot the screaming target.

There were not many people alive.

He glanced around coldly, then lit a torch and threw it directly towards the warehouse. Naga Siren’s mission was to kill every single one of them. He had little time to clean up the battlefield. He could only pick up some valuable things to bring with him, then he had to kill the remaining targets.

This was only the first clearing point. He had to burn the ships in the harbor afterward.

It had to be finished in half an hour!

Otherwise, Port Tylon’s guards might be deployed. Although he helped the sea temple deal with the betrayers, he was not suited to fight directly with the guards.

Port Tylon, Harbour.

Soran threw the corpse into the sea, then jumped and landed on the sea. He jumped from more than ten feet high, but he did not fall into the sea. Instead, he just lightly tapped on the surface of the sea, and then he leapt about ten meters as if he were on the ground. This was the Levitate ability. If this magic were to be given to a Wizard to use, it would be Suspend, but to the Rogue, it would be a light-weight effect. Soran did not need a complete Levitation. He just needed the relay point of the Levitate skill to complete many highly difficult movements.

For example, the ability to climb was considered useless by many people.

For Soran, all he needed was a bouncing force. Single-handed climbing holds and 360 degrees spins along with several jumps, one would be able to make a group of enemies dumbfounded below.

Many basic abilities could not be ignored in battle!


A loud noise came, and then two large ships were turned ablaze. One of which had begun to sink.

Solon frowned and looked at his body full of bloodstains. Then his entire silhouette disappeared into the dark. Today’s first wave of the clearing was completed. Surely his performance should have satisfied the Naga Siren. There was hardly any work to do tonight, and Soran’s target count was about to reach triple digits.

There was a time where he could also dance frantically amongst the crowd.

Port Tylon was very calm today because people died last night. In fact, many people died.

Near the harbor, the Rossad Chamber of Commerce, whose strongholds were completely eradicated, had nearly fifty people and none were left alive. Most of them died from having their throats cut. There were few to no signs of resistance and fighting in the whole process, and almost all of them were one-sided massacres. And at dawn, the ships near the harbor were still ablaze, and the sailors on it were either burned or had their throats cut. Only a few people who went out to have fun survived, but they were so scared, they went into hiding, only God knew where they hid.

The whole Port Tylon shook.

Overnight, the name of the “Throat Cutter” spread throughout the harbor, making many cold-hearted guys tremble.

He took nearly a hundred lives!

It must have been a quasi-legendary Assassin who could have done it, right?

There was no sign of a large-scale attack on the scene.

The killer might have just been one person!

Those wise ones could have known at a glance that there was a shadow of the Sea Temple behind it. Because the guards of Port Tylon were only cleaning up the mess and had no intention of arresting the murderer. The only ones that took action were the believers of the Storm Lord. After all, those businessmen have converted to the Storm Lord. If they did not do anything, it would certainly dampen the enthusiasm of the believers. Everyone with a little logic would have known that this was a competition between the two temples. No one was crazy enough to get involved in such a fight.

Because it was too dangerous!

Sea Temple.

Soran’s figure appeared in the shadows. Naga Siren had been waiting here for a long time. A smile appeared on her dark green face, and she said slowly, “Very good! I’m satisfied with your efficiency! These treacherous people deserve such a thunderous punishment!!


“You don’t have to deal with the other fishes that escaped the net. I’ll arrange for someone to kill them.”

“You need to be careful from now on. The Storm Lord’s followers seem to have taken some actions. They’re looking for the one who killed those betrayers. But it doesn’t matter too much. The power of the Sea Goddess doesn’t allow anyone to underestimate lightly. They won’t fight you directly. At most, they will hire some Adventurers. I will secretly send people to assist you, and the other side will not dare to fight face to face anyway.”

“My faith in the Goddess has been affirmed.”

“Those people ready to stir trouble and want to change their beliefs have all turned honest. It seems that they should be able to understand the consequences of the betrayal towards the Sea Goddess.”

“Come with me.”

“You deserve a reward for last night’s performance, and I’ve prepared some helpers for you. Maybe you would be interested in serving the Sea Goddess. Whether it is wealth or strength, the Sea Temple can give you whatever you want.”

The belief of an Evil God did not need to be loved. It only needed to be feared and revered by believers.

Naga Siren brought Soran and walked towards the back of the hall with a smile on her face. It seemed that after killing the first round of targets, she was in a good mood.

What’s more, all the guys who were motivated to change for their interests have turned honest.

Instilling fear would be able to maintain their faith for a long time!

In the future, whoever wanted to abandon their belief in the Sea Goddess had to think of their fate today. However, last night’s deterrence was not enough. One must instill a kind of fear that would make them tremble when they think about the consequences of abandoning their beliefs.

The massacre should not stop.

One must use more blood to tell them the cost of being a betrayer! The prestige of the Sea Goddess was never born out of mercy!