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The harsh sea breeze blew on his face.

Soran walked across the deck with tiny Vivian in his arms. On the side were gazing eyes as they watched the young man holding a sleeping girl. Soran’s red cloak was also quite striking. Two shady people looked at each other and seemed to be plotting something. But then a strong man came up, put his hands on their shoulders, and said in a cold voice, “Don’t even think about doing anything to them. A man that dares to come here with a little girl must be someone powerful!”

They were now at Port Tylon, an interchange station at the Soros Islands.

From time to time, there were voices of debate; some speculating about Soran’s identity, and some talking about the news from the City of Wealth. It was said that a serious event had taken place there and that a third of the city had been destroyed while at least thousands of people had died. Many ships that intended to go to the City of Wealth had already docked at other ports, leaving right away after selling their cargo. Since the appearance of a new evil false god there, and that many temples were hostile toward him, the city of wealth was surely now a place of dispute.

The consecration of the demigod vampire had surely attracted the eyes of many!

Whether it was the temples that hated the Sons of Fear, the followers of Fear who secretly conspired to manipulate the world, or the Sons of Fear who were scattered around the world; almost everyone had eyes on this new false god. The temples want to defeat him and the believers of Fear want to regain their power. The other Sons of Fear, whether for self-preservation or for greater power, had to deal with the vampiric Son of Fear; they may even unite to fight the vampiric Son of Fear because he was too powerful!

After becoming a false god, the vampiric Son of Fear would become a saint. This meant that he would be able to easily deal with any other Son of Fear.

Soran was sure that he and Vivian would be very safe before the fall of the vampiric Son of Fear. In fact, he even hoped that he could last a little longer; because as long as he was not dead, no one would have time to pay attention to Vivian, and an insignificant Son of Slaughter. Even the believers of Fear would have no energy to pay attention to them because as long as the vampiric Son of Fear exists for one day, the power of Dread Lord would decline; as he steals the power and divine title of the God of Fear.

This was because he also possessed part of the portfolio of Fear.

Port Tylon.

Soran brought Vivian down from the merchant ship. He couldn’t depart from the mainland ports because it was prone to encounter some nasty things. Port Tylon was a transit station; there were boats going to the tropical rainforest.

After passing through the territory of the Amazons, it was a primitive and barren land. There were many very tough aborigines there, and cannibals were scattered around. Except for the crazy pioneers, there were not many who went there. Especially after the gold mines there have been exhausted, very few go there now.

In fact, there were a lot of gold mines!

Soran didn’t know too many, but he knew of a gold and silver island.

It was discovered many years ago but was controlled by a powerful cannibal tribe. The group islands, maybe due to geographical reasons, had its mineral resources concentrated. However, there were too many aborigines scattered in these places, including the totemism they believe in. Even legendary wizards would find it difficult to deal with a large tribe. Moreover, legendary professions need not make their fortune here, thus the mineral resources of the islands were pretty intact.

Sea trading was pretty developed here.

Although the degree of civilization of the indigenous people was not high, there was much trading. Even a large boat of grain could be sold to the indigenous people for more than three times the price compared to the mainland. Soran remembered that the ratio of gold to silver on the mainland was 1 to 10, and in many parts of the Soros Islands, the ratio of gold to silver was 1 to 6. Because of the large proportion of gold, silver was much more valuable on the islands.

That was why there were many sea routes and plenty of pirates!

One of the more powerful groups were the Amazon pirates.

Soran carried the sleeping Vivian to the Port of Tylon, an island about 30 kilometers in diameter. It had a small town that had always been dominated by other forces for years. He heard crying and pleading not far ahead, and fierce-looking sailors around. Soran was not in the mood to see what had happened. But when he walked past, he saw a young man with his fingers cut off and three bloody fingers on the ground.

A thief.

It was not a crime if no one saw the crime. However, if the owner found the thief, he could dispose of the thief himself. Even if excessive force was used, no guard would care. There were guards in armor next to the crowd, but they only looked at with cold eyes. There was also a group who seemed to be thieves as well, but they didn’t seem to want to help. No one would stick their necks out unnecessarily, for the punishment of crime was barbaric.

But killing the thief was not allowed. If the thief was killed during the punishment, then the guards would fine you.

“You’re lucky you encountered me today!”

A tough-looking man kicked the young man who was rolling and screaming on the ground, then spit out a mouthful of saliva and rubbed his wallet. He then told the young man, “If you want to make a fortune, go to one-eyed Jack and make money by your own strength! Next time you won’t have such luck, someone else would have cut off your arm already!”

The sailors around him just laughed and looked at the young man; no one would sympathize.

Soran did not look over at all as he walked with a calm expression. Port Tylon was noisy everywhere. Even during the day, prostitutes stood in the streets to solicit visitors; sometimes they would go straight into the alley and began to do their business.

The ground here was rather dirty, and there was a heavy fishy smell. The place also had many sailors and pirates. In general, the place was much more chaotic than the mainland.

Port Tylon also had many bars.

Soran found a tavern and next to it was a pub, where there were sounds of fighting. Occasionally, guards went by, but it didn’t matter. Nearby, there was a big man with arms crossed in front of his chest, watching the brawl as entertainment. From time to time, laughter came out; foul language as someone got their nuts kicked. The tavern owner was very calm in front of the bar wiping the table, occasionally he looked up; maybe he had already seen too much, his expression basically did no change.

The group of people won the pub fight and the leader was a strong woman.

She laughed and lifted a man up. Then she threw him straight over her shoulder and out of the pub. The owner looked up and gave a look to the doorman next to her. Here, whoever started first, whoever was right or wrong. Whatever the reason was; as long as something was broken, the loser would have to pay for it. Unless something unreasonable happened or an obviously vicious fight, neither the pub owner nor doorman would interfere.

It was normal for fights to occur because of simple quarrels. As long as it wasn’t life-threatening, everyone would just watch. Even the guards were not interested in taking care of it.

The doorman threw the losers out and also picked out their wallets. The other people who watched the fight soon became quiet. However, many people looked at the strong woman with eyes of interest, many thought to buy her a drink. She was an Amazon warrior, a woman full of wildness; they were more attractive to the man than the average woman. The men who were knocked out were soon robbed a second time as sneaky young men stripped them of all their valuables, leaving them only their pants.

Soran was somewhat used to this kind of place.

The brawl was nothing at all. If it was the Underdark, as long as no one saw it and no clues were left behind, it would not be murder; few people would take care of it. The chaos here was nothing more than child’s play. At least everyone was restrained and would not easily kill.

There were also many criminals in port Tylon. If they weren’t wanted men, they could stay here legally.

That was why this port was a favorite among pirates!

Previously this place was only second to the City of Wealth port. However, since the incident there, port Tylon had become more vibrant.

Soran looked up to check how late it was.

There was a sea temple in port Tylon which served the Queen of the Depths. There were many such temples along the coast; pirates, sea creatures and so on mainly worshipped the Storm Lord and the Queen of the Depths. The relationship between the two gods was somewhat complicated; they were both of the Chaotic Evil alignment, but they would compete with each other. The two gods had a big fight hundreds of years ago, so their recent relationship was rather cold, but it did not rule out the possibility of a reconciliation.

The inn Soran found was rather expensive.

A night’s fee was around fifteen gold Derahls. But it was also very safe, as the inn door was guarded by two female warriors.

This inn was run by the Amazons and was their outpost.

No one dared to cause trouble here, even the guards dared not investigate the place. These women were brutal and unreasonable. Whether they were guests or guards, as long as they broke the rules here, they were their enemies. There was also a large basement below the hotel that Soran felt as he walked on the floor. There were also magic traps nearby.

He quietly went into their room and place the sleeping Vivian on the bed.

Soran planned to visit the temple of the sea to try his luck. Maybe it was possible to find someone to heal him, even if it meant paying more.

The spell Energy Absorption was really taking a toll on Soran’s body.

The area was very safe. People who have been here would know how tough the Amazons were. Amazon women account for half of the three pirate kings in the Soros Islands. This group of women was very much favored by the Storm Lord and the Sea Goddess.

When Soran came out from his room, a woman came up the stairs around the corner. It seems that she had just come out of the basement. An Amazon with a strange dagger on her palm. It seemed that it was not a weapon but a tool of torture.

The woman was stained with a lot of blood, all of which were someone else’s. After seeing Soran, she said calmly, “A guest? Don’t mind me! I was just dealing with an unruly fellow!”

She seemed to have noticed Soran’s appearance and the strength of his lean body. This made her glare at him slightly, put out her tongue and licked her lips. Then she said provocatively, “would you want some pleasurable service? We have the toughest horse to tame here!… Maybe with your appearance, they would be happy to provide their services free of charge!… Of course, you would have to satisfy them!… Otherwise, they’ll kick you out of bed!…”

After saying this, she smiled lustfully and looked at Soran’s lower body.

Soran didn’t say anything.

Sure enough, these Amazons are as straightforward as ever!