Abyss Domination

Chapter 184 - The Sons of Slaughter

Chapter 184: Chapter 184 The Sons of Slaughter

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A Son of Slaughter.

This name had not been mentioned for some time now because it represented disaster—a disaster is so severe that even evil and fear were better. The past Sons of Slaughter were the direct descendant of the three gods of death at that time. These descendants were also rumored to be the most powerful among the descendants.

More than 5 demigods and more than 10 pure-blood dragons had died before them; even a few ancient dragons had been slain by them. As for the number of Giants, Beholders, high-grade demons and vampires killed, the total number would probably be in the hundreds.

Nothing could stop them. Countless legends had also been killed by them.

They killed many on the Elven Skytree and punched a hole through the Underdark. They slaughtered a whole group of Beholders, even demigod Beholders were not spared.

The Blind Overload, the ancient red dragon, demigod Liches, The Mother of Drows, high-grade demons, and countless legends were slaughtered by them! They killed more than a third of the quasi-legendary creatures and legendary creatures that had accumulated in the mainland for thousands of years.

Still, they weren’t satisfied.

Thus they continued their slaughter; down to the Abyss they went and massacred the demons. At their peak, they even killed almost all of the dragons!

So how powerful were they?

There were few records of the Sons of Slaughter. The only traces of them were from a legendary Monk that was regarded as the grandmaster; the one who taught the skills “Umbra Force”, “Firestorm Force”, and “Trackless Step”. He was said to be one of the Sons of Slaughter and was not the most powerful one. According to the records, the legendary monk was completely immune to the legendary spell “Time Stop” and his magic resistance was over 90%. When he went into Burst Mode he was said to have been able to break a Diamond Golem with his bare hands.

Diamond Golem.

With monster level 24, and a construct that was immune to most spells with a physical resistance of almost 90%, it could resist any attack from rare grade 2 weapons and below.

Almost a million of them were killed by the Sons of Slaughter.

Good or evil, they did not care. None was spared.

These Sons of Slaughter were nightmares!

Even after such a long time, the mention of the Sons of Slaughter still made many people tremble. However, many of the Sons of Slaughter at that time had died. Even those who did not die gradually disappeared after the chaos. Similarly, as their offspring multiplied over time, the blood Slaughter in them became weaker and weaker. In the end, they basically became the same as ordinary people.


There was still the phenomenon of “Atavism” in the world, so for a long time, there had been “Sons of Slaughter” appearing from time to time. This was especially true for those who had reached the realm of legends, or potential Sons of Slaughter that acquired divinity, divine power, or shard of divinity. These Sons of Slaughter were likely to awaken their ancestral blood once more.

That was because the power of divinity strengthens their bloodlines and turned them into a weaker version of Slaughter.

Since the Lord of Murder went crazy and was sealed up, many evil gods fought over the portfolio of murder and its related fields. However, no one has been able to integrate the portfolio. That was why even though the blood of Slaughter was becoming more and more dilute, it was possible for his descendants to regain their divinity as long as there were mutations and atavism occurred. The Sons of Slaughter used to flourish during the period of the Arcane Empire.

Divinity transformed.

Divinity of Fear has transformed into the Divinity of Slaughter!

Soran’s attributes changed dramatically almost in the blink of an eye, and the biggest change was his main attributes.

Name: Soran

Race: Second-generation Bhaalspawn [Half-demon form]

Attribute: Strength 20 (+6), Dexterity 24 (+2), Constitution 23 (+2), Intelligence 20 (+1), Wisdom 15, Charisma 18 (+2).

Special Talents: [Slaughter Form], When in this form, your attributes are fully improved– Strength + 4, Dexterity + 2, Constitution + 2, Wisdom + 2. Combat capabilities are equivalent to that of a Fighter of the same rank. Resistance to any abnormal state increased by 10 points.

Special Ability: [The Will of Slaughter] The desire to kill has filled your heart, and you will be immune to most mind control type spells; including but not limited to Charm, Fear, Hold Person, etc.

Special Ability: [The Desire of Slaughter] When in Slaughter Form, you will be affected by the desire of Slaughter. You become extremely sensitive to blood, and your hidden perception of any killing-related gains are reinforced. However, after entering Slaughter Form, you must kill at least one target to satisfy your desire for slaughter, otherwise, you will go insane. This thirst for killing will grow with the number of times you change!!”

Soran suddenly opened his eyes!

His scarlet pupils were full of killing intent. The Darkrealm could not blur his sights as he saw all living and dead creatures. In an instant, he launched himself up, fast enough to leave a shadowy figure behind.

He had his legendary curved sword Icingdeath in his right hand, while another curved sword appeared in his left hand. Soran’s figure whirled violently just as he rushed to the enemy’s face. Overwhelming attacks covered the target. He had let out ten slashes in just one second.

The Mage Armour of the high-grade Wizard cracked like an eggshell.

The Mage Armour on the man couldn’t hold up for even half a second; five scars appeared on his body surface and blood soaked through his clothes at once.

“Power Word: Jolt!”

“Iron Body!”

“Minor Barrier of True Guard!”

“Greater Energy Shield!”

“Greater Energy Shield of Damage!”

Five successive glows of magic emerged from the man because of the Contingency spell; there was also another equipment that was suddenly activated. Soran’s next attacks were like hitting alloy on steel. The Power Word spell was useless against Soran, but the Greater Energy Shield blocked 15 of his attacks. This was a level 8 spell, once nicknamed the “golden bell”; It belonged to the Omni-directional defensive barriers and was able to completely nullify any physical attack below 50.

Soran could hardly break through the energy shield while he held two curved swords.

Occasionally there were explosive hits that would go through the energy shield, but the attack would only give an unexpected metallic sound!


Soran let out a low roar, twisted into the shadow; his skin was immediately covered by the Shadow Energy.

The little girl’s reaction was also very fast!

Just as Soran rushed out, she was already prepared to cast spells; she had already cast a protective spell and an energy whip.

“Khelben’s Warding Whip!”

A dark energy whip appeared on Vivian’s white small hand. She whipped it at the man in front of her and his energy shield dissipated instantly. Then the energy whip wound around his body and it eroded his energy shield of damage. This was a special type of dispelling type attack, which could last for a period of time and dispel three level 9 or below protective spells.

“Dimensional Lock!”

The man obviously felt he was in danger. The sudden burst of Soran and Vivian had left him with no time to cast spells. He had to rely on equipment and his Contingency spell to protect himself. He was now determined to use Teleportation. However, only a faint white light appeared and his figure remained in place. Vivian had long blocked the surrounding dimensions, directly limiting the Teleportation spell.

The speed at which Vivian cast spells was three times faster than him; any spell that had a cast time of 3 seconds was now instantly cast!

This was something tremendous in the battlefield. When the man had just finished casting one spell, Vivian had already cast a high-grade level 7 spell and a middle-grade level 5 spell. If not for the Minor Barrier of True Guard which nullified any level 1 to 3 spells, Vivian could even cast ten or more low-grade spells in an instant.

“Greater Dispel Magic!”

The little girl’s white finger emitted a ray of light which turned the equipment on the man to dust. There was now only the protective effect of “Iron Body”. Soran waved his two curved swords with haste; sparks came out as he struck his body. When the Iron Body spell could no longer withstand Soran’s attack, the man uttered a scream of pain. The legendary curved sword Icingdeath slashed across the man’s waist, almost cutting his body in half.

A row of data appeared:

“You’ve learned something new in battle!…”

“As you fought in countless battles, you have now mastered part of the skill [Sword Form — Waist Chop]!…”

A ray of gold light shot across the sky.

The Ascended Priest appeared around the area; he first frowned at the demi-god vampire, then glanced at the direction of Soran. In the end, he focused on the demi-god vampire; who was obviously more threatening. The Ascended Priest cast his spell at an amazing speed. Soon a golden door was opened in the sky, and a creature with golden armor came out like an angel.

“Conjure Celestial!” [Legendary spell]

As a priest of the Goddess of Riches, his first move was to summon a celestial creature from the heavens.