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The temple was using him as a weapon.

Soren had guessed this from the very beginning, but there was no free lunch in the world and there were few choices for him. In all honesty, being used proved that he was still useful. If he didn’t even have the value of being used, the other party probably won’t even give him such an opportunity. Although the relationship between the sea goddess and the Storm Lord was very competitive, she would never harm the Storm Lord’s followers openly.

These things could lead to wars!

No one wanted to extend the event to a war between two temples, or a war between two gods.

The Naga Siren priest followed the teachings of the sea goddess and punished those who had betrayed their faith. This was a very important test. If she had forgiven the betrayers, the sea goddess might punish her and deprive her of her powers. But if she had started a war with the temple of Storm, the goddess of the sea might also get angry. This was why high-ranking evil priests found it difficult, and sometimes they even had to pray for the will of the gods; if they made a wrong decision, the consequences would be very severe.

At the back of the temple.

Soran went into a body of clear water naked, the water from an unknown source. The holy water of the temple had the taste of seawater. The pool might be the place where holy water was created. The cold water reached his chest, and Soran felt a warm feeling after the initial cold. It was like soaking in amniotic fluid. It was as if he had returned to his mother’s womb.

It seemed that the rumors were true!

The goddess of the sea had gone into the domain of life. She extended her doctrine, all life was originally born from the sea. However, the domain of life usually required a neutral alignment. Soran never heard of the chaotic alignment talk about life. It seemed that if the goddess of the sea wanted to further expand her domain. She had to forcibly restrain her actions and at least shift her alignment to a Neutral Evil. Then she could become an evil creature of life.

The Storm Lord and the Queen of the Depths were very interesting.

The relationship between the two gods was rather erratic. They had been very close to each other before, and they had also fought. Even after the sea goddess expanded her domain to life, the Storm Lord also followed to extend to that field. Because the Storm Lord was the master of Thunder and Lightning, he accepted some of the research materials of the Arcane Empire and developed it into a doctrine of life—that everything was born from storms and lightning.

However, it seemed like he had failed!

It seemed pretty normal after some thought. All the gods in charge of life in the past were female; beautiful women who were full of maternal aura. Who would accept a rough-faced, muscular, violent and crazy elder man as the goddess of life?

The Storm Lord, however, did not seem to give up.

He trained one of his daughters as the second god in the portfolio of storms; the “Storm Daughter”, whom many Amazons called her while the name “Goddess of Storms” was mainly used on the outside world. The domain included women, life and children, but only in tropical rainforest areas. Maybe that was why the relationship between Storm Lord and the sea goddess had deteriorated further.

Wars would not happen for no reason.

Even the Chaotic Evil alignment would not pick a fight with a dangerous enemy. There always were underlying reasons or benefits.

The Storm lord and the Queen of the Depths both wanted to increase their power!

They were already powerful divinities, and there was very little chance that they will go any further unless they suddenly grasp some extremely powerful divine portfolio. That was why after a long period of silence, the two gods went on the same path, that was, to create their own portfolio. In this way, they would become more powerful, powerful enough to be [Greater Divine Powers].

That was also why these two deities had a strange competitive relationship.

Fair blue light emerged, followed by the deep chant of the Naga Siren. It was very difficult to perform high-grade divine spells, especially restorative spells which needed great sacrifice. To expel the negative energy eroding in Soran’s body and repair his weakened soul at the same time would require the spell Greater Restoration. To completely repair Soran’s wounds, the Naga Siren priest had to draw on the long-accumulated divine powers in the temple.

Or else, she would have to use her own life force to heal Soran!

Warm water moved across his body.

Soran’s skin began to molt as if it had been cleansed from head to foot, and silk of black material oozed out of his pores. This was only the beginning. Under the gentle divine ocean power, all the dark wounds and hidden dark wounds on Soran’s body had been repaired. The scars on his back and chest also gradually disappeared. Any diseases, injuries and hidden injuries on his body were being repaired!

Soran’s body was being cleansed and headed to its best condition.

This effect was more powerful than the blood purification ritual, which only strengthened the life force and stimulates its potential ability, while Greater Restoration restored the body to its peak state. Soran’s naked body stood up, his skin became white and tough, all his injuries were completely repaired, and all his viscera seemed reborn again. At the same time, his soul seemed to have a trace of satisfaction, a feeling of relaxing after some time of stress.

A row of data appeared:

“You’ve been affected by the spell [Great Restoration]!…”

“All wounds have been healed!… Effects of Energy Absorption removed!… Weakened Soul recovered!… body restoration complete!”

“Omnipotent Hands [Legendary Skill]: Legendary thieves have superb dexterity in both hands. They gain an additional +5 points when making any profession-related test. The person would automatically master and be proficient in any weapon in combat. In theory, the skill allows the person to use any weapon! Whether it’s artifacts or some clearly restricted weapons and equipment; all weapons could be easily used by Omnipotent Hands.

The Naga Siren priest looked tired.

She gazed coldly at Soran, who had risen from the pool, with a ruthless and cold expression, and said slowly, “Human! Remember what you promised. Otherwise, the sea goddess will take back all that is given to you today.”

Soran stopped and looked at his naked, new-born body with a slight smile on his lips. Then he leaned slightly to show his respect and said, “I will remember the promise of the sea goddess, and those who betray her faith will be punished.”

“Punished mercilessly!”

If those who betrayed their faith were not punished, the foundations of the sea goddess would be affected, which was very, very serious. So even if the temple couldn’t directly attack the Storm Lord, as her priest, she would have to find other ways to kill those who have betrayed their faith. Soran was the killer they needed. Even when everyone knew who the mastermind was, as long as the people of the sea goddess did not do anything, the priest of the Storm Lord would not be able to accuse them of wrongdoing.

Soran’s eyes had killing intent.

Even though he knew this would incur the wrath of the Storm Lord, he didn’t care that much.

Without making hard choices, it would be hard to survive on the islands.

Soran put on his clothes one by one, and the Naga Siren watched him coldly. When Soran had put on all the clothes, she slowly said, “Come with me! I’ll give you all the information about the betrayers, and then I’ll prepare something useful for you. There are also pirates secretly supported by the temple in port Tylon. They would give you help when you need them!”

“But there is one thing you must remember!…”

“Betrayers are the ones that the sea goddess hates most! You have to kill them all!… Remember!… Do not leave any alive!… Otherwise, the sea goddess may be dissatisfied!…”

The Naga Siren had repeated the phrase ‘Killing all’; it seemed that she understood her god well.

This was how evil gods conducted business.

Soran was not surprised. He nodded silently and said, “I understand. None will be left alive! No matter men or women, old or young, no one shall receive mercy or compassion; the betrayers must pay with their lives.

The priest finally let out a smile.

She gazed satisfactorily at Soran as if appreciating his merciless attitude. Her voice then softened and said, “The enemy is a little tricky, but they are not impossible to kill. There are a few of them, so you may need a plan.”


“This is the list. Some of them would be sailing soon; this may be a good opportunity.”

“You shall blend in and kill them all.”