Abyss Domination

Chapter 189 - Chapter 2 Divine Covenant

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In the crowded streets, Soran shrouded his whole person in his cloak and went on. He didn’t feel very good about the Amazonian women, especially their attitude towards men as mating tools. There were two kinds of females with the worst attitudes in the world; the first ones were the Drows and the second were the Amazons. If you were dumb enough to spend money on the Amazonians, you would eventually find yourself as if you were being played. If you didn’t have enough stamina, they would even look at you with pity and contempt.

There was no doubt about Soran’s stamina!

He was able to cope with even the most depraved and lustful drows, naturally he would not let the Amazons down, but these women were too outrageous; if you were not as strong as them, they would ride you for the whole night. In the end, you might feel that you were being dominated. Please forgive Soran for being so vulgar, but these women were very difficult to deal with. It was better to keep a distance from them.

Besides, the Amazons were famous for their cruelty. They would have sex with you, but would also kill you at the next moment if there was a conflict of interest.

You couldn’t treat them as ordinary women!

The night in port Tylon was not quiet.

Soran moved through the crowd and occasionally saw some very dangerous people, all of whom were smugglers. They had a wide range of goods, including indigenous people of the islands. Women and children were sold to the black market, while men were sent to the mines to work. Fighting between the indigenous people of the Soros Islands and these smugglers had never ceased.

The area around the temple was comparatively quiet.

People’s fear of evil gods were greater than their love of good gods. No one dared to make trouble near the temple of the sea goddess unless they were tired of living. On the contrary, people would give a meaningful prayer to the Queen of the Depths to protect them from disaster. The Queen of the Depths was a goddess of revenge; if someone dared to not make a sacrifice this year, then she would send sea monsters to kill a fleet next year. Not calming her anger would mean endless disaster.

Even pirates would perform sacrificial ceremonies annually, holding great sacrificial ceremonies!

There were no guards in front of the temple.

But the Temple was connected to the underground seawater. The temple was also surrounded by a deep, bottomless body of water. There were marine monsters of monster level 16 or so. If someone dared to mess around, that person would be dragged to the bottom by a tentacle sucker. These sea creatures created plenty of corpses annually.

At the center of the temple was a statue of a goddess.

It was a fairly evil-looking goddess, with hair like seaweed and dark tattoos on her face. She had white and slender arms but from her abdomen down were scales. Her legs were very slender and powerful, and she wore an algae-like pale blue skirt. There was an artifact in her hand, [Drowning Death], which was a very powerful trident. At the foot of the sea goddess was a huge white shark. She loved the Weresharks since they were her most devout slaves.

Soran bowed to a temple guard inside.

Shortly after expressing his intention, he was brought into the temple. There were strange blue lights, and the walls were carved with ocean waves, which were as beautiful as the ocean.

The guard left the hall.

Soran did not dare to move around, as he stayed quietly in place because the temple was a dangerous place.

The ground was slightly wet.

Soran saw seawater flowing through the hall and then went into the ground from the corner of the temple. There was a faint fishy smell which was the smell of marine life.


There was a strange attractive voice. Behind the temple hall, a female creature with algae-like hair, pale blue skin and four arms appeared. Her lower body was a bit like a giant sea snake. She frowned and came to the hall. She looked at Soran with a cold gaze and said slowly, “The guard said you were going to ask the great sea goddess for help?”

A Naga Siren.

One of the ancient marine creatures, having a certain lineage with the Abyss serpent demons.

“Yes.” Soran lowered his head humbly, expressing his awe, and said, “I am suffering from a terrible spell. I hope the priest of the great sea goddess could help me eliminate the evil spell on me.”

The Naga Siren had a faint light in her eyes. After looking at Soran, she slowly said, “Negative Energy? Energy Absorption? Was it a vampire? evil creatures? Or some other spells?”

Energy Absorption type spells were not only limited to legendary spell. High-grade vampires could also use negative energy to corrode their enemies.

“It’s Energy Absorption.”

Without any concealment, Soran continued, “I’ve been hit by Energy Absorption. My powers have been sealed up and the spell is still on me.”

The Naga Siren was shocked and said, “Energy Absorption? Human! Looks like you have great power.”

He was considered powerful since he didn’t die after getting hit by a legendary spell.

The Naga Siren became silent for some time.

The temple serves people as well, but a price had to be paid. The most common thing was to give money.

All temples needed large amounts of money to maintain.

The sea goddess did not have many concerns. Even the evilest pirates would get help from the temple, but this depended on the level of help. Legendary spells like Energy Absorption would need Greater Restoration for healing. The priests would need to pay a huge price, and may even weaken the temple for some time. Her eyes glowed and said in a low voice, “Human! The great sea goddess is willing to give help to anyone, but you would have to pay the corresponding price!”

Soran nodded then proceeded to take out a large amount of gold Derahls and jewels.

In these situations, he had to show his sincerity first.

Soran had made a lot of money in the City of Wealth. The value of what he was getting out now was probably close to 8,000 Derahls. In order for the other party to perform “Greater Restoration”, he had to pay a heavy price. Moreover, the priests of evil gods were naturally more expensive than those of good gods. If someone was not a believer or had other contributions, they may need to pay more than 50% of their wealth.

“Not enough.”

The Naga Siren shook her head gently moved in front of Soran. Her eyes had a light blue glow and she said slowly, “The power of this magic is not only hurting your body, but it had also weakened your soul!”

“This amount of contribution would not heal your soul.”

Weakened State.

Soran seemed to have remembered something. After a moment’s silence, he asked, “There is no doubt about my respect for the great sea goddess! How much do I have to pay to get rid of this negative energy? Just give me a little time, and I’ll find ways to get enough money to contribute!…”

It seemed that the Naga Siren was thinking about something. Temples had their rules as well.

If it were just some ordinary healing spell, then there was no need for her. However, such a high-grade healing spell was not something to be used recklessly because it would consume the power of the temple. The Greater Restoration spell could save a dying person, grow back a person’s arms or legs; as long as the person was not dead, they could be saved. The cost of this kind of magic was naturally high, and legendary priests were cautious in their use.

A strange light appeared in the eyes of the Naga Siren, and then her expression became somewhat cruel. Slowly, she said, “If you want the help of the goddess, you must contribute to the goddess.”

“I can help you eliminate the spell on you, but you must do something for our goddess.”

Soran was excited, but still calmly said, “What would that be?”

The sea goddess was an evil god. Naturally, the task she wants to be done would not be something good.

The Naga Siren watched him, paused for a moment, and a look of anger and cruelty appeared on her face, “Recently, a group of people broke away from the belief of our sea goddess! They’re no longer in awe of the sea goddess!… These fools have dedicated their sacrifice to the Storm Lord!… This group of people must be punished!…”

“They must pay for their betrayal!…”

The voice of the Naga Siren was like thunder, and she said with an angry expression, “I want you to kill them! Kill them all!…

“In this way, those tragic mortals will remember the majesty and anger of the sea goddess!… they must understand the cost of betraying the sea goddess!…”

“Bring me their heads. Then you wouldn’t even need to pay any Derahls. You would even get the reward of the sea goddess!”

“Human! Do you agree?”

“It’s dangerous, but it was worth it. Am I right? You should have the strength to deal with those guys! I will also help you! Don’t try to deceive me, and don’t try to deceive the sea goddess. If you break the contract, the anger of the sea goddess will come on you! ”

Killing their previous believers just because they’ve changed their faith?

This was truly the style of the sea goddess.

Despite the possibility of offending the Temple of Storm, Soran nodded without hesitation and answered, “Yes. I’ll kill them all!”

The Naga Siren let out a cruel smile and said slowly, “Good.”

“Come with me to the back of the temple, and I’ll lift the spell and restore your weakened soul. Remember what you promised. It’s a covenant with the sea goddess.”