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“Something big is going to happen!”

Soran’s figure stood in the distance next to a dark attic. It was near the gathering place of the hookers and unlicensed prostitutes. He gazed silently at the distant Paladins and the poor people kneeling down in front of them. He suddenly felt a foreboding gush of overwhelming pressure. Every time a Paladin appeared, it represented the beginning of a massacre, which could eventually turn into a catastrophic disaster. They could turn the whole city into a river of blood!

Because the Paladins couldn’t tolerate evil and evil was part of the world.

Paladins were the most unique group of professions. They were stubbornly faithful guardians of goodness. They possessed a strong will and belief. It was harder to become a Paladin than a Wizard. This was not only a matter of talent but also whether you believed in justice and possessed goodness in your heart. Without faith and justice, Paladins would soon fall, and all their power would disappear. They may become ordinary Warriors, or even degenerate into Dark Knights.

‘Pursue goodness, defend justice, and eliminate evil.’

These were the three main beliefs of the Paladin. Few people could achieve these beliefs. Therefore, the number of Paladins in the world may be less than that of Wizards. Most of them preferred to be Knights of the Good Alignment. At most, they advanced to the domains of the Temple Guardian Knights. These Temple Knights may be kind, brave, and righteous, but they were not as extreme as the Paladins and would not be as paranoid about having any evil before their eyes.

They were a group of great people, but they were also pitiful.

Soran respected all the Paladins even though they would be his enemies, mainly because he had almost entered the Paladin Alignment.

Unfortunately, he chose another dark road in the end.

The first belief of the Paladins was justice and goodness. Their second belief was God. So when the Hand of Silver said the words “Paladins are immortal, Justice is eternal”, Soran realized that a great cleansing was about to begin. I’m afraid that the Hand of Silver already had a plan to have a fallout with the Temple of the Goddess of Riches. He would kill anyone who prevents him from pursuing justice and goodness mercilessly!

Paladins actually killed a lot of people.

Their profession was very powerful. They had the ability of Warriors, were able to perform Divine Spells, were protected by Divine Energy, immune to diseases forever, and ignore any fear.

Paladins had an innate immunity to fear spells and disease spells. They could perform Divine Healing Spells too.

This was the only profession that could summon mounts from the outer planes, and possibly summon Pegasuses (males) and Unicorns (females). It was also a profession that could effortlessly ride a mount.

In every city, there would definitely be people who were adulterers.

Dark associations, gangs, grey areas, officials, nobles and so on, not to mention the present world. Even in the era when Soran lived, if you let the Paladins let loose themselves and clean up the evil, there would also be a large number of people who would be executed. Corrupt officials, judges who took lives, fraudulent businessmen, black-hearted counterfeit drugs, poisonous food and so on. These people were but sentencers in the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of Paladins, they were the evilest people who endanger thousands of people, the kind that should be directly executed.

In the City of Wealth.

Few of the people in power in Fortune City were clean. The sewers here can see corpses every day, and Gold Dehrals reek of blood and dirt.

Paladins rarely moved. But when they did, their presence represented a great cleansing.

There was a saying in the Paladin’s creed, ‘You can’t ignore evil, chaos, and sin. Even if you have to sacrifice your life, you must guard justice and goodness’.

If they die, their souls would return to the upper planes. Regardless of [Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia] or [Twin Paradises of Bytopia], they would welcome the arrival of these noble souls. In other words, Paladins were not afraid of death. These guys were destined to go to the Heavens after death. Even if they died through some evil rituals or their souls were desecrated, the legendary Holy Spirit of Heaven would come and take their souls in person as long as their beliefs remain firm and they do not commit any sins of their own.

It was hard to judge a paladin.

Some people loved them as the light of hope and the incarnation of justice, but others hated them and wished for them to disappear forever!

However many people who love them, however many people who hate them.

The deeper the love was, the deeper the hate.

Soran was neutral about the Paladins, and will not be as anxious to kill them as other people from the Evil Alignment. This world had evil and justice. He believed that the world also needed such a group of people. As long as the Paladins didn’t randomly throw an Alignment Detection, Soran could even submit slightly to pay respect when he saw them.

But if they ever randomly throw an ‘Alignment Detection’, Soran would pull a knife in a flash!

Once there was a story about a Paladin who entered an Adventurer’s tavern. The Adventurers immediately quieted it down. The young Paladin suddenly threw an ‘Alignment Detection’ in a bout of randomness, and in a flash, one-third of the people pulled out their knives, one-third of the people were ready to run away, and one-third of the people were left astonished and uneasy.

As for Best Lovers, In the eyes of ladies, Paladins rank first!

However, among the most eligible bachelors to marry, in their eyes, Paladins ranked last, lower than Barbarians. Ladies hoped for a lover who was trustworthy, brave and faithful. They may even seduce Paladins to proof their charm. But very few women would want to marry a Paladin, not to mention even hoping that their husband would be a Paladin.

It was as ironic as it gets.

Quite a large number of paladins wouldn’t marry for life and were not easily seduced by women because temptation makes it easy to degenerate. [They liked to adopt orphans, preach them justice and kindness, feed them, and groom them to be Paladins. ]

It’s also something that noble ladies like to talk about to degenerate a Paladin.

That was why Paladins rarely appear.

City Hall.

An angry roar resounded and made the roof tremble slightly. Inside, there was a very strong, shiny golden man with a lot of gold ornaments on his body. There was expensive jewelry around his neck, and six of his ten fingers were filled with amazing rings of exorbitant values. Now a line of people stood in front of him, and he was roaring and shouting angrily, “Bastards! Idiots! ”

“Why didn’t you idiots stop them?!”

“I really want to break your heads off! You pigs!… How could you believe that the Paladins were just chasing the Son of Fear so easily!… Don’t you know that all the places where Paladins have appeared were disasters?!…”

“What are we going to do now?”

“All those pariahs have gone over to complain!… Then the Paladins will use the large-scale Alignment Detection to detect evil!… You, idiots, are going to be killed one by one! ”

In the hall stood a group of officials and nobles with chills down their spines. One of the men with a big belly hesitated for a moment and whispered, “Your Excellency! We can’t stop it! This time, it’s the Hand of Silver!…”


The strong man threw the chair over directly at that fat official and smashed into his head. He has lost most of his life with a head covered with blood.


He growled angrily and shouted, “What about now? The City of Wealth will become a city of death if those stubborn idiots are determined to purify the evil!”

“You! Sir Carlos. Didn’t your fleet deal with a lot of piracy?

“And you! Baron Mosley. You’ve taken tens of thousands of Gold Derahls every year from the city’s grey benefit, right? Your son recently forced the death of a pair of pariah mother and daughter right? And you, you, you! None of you guys aren’t tainted with a butt full of blood debts! Which of your descendants has not killed anyone? One Alignment Detection, and all of you will shimmer with blood!…”

“This is the City of Wealth! Not his mother’s City of Light!”

“Every Gold Derahl here is stained with blood, and you idiots let the Paladins enter the city!…. Don’t you fucking know they’re all nuts?…”

A middle-aged man dressed as an aristocrat hesitated for a moment and then said in a cool voice, “If not, can’t we all have these Paladins…”

Speaking of this, he made a gesture of cutting his throat.


The strong man took up another chair and smashed it at him. He roared, “Idiotic swine! What do you think the Silver Knights are? Pigs up for slaughter? The group of Paladins just now needs more than 300 soldiers from an Elite Army to be able to put up a fight! Are you going to start a war in the City of Wealth? Not to mention the Hand of Silver is here! ”

“Does your mother wants to start a legendary war?”

“How do you think the reputation of the Hand of Silver came from?!” In the southernmost kingdom, this fellow even dared to cut down the king! Much less you, a mere Baron!… Unless the Temple of Riches comes out to help, he can kill us all by himself!… ”

The Southern Principality.

Since the destruction of the Arcane Empire, there has been no emergence of another powerful empire in the South for the past thousands of years. It was more like a city-state system, where they just classified themselves under the name of the kingdom, and many other smaller kingdoms. There were quite a number of royal family members within the human race, but the control of the kingdom was limited to their own territory. It was even sub-divided into their own subordinates. Nearly half of the cities in the whole southern region were run by aristocrats, parliaments, and shrines, where they are closely related to each other.

The war that made Hand of Silver famous.

It was he who single-handedly challenged a kingdom by himself and almost chopped down an Evil Order tyrant. Then, forcing him to abdicate to the kindest and youngest son.

After that war, the [Hand of Silver] was unbeknownst by no one!