Abyss Domination

Chapter 179 - Conspiracy

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“What do we do now?”

One of the elderly nobles frowned and said slowly, “In these years, the mines, the trade, the slaves, and the black market, everyone here has touched them. Everyone is somewhat tainted and bloody. If those madmen go crazy, I am afraid we will be implicated. Can’t we ask the Temple of Riches to expel them? Money isn’t an issue!”

Towards this old man, the strong man had a much better attitude and slowly said, “I’m afraid it’s very difficult.”

“The Goddess of Riches is neutral. Her priests and temples are also neutral. They can’t deal with the Paladins. It is tantamount to telling the world that they have changed towards the Evil Alignment. What’s more, the Hand of Silver is equipped with a Godly Artifact [Morning Star]. The artifact was given to him by the Holy Spirit of the Lord of Glory. If the Temple of Riches dares to attack the Hand of Silver, it will be a direct confrontation with the Temple of Glory. At that time, it will not only be the Paladin, but also the Awakened Army.”


Compared to the Paladins, these people were even more of a headache. Although they weren’t as extreme, their numbers were still large.

These guys were mainly in the City of Glory and occasionally helped fight against the Evil Drows. But their main focus was still on the devils and demons and they are more tolerant of the evil doings in the secular world. After all, the ruling class is bound to exploit the population. As long as eating wasn’t insightful and there was nothing outrageous, they would regard it as though they have not seen anything.

Otherwise, you couldn’t manage them at all!

Paladins rarely go out and for a reason, and that was because they couldn’t ignore evil. What if they went out and met a victim who asked the Paladins for help?

Did they ignore them?

That would be against the path of the Paladins.

Did they help?

How much could a Paladin change? This was the order of the world. If they killed an evil person, will there be no emergence of another? As long as interests and powers exist, there would always be people corrupted and degenerate. In a kingdom, there would also be the wise kings and tyrants. Could the Paladins overthrow a kingdom because of tyranny?

After all, the Hand of Silver was a special example. He had Godly artifacts in his hand. He was the most powerful Paladin.

He was also a descendant of the Lord of Glory.

In the end, it was still a question of whether the Paladins are strong enough. As long as these people dare to throw an “Alignment Detection” crazily, on that day itself, the dark and grey domains would kill them all. But because this time, the strength of the Paladins were so strong that the City of Wealth dared not act rashly, and even the Temple of Riches dares not expel them. That’s why it is so problematic. If a group of poor people sought justice from them, they couldn’t go against their faith. Finally arriving at a situation in which something has to be done.

Ignoring evil violated the beliefs of paladins.

But fighting evil is almost the same as fighting against the whole City of Wealth!

That’s why Soran felt sorry for the Paladins.

“Paladins have no authority to judge nobles!”

An aloof man with a scholarly temperament suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Lord of Glory’s Temple will not allow Paladins to fight against the Nobles! We have accumulated wealth for generations and at which time has there been lesser massacres! Mines, slaves, black markets, even if we don’t do it, there will be others to take over! At that time, the City of Wealth will not be the City of Wealth anymore.”

“I think the Hand of Silver knows this too. If they have the capabilities, why not go and purify the Abyss and Hell!”

“Our sins are not worth mentioning at all when compared with the devils and demons! At the very least, we have maintained the order of the city. We’ve let the pariahs work and eat, and not letting this place be reduced to just chaos and war. If we hadn’t maintained the law, the pariahs might not even have lived in the current conditions now. The Pirates, Adventurers and degenerates from all around, who has not coveted the wealth here?

These words aroused a great deal of recognition.

Even aristocrats shouted that if they did not provide protection for the poor and land for farming, all the pariahs would starve to death and eaten by monsters.

The strong man thought for a moment and slowly said, “These are not the problems! It’s how are we going to deal with these Paladins now!”

“They will not give up, else they will violate their beliefs.”

The aloof man looked around and slowly said, “Scapegoat!”

“The gang leaders, who are in charge of the slave trade, the black market, and those obviously disobedient organizations. They can be caught as scapegoats. These people are all tainted with blood debts. We can just lend the Paladins’ hand to eradicate them. One is to pacify the pariahs, and also give some accountability to the Paladins.

“I don’t think the Hand of Silver is mad enough to judge the aristocracy of the whole City of Wealth, would he?”

What the ruling class doesn’t lack the most is the Evil Order.

They are not as cruel as the devil, but they do not deal with much kindness and nobility.


The aloof man stood up and looked around and murmured, “We must find the Demigod Vampire as soon as possible! It was all because of him that he attracted these Paladins here. If we don’t get rid of him, these Paladins may stay here even longer.”

“I propose to send troops to search for his tracks and then let the Hand of Silver deal with him.”

This sentence silenced everyone, and the others nodded and said, “That’s right. The Son of Fear must be found. Otherwise, the Paladins would not leave so easily.”

The root cause was the Demigod Vampire.

If he had not come to the City of Wealth, the Paladins would not have come here to pursue him. The poor would not have sought justice from them, and the nobles would not have fallen into such an embarrassing situation. Without the Hand of Silver here, it would be a minor problem to send someone out to expel the Paladins, or even to make them disappear. But now that the Hand of Silver was here, their stance must be made clear. If the Council of Nobles was willing to help him deal with the Demigod Vampire, then the Paladin would not be crazy enough to judge them.

Unless he wanted to descend the world into chaos?


The strong man smacked the table and said in a deep voice, “Send out the garrison and the city legions! Launch a comprehensive search throughout the City of Wealth. We must find out the whereabouts of the Demigod Vampire! And then we’ll get those disobedient guys out, and we’ll execute them according to the law instead of letting the Paladins do the work! You can’t destroy the rules of City of Wealth just because of the appearance of the Paladins!”

“As for the pariahs, there will be time to clean them up later.”

Speaking of this, the strong man showed a cruel smile. He was unintentionally forced by a group of pariahs to use the Paladins. It was impossible for his heart to not be angered.

A series of orders were issued.

In the beginning, the aloof man could not help showing a smile and a strange light flickered in his eyes. “Shouldn’t this force you out? Stupid idiot! Do you think power can suppress everything? Now I’ll see if you’re going to die!”

A conspiracy began to brew.

When the Paladins appeared, they became a blade. The weak used this blade to seek justice. Whereas the evil used this blade to deal with their enemies.

Paladins were a pitiful profession and a very vulnerable profession as well.

If someone asked for help, one was obligated to do something.

If one didn’t help once, it was fine. But, twice, thrice, and one’s beliefs would have collapsed.

That was why there are so many ex-Paladins in the world. Helping wasn’t a problem. There were more people in the world that needed help. Ordinary people mutilated by gangs, and poor people oppressed and bullied by nobles. The world was full of powerful forces. You helped a kind poor man to kill the gangsters who forced his family into ruins. But would you eradicate his gang as well? If after the gang has been eradicated, would you like to kill off the officials and nobles behind-the-scenes of the gangs at the same time?

If they walked off after they had done justice, it wouldn’t take long for another gang to appear.

How many times could they fight? How many people could they kill?

Retreating would deteriorate your faith, the power of a Paladin will become an ordinary Warrior. You can not tolerate evil, but evil can not tolerate you as well.

This was too simple. Every city had bullies and villains. Alignment Detection’s results would immediately kill those who harmed innocent civilians.

Could you kill everyone? How many evildoers could you judge?

Paladins were very powerful, but also very weak. They could not change the world. They could only protect justice in their hearts on this difficult road.

That’s why there’s sadness in the eyes of the older Paladins!

Because they have been tested time and time again. Not just simply strength, but also their soul and will. Without the Hand of Silver here, they were not worth a fart at all.

A single Hand of Silver could force the City of Wealth to compromise.

Two Hands of Silver could cleanse away the evil degeneration in the City of Wealth.

Three Hands of Silver could redefine the rules of the City of Wealth and make it align with the rules of Good Order.

Five Hands of Silver could turn the City of Wealth into the next City of Glory.


There was only one Hand of Silver.

They couldn’t change the City of Wealth, the World, the Abyss and Hell that has existed for countless years. How many Gods of the Good Alignment has fought for it, and how many wars were waged by the Lord of Glory between Godly Kingdoms!

What’s the final result?

Abyss was still the Abyss and Hell was still Hell.

Paladins were a group of stubborn and faith-abiding tragic people who could only believe in justice in their hearts but could not change the world to seek justice.

Because in the world, one’s beliefs are too insignificant.

Soran seems to have seen something.

He heard the trumpets of the army, and he could see the city guards, which had been assembled urgently. The garrison has begun to set out. It seemed that the aristocratic forces of the City of Wealth had come to a common consensus. They began to clean up by their own means in order to prevent the Paladins from disturbing the order here. They planned to placate the civilians with small-scale cleansing, and then barter for the Paladins to stop.

This was undoubtedly a very smart choice.

It seems that the nobles of the City of Wealth weren’t simple existences at all.