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“This…A consecration ceremony?!…”

Standing in the corner of the City of Wealth, Soran looked up at the sky, shocked. Soran could not help but stop and witness the familiar scene. At this moment, almost all the legendary professions felt the process of god’s creation. It just wasn’t sure if the demigod vampire would become a true god in one go, or first become a false-god.

Since it was not an easy task to become a true god, Soran was suspicious if he had enough believers!


Soran seemed to have heard prayers across time and space, an important process of the consecration process and a way of telling the world about his divine title. The words were an important part of prayer; If the prayer angered other gods, one may be attacked and retaliated by other gods. The ultimate result was a disaster and destruction.

“My Lord, Rhinehart!…”

“You’re the lord of the vampires!… You’re the incarnate of Fear!… The most powerful creature of the night!…”

“You’re the protector of the vampires!…a hunter in the night!”

“Your name is sacred among vampires!… You will be greater than your ancestors!… The fear of mortals will turn into your divine power!… Their fear makes you stronger!… Your kingdom will bless our souls!… From today on, the soul of the vampire will not return to nothingness! As long as we believe in the great vampire! Our souls will be reborn in your kingdom!…”

“Glory to your kingdom!…let it be among the stars!…”

Slowly the prayers became more and more clear.

Soran’s expression became more and more playful, and in a deep, hoarse voice he said, “This fellow seems rather reckless! Is he not afraid of other gods joining hands against him?”

The first part of the prayer had the divine name of the demigod vampire.

Whatever his name was before, from now on, he was Rhinehart; that name would be his divine name. From today on, he would be able to feel the hearts of anyone that prays in his name. As his divine power and shard of divinity become stronger and stronger, in the future, as long as the person said his name, he would be able to see what had happened for a period of time; even though it took a lot of power. Eventually, when his divine powers become stronger and stronger, he would be able to see his followers merely by them think about his name.

That was the power of a god!

As the gods stood and watched the world, their names also became a divine call!

That was why in the prayer there was the phrase,’Your name is sacred among vampires’, which was very important. It means that his devotees were mainly vampires, not other beings. If he dared to say in his prayers,’Your name will be sacred in all things’, Soran could guarantee that the temples of the whole world would immediately attack his followers. If the meaning was vague, it was also possible to anger the other gods as well.

This was the first part of the proper prayer.

It meant that the divine title of Rhinehart was the [God of Vampires] and that his portfolio was [Fear] and [creature of the night].

The creature of the night was a synonym for Vampire and a general term for many creatures in the Dark Realm; he may extend his divine title to other evil species, but his core portfolio was still the vampire and fear. As a Son of Fear, he was very clever to put the vampires first, otherwise, he would not have been able to become a god at all.

That was because the will of the Dread Lord still exists and the divine title of Fear was still deep in the Abyss.

The meaning of this sentence was very unusual. It represented that he wanted to be the main god of the vampires. Because of the characteristics of the vampire, he had also expanded his portfolio to the area of hunt. If he ultimately killed the deity who held the divine title of Hunt in the future, then he would be able to boost his portfolio as the God of Hunting. Unfortunately, this prayer would also make other gods with hunting portfolios hostile toward him; without a doubt, the believers of the God of Hunting would start hunting and killing his followers mercilessly.

This was the most important part of the prayer.

A covenant with his followers after he has been consecrated. As a gift to his followers, he would bless the soul of the vampires so that they would no longer parish. He would be greater than his ancestors and bring fear to the world. His strength comes from fear and reverence, not worship and kindness. This was tantamount to telling ordinary people that he was going to be a new evil god, who relied on the spreading of fear to gain power. He would be one of the demons in the Evil Alignment. Vampires were his core area, and fear was his source of power.

This was the most basic prayer. In the future, with the change of the god’s portfolio, it would gradually increase or decrease. The change in prayer was very important. For example, the words of women, children, protector and so on have appeared in the Highlady of Silvermoon’s recent prayer. This meant that the Highlady of Silvermoon had plans to extend her portfolio to other fields. [Literacy; Deities! ]

As for the last sentence.

That was just a routine conclusion. It was hard for even some true gods to create a kingdom in a short time and turn it into a star in the sky.

The kingdom of God had to be slowly created. Firstly, space needs to expand into a realm and eventually evolving into a kingdom. This could take hundreds of years.

If the kingdom was created from scratch, it was a process that consumed a lot of the power of the believers and the power of the god.

In the Temple of Hunting.

A fierce-looking priest suddenly stood up. He uttered a low roar, which shocked the whole temple. A large group of hunters knelt on the ground. The noble and powerful priest looked down and roared, “False-god! False in every turn!”

“How dare he intrude into our Lord’s domain!”

“Send hunters right away and find those damn vampires! Kill them all! All! None will be left! We’re going to wash the world of vampires! My lord’s domain is not to be touched by anyone!”

Vampires were already hunters.

They hunted intelligent creatures, thus it was rather easy for the demigod vampire to extend his portfolio.

A group of high-grade hunters stood out, including a temple fanatics with a skull mask. They knelt on one knee in front of the priest and turned to walk outside the temple. Any presence that intruded on their domain were their enemies, not to mention that the domain of hunting was the core portfolio of the God of Hunting. This was threatening the most important portfolio of the God of Hunting. The gods were merciless in suppressing potential enemies!

In the temple of Silvermoon.

A dignified female priest looked at the distance. She wore a pure white priest’s robe with a crescent moon on her chest. She frowned softly and said, “God of vampires? The growth of vampires will bring disaster to mortals! This is something the Highlady of Silvermoon does not allow! Send the Knights in Silver to find them! Eliminate the followers of this false god!”

“The power of evil cannot be strengthened again!”

A group of Knights in Silver went out. At the same time sounds of movement came from the temple as the birth of a new evil god was a very serious matter.

Maybe it may become common in the future, but he was still the first one in a few hundred years.

Temple of Glory.

A solemn-looking man stood up, his eyes crossed the space and said in a dignified voice, “The power of evil has been strengthened! Even though the Lord of Glory has not yet answered our prayers, but the power of light will never dissipate!”

“Hear my orders!”

“Gather the Dawnbringer!… Find that false god and his vampire believers!… Cleanse them all!…”

In the temple of Night.

A female priest with an evil face looked at the sky and whispered, “Has a false god been born? As a creature of the night, how dare he not pay his respects to the great Mistress of the Night. As expected, he is a vampire who doesn’t know his place! ”

“Observe their every move. We’ll wait for our Lord’s descent.”

Many things happened after the demigod vampire tried to become a god.

But the biggest reaction was from the believers of the Dread Lord. Somewhere in the dark basement, a dark blue flame roared, “Shameless thieves! He stole the divine power of my lord!… Damn thieves!… The power of our Lord has declined!… He has taken away part of the realm of fear!…”

“You useless garbage!… find the Witch of Terror, Lilian now!…”

“Only she can stop the thief! The power of Fear cannot be dispersed! Send out all the apostles of Fear!… Clean up all vampires now!…”

“We should get rid of his potential believers too!…”

The consecration was only a start.

When the consecration ceremony has been completed, more killings would occur, and a large number of vampires would probably gather around the only vampire god; Believers of other deities would then launch attacks on them.

This was a cruel process!

This might last for hundreds of years if nothing bigger happened.

The battle would continue until one party was destroyed or retreated.