Abyss Domination

Chapter 182 - Vampiric Feast

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Devine Avengers.

A special advanced profession.

The name originated from a weapon called the Holy Avenger. It was hard to say whether the weapon was an artifact or not; It was only known that it was more powerful than the artifact [Morning Star]. Unfortunately, it has been lost in history.

At that time, the legendary Paladin with this weapon went through a lot. No one knew what exactly he went through, only that he finally fell and became the first Divine Avenger.

During those times, the Lord of Glory was still the God of Dawnlight. At the beginning of the Dawn Cataclysm, Lady Fate and Murdane died because of the paranoia and justice of the God of Dawnlight. From the corpse of Lady Fate, the Goddess of Good Fortune and Misfortune were born.

The other gods tried to prevent his selfless, passionate and paranoid beliefs from causing greater damage to the world. Unfortunately, the gods still failed to prevent the Dawn Cataclysm. The creation of the Goddess of Good Fortune and Misfortune after the death of Lady Fate led to the division of the god’s alignment once more.

After the events, the alignment of the God of Dawnlight became to shift—he shifted from Neutral Good to Lawful Good.

Ultimately it lead to the creation of the most powerful Lord of Glory!

His descendants inherited the divine title God of Dawnlight, and he himself replaced the God of Justice as the most powerful one among the gods in the Lawful Good alignment!

The paladin’s second faith also began to shift towards him.

However, the paladins who believed in the God of Justice were still scarce compared to the paladins who believed in the Lord of Glory.

When the God of Dawnlight became the Lord of Glory, Earthmother began to step down and The Grain Goddess replaced her as the new god. No one knew what happened during that period, but so far, the Lord of Glory had stood on the front line against evil.

The Lord of Glory even launched a war against the Abyss, which might have been sealed by him if it had not been for the unwillingness of the elemental gods to help him; after all, the four main elemental gods all had Great Divine Powers.

The Abyss attempted to unify the multiverse when it was first created, but was immediately beaten down by the army of elementals! [The four main elemental gods joined forces to overthrow the first demon legions. ]

After their defeat, the demons thought it was best for them to focus on winning the Blood War first.

Soran moved inside the shadow.

In his memory, the City of Wealth was never destroyed, thus this chaos should soon subside, and the temple of wealth would act soon.

Sure enough.

Shortly after Soran’s departure, a golden pillar of light rose from the temple of wealth and a group of armed golden Knights appeared. The temple knights were led by the priests of the Goddess of Riches. At that moment, thousands of years of accumulated wealth and power of the great temple was revealed. Hundreds of high-grade Knights equipped with shining armor charged towards the direction of the demons.

A figure also appeared above the temple, as if it were observing the whole city.

Ascended Priests.

Legendary rank Priests that have chosen to give up their bodies to ascend into a spiritual form. Some have existed for hundreds of years.

Soran’s heart rate increased suddenly.

That strange feeling had reappeared. He could feel Vivian in the city, but he could not tell where she was.

The rushing blood gave Soran a headache and his temples kept beating.

He too didn’t understand why this happened!

Vaguely, Soran was able to smell blood, not the blood smell after killing; but another type of blood smell, a smell that gave an uneasy feeling.

Only one kind of magic could create the blood smell that Soran had a deep impression of!

Suddenly, a beam of silver light shot into the sky.

The Hand of Silver had finally appeared, but he did not rush to the place where the demons were. Instead, he rushed toward a tower farther away. At the same time, strange figures on all sides also approached the tower. Even the Ascended Priest seemed to have noticed something; transforming into a solid entity and flying in that direction.

Soran’s heart beat faster and faster, his muscles swelled like extensively. Twisted green veins appeared like earthworms, and even a trace of dark blue appeared on his face.

Then his heart rate slowed down.

Soran gasped and fell on one knee to the ground. This strange change was not under his control at all; it seemed that other forces had caused his body to change. This change was most likely related to the divinity of Fear because Soran had never encountered such changes in the past. He felt that his heartbeat was out of control and there seemed to be something about to burst out.

Everything Soran saw now had a tint of red because his pupils were bloodshot.

He saw the figures of vampires; these evil creatures moved on the roof with amazing agility. They naturally had around 20 agility. As if they were telepathic, Soran suddenly noticed a cold-faced man who rushed from the direction of the city guard; the man seemed to have also noticed Soran too but did not care about him, instead he moved toward the direction of the Hand of Silver.

Something major must have happened over there!

Soran gritted his teeth and headed in that direction. Again, his body gradually went out of control. His speeding heart rate and boiling blood almost deprived him of his ability to move. He staggered ever so slightly. Maybe if he found Vivian, he could figure out what was going on.

Sweat gushed out from him, and then quickly evaporated. His body temperature was getting higher and higher. His skin was red as a shrimp. Soran’s mind gradually became hazy, and his vision was blurred.

His heart rate sometimes slowed down, but would still continue to rise. He felt as if his heart was going to explode.


A loud explosion appeared far away, and soon the ground trembled.


A familiar voice. Soon a ghostly little figure fled from the corner in a hurry. He looked at Soran, who was faltering and seemed to want to reach out and hold him. However, he swiftly retracted his fingers just as he touched Soran. As if he had touched burning iron he exclaimed, “Oh my god! Why are you so hot? It’s like you’re cooked!”

Soran regained some of his wits.

He raised his head and opened his eyes to see Aladdin’s figure. Aladdin stood in front of him, while a woman with a gorgeous face stood behind. As Soran looked at them, he noticed that the first was a human face, and the woman’s face was covered with silvery scales. She even had tiny scales all over his body. Only one creature could have such a feature.


As though Soran had remembered something, he said in an unusually hoarse voice, “Snake? Snakefolk? Vivian!”

“Where is Vivian?”

Soran shot like lightning, faster than he used to be. In a blink of an eye, he grabbed the woman’s arm. The woman’s arm turned red very quickly. As if it had been in boiling water, she showed a tinge of pain and screamed, “Let me go! Master!… The master has gone to deal with the Son of Fear! It’s hot! Let go of me now!…”

Son of Fear?

Vivian? No! She’s in danger!

Soran seemed to have recovered a little. Vivian’s figure appeared in his mind, letting his will gradually take control of his body. His pupils were now twice as large and his body temperature was approaching 890 degrees, almost to the point of emitting smoke.

He slowly took in a deep breath.

Without Soran noticing, his fingers were now somewhat dark, and his eyes were covered with blood. After taking a few deep breaths, he jumped up sharply to a height of around three or four floors, then sped forward towards the direction of the explosion.

“How is this possible!?”

Aladdin, who remained stunned, muttered, “This power, this speed, this jumping power!… Has Soran advanced to the realm of legends?…”

At the top of a tower.

A man with an eerie face looked at the city which had turned into a sea of fire. His pupils were bloody red and his mouth showed a cruel smile. He looked down at the city like a king of the night, fascinated, he said, “Blood, killing, and madness!”

“The stupid clowns have arrived!… I smell the propagation of fear!”

“Go mad… Kill! Fear!… Feel despair and fear!… You clever idiots!… Give me your final performance!…”

“Vampiric Feast!” [Legendary Spell]

A blood-red wave swept out in all directions. The blood of all living creatures within 500 meters began to boil. Soon traces of blood from their eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, came out like a stream! In the blink of an eye, these creatures within the spell range became corpses. Countless streams of blood made their way toward the tower.

Semi-spiritual creatures appeared from the corpses, then drifted into the darkness; gradually disappearing into the night.

The whole tower was dyed red with blood.

It was as though hell had come to the mortal realm.