Abyss Domination

Chapter 174 - Redemption!

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The charming woman twisted her elbow and attacked. Ariana’s body curled like a shrimp.

Before she became a vampire, she was just an ordinary girl. She had no combat training. Now, she could only rely on her instincts to fight. Compared to the experienced charming woman in front of her, she was like a clumsy little kid. Vampires had a long life, which has led many older vampires to have very strong combat expertise, many of whom were masters of all weapons.

The charming woman in front of her had undoubtedly undergone combat training for a long time. The dagger in her wrist lightly slashed and she managed to cut the tendons on Ariana’s hand.

These type of wounds wouldn’t threaten a vampire, but it would limit her movements.

Two vampires stood to the left and right of Ariana, locking her arms. Then, they used brute strength to force her to drop as she kneeled in front of the charming woman.

“Tsk tsk.”

The charming woman chuckled and used the dagger to scratch Ariana’s face. Soon, there was a bloody scar on her beautiful face. She used her scarlet-red tongue to lick the blood on the dagger and slowly said: “Such a beautiful face! No wonder the master loves you so much! But once we bring you back, your life will never be the same!…”

As if with a hint of hatred, she continuously drew the dagger on Ariana’s face.

A series of bloody scars appeared.

Ariana’s face suddenly became a mess, but the vampire’s strong regenerative power was still there, and the wound was gradually recovering.

“I will kill you!”

Ariana revealed her sharp fangs and glared at the charming woman in front of her. Her eyes glanced around, but she did not see any trace of Soran. Her heart sank. The two vampires behind her locked her arms so tightly, she was completely suppressed. Because she struggled excessively, one of them decided to directly step on her to pin her to the ground and slowly said: “Take her back! Master will punish her accordingly!”

The charming girl glared at him and coldly said: “I don’t need you to tell me what to do!”

“Break all her limbs and bring her back.”

Vampires had strong regenerative abilities. It didn’t matter if you broke their arms or break legs, it just made things a little more convenient.

Ariana was in despair, she struggled desperately, and made a beast-like roar. Her pupils gradually expanded, her eyes turned from green to red, and finally, the whole pair of eyes were blood red. This strange change made everyone surprised, and the charming woman frowned. “Rage? Damn it! It is the blood of her father!…”

Her father was a Fury Warrior.

Just as they were about to break Ariana’s limbs, a dark figure suddenly appeared behind one of the vampires, accompanied by a cold glint. The curved sword directly pierced through his heart, and a layer of frost emerged on the surface. Corrosive sounds could be heard as the skin of the vampire that was touching the curved sword, but it was all too late for him to scream. Soran twisted the curved sword and shattered the other’s heart. A corpse laid in place, and the flesh rapidly aged. This low-grade vampire was one who has lived for hundreds of years.

An enemy!?

This sudden attack took them by surprise as they lose one person restraining Ariana. As such, Ariana screamed and launched forward, biting towards the charming woman. Soran retreated in an instant, and when his figure descended into the darkness, it disappeared. He used the ability to hide from sight and re-entered Sneak mode. The charming woman was locked in the place by the angered Ariana. The other vampire wanted to help but was too wary of Soran. He could not find this enemy!

“Kill her!”

The charming woman’s eyes had a cold glint, as she did not show any mercy. She seized the opportunity to stab Ariana’s heart. As she was just an ordinary girl not too long ago, she wasn’t able to dodge and took a direct hit in the heart. She seemed to have fallen into a state of madness, disregarding the wound on her chest, but in turn, tried to bite her enemy’s neck.


A deafening scream could be heard.

The charming woman’s neck was covered with blood. Her turned violent as sharp fangs appeared in her mouth, and she was shocked. She grabbed Ariana’s arm and broke it, and then tore it off her torso. Ariana still locked her in place, biting her neck and ripped off a large piece of flesh. Fresh blood gushed out frantically. Ariana gripped the charming woman’s waists with her legs and went to bite her neck bones.


A cold light emerged from the darkness again, and Soran’s figure appeared. The curved sword pierced through the chest of the other vampire and some liquid was sprinkled onto his body. A sizzling sound could be heard, and the vampire seemed to be corroded by acid. The body was completely unrecognizable.

Soran emotionlessly disappeared, and his shadow distorted the next moment. His figure appeared behind the enemy amid the darkness, and the curved sword lunged towards the charming woman in front of him. The other party dodged instinctively at an amazing speed. She predicted what was going to happen, and turned her body to have Ariana in front of her.

This slash has already been executed, and Soran wouldn’t be able to stop his Shadow Jump.


Even though Soran had shifted his position, the curved sword pierced through the back of Ariana. The holy water on the curved sword eroded her flesh. She gave a painful roar, but then Ariana made a move that nobody would have ever thought of. She hugged the charming woman and lunged backward. The curved sword went through her abdomen from the back and then stabbed into the body of the charming woman.

Another deafening scream could be heard!

Soran didn’t have time to think anymore. Another curved sword appeared in his hands and he instantly went for the charming woman’s head.

The charming woman’s head landed on the floor.

The curved sword in Soran’s hand horrifyingly cut off his opponent’s head, and with only a few millimeters to spare, it stopped just in time before it reached Ariana’s head.


The headless body fell to the ground, and heaps of blood gushed out. Ariana weakly loosened her legs, her eyes staring in disbelief. Her heart had been shattered yet there was no reason as to why she had not died on the spot. It was fatal for any vampire to be wounded in the head or heart before reaching a high level, and yet she could continue to fight with a heart injury. The charming woman was not a high-grade vampire. Although she sucked the blood of high-grade vampires, she couldn’t become a bat yet.

“Why must you do this?”

Soran was perplexed. He stared at Ariana as she was getting weaker. Her heart has been shattered. There wasn’t any way to treat this kind of wounds. He sighed, “You only needed to distract them and hold out for a while, and I would be able to kill them all! Why do you have to go to such lengths?”

Soran hesitated a little, then he sliced his wrists, and moved towards her mouth, “Drink it. It may be able to cure your injury.”

Fresh blood was flowing.

Ariana was a little more conscious, albeit weakly. She used her only arm, and barely removed Soran’s wrist from her mouth, as she muttered “I saw my brother…. I saw a lot of dead people…. I didn’t want to kill anyone… I didn’t want to kill anyone…”

A drop of red liquid appeared at the corner of her eyes.

There was a saying that vampires’ tears were made up of blood. This is the first time Soran actually saw it

“You will die.”

Soran sat in front of her, with a complicated expression, “Drink my blood, and you might have a chance to live.”

Ariana shook her head, as her eyes started to lose focus, she said in a low voice “I…. am finally free… Thank you… Thank you….”

“Soran…. My soul… Would there be redemption…? I don’t want to go to hell…”

Soran was silent.

Vampires were existences that were destined for hell. Unless a legendary Priest or Saint held a redemption ceremony for her, her soul would highly likely be reborn in the depths of hell.

This was a pure soul.

These types of souls will not be engulfed in the Styx river and enter in the cycle of reincarnation. If no one from the heavenly realm received her, hell would be her final resting place.

Vampires were cursed creatures!

Not to mention that she killed so many people. Even the gods that she believed in wouldn’t interfere, and may not even have the time and effort to pay attention to such an inconspicuous little soul.

Soran held onto her palms and whispered: “Yes. You are free now. No one can enslave you anymore. As long as your heart is still pure, no one can tarnish your soul.”

“I pray for your redemption!… I pray for your soul to rest in peace!…”

Ariana gave a hard smile from the corner of her mouth, her eyes slowly dimmed. She whispered in her last moments: “I’m….. I’m sorry…”

Her hands fell to the ground, and no one knew what her last words meant.

Soran inexplicably felt a knot in his heart. He slowly put down her arm and then walked to the body of the charming woman. He cut her spine with a knife and took out the middle of the spinal cord. Then, he silently cleaned the battlefield. Although he was not injured at all, he still felt a little depressed, as if he was suppressing something.

He bent over to pick up Ariana’s body, bringing along her arm that was torn off by the enemy.

A full corpse.

This was to respect the dead. Soran carried the body and walked into the darkness, heading far away.

She was a fine lady.

Regardless of what she went through, what she had done, her soul has always been pure. After her death, she should at least be buried somewhere nice and quiet.

In the coming year, that place would definitely be filled with blooming flowers!