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Do not provoke those local tyrants.

Although Soran had long thought of purifying his bloodline, he never dared to think about targeting the local vampires. The main reason was that these creatures could exist for so long in the local area that regardless of their network or strengths, it would be very difficult to deal with.

So he could be sure that the newborn was not local. Otherwise, she would have been caught and brought back. If Soran remembered correctly, the vampire leader of Shipwreck Harbour was a Count who has existed for more than 800 years and has control over a group of pirates.

He was one old-fashioned and mean old man. More objectively speaking, a high-level legendary creature that had a perverted stubbornness towards rules and regulations.

Although a vampire’s lifespan was long, they usually don’t live to enjoy it to the fullest.

Unless they were willing to hide in their coffins and not come out, they would face an adventurer sooner or later. Or a paladin, or even by other kind people who believe in justice.

Even if you are a legendary vampire, it is possible to be instantly killed by a level 8 ‘Sunburst’ on the spot without leaving a speck of dust. Furthermore, vampires are famed for their wealth. During the Time of Troubles, countless legendary wizards and priests would hunt for vampires, hoping to make a fortune just by killing one!

If Soran managed to learn a firestorm-type spell or have a Sunburst Scroll, then he would dare to challenge a legendary vampire.

Priests under the Lord of Glory, for example, would kill vampires by the hoards.

Soran prepared a highly concentrated holy water, costing him nearly 200 gold Derahls.

This type of holy water was a unique item mainly used after the ritual. Its effects were stronger than the normal one. It could deal 60 holy damage to any evil creatures. It could even deal double damage to the undead. If not for evil creatures and undead’s obvious weakness, many people would have changed their race since vampires’ attributes are really high. Firestorm-type spell deal double damage to them, and could dominate undead to control them.

Soran only came back at night.

Vampires didn’t move in the day.

When he finally went back, he coincidentally saw Ariana wiping the corners of her mouth, smears of blood on it. Soran knit his brows, “You killed someone again?”

Ariana startled after hearing that and said, “I’ve already cleared the body.”

Soran lightly nodded. His expression was a little stern. The newborn’s desire for fresh blood was insatiable. Yesterday, she just killed a grown man. Today, she couldn’t help but want more. Although this would help her speed up her strength, she risked exposing herself. If she couldn’t learn how to show some restraint, she wouldn’t be able to live for much longer.


Soran threw a large cloak over and said: “Let’s leave. You go and bait the tracker out.”

Ariana nodded and wore the cloak.

When they went downstairs, the sturdy lady boss was swearing and it seemed like some lazy worker didn’t show up. Soran couldn’t help but look back at Ariana as she was obviously dodging eye contact. It seems that this matter definitely inseparable from her. This discovery undoubtedly sank Soran’s heart. A vampire rarely preys on his surroundings. This newborn is simply uneducated and just doesn’t know anything. Even daring to prey on the workers in the inn.

Luckily, she did not expose herself. If not, Soran wouldn’t be able to protect her, or even he might get implicated.

The lady boss seemed to be roughly a grade 3 adventurer. Others in the inn also didn’t seem that easy to handle. In this world, there were too many adventurers, retiring to set up businesses to get on with life.

“Seems like I have miscalculated!”

Soran wasn’t pleased, secretly reminding himself, “New-borns are walking timebombs! …. She can’t even control her own desire for blood!…”

The two of them started walking towards Shipwreck Harbour

Soran did not walk together with her. She left through the front gate, and when she walked down the street, another female vampire was standing in the position that Soran saw yesterday. These female vampires seemed to appear on shifts. The glamorous vampire that appeared this time glanced at Ariana and walked straight in front of her face. Her expression was terribly cold: “Get out of here now! Wanderer!”

“If you don’t, the progenitor will kill you!….”

The situation within the vampire society was extremely intense. The fights between the families were even more vicious!

It was difficult for a place to accommodate the existence of another vampire family. Even wanderers would be expelled. Because a vampire’s source of food are intelligent human creatures, and the emergence of another family means territorial disputes, if wanderers hunted on their sites, any consequences or mess made by the wanderers would have to be cleaned up by them. If they weren’t out in the open, the vampire would have attacked Ariana, either killing her or bringing her back to the lair.

The vampires lived for a very long time.

That is why they lived more cautiously. If not, they wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else either.

There wasn’t much fear in Ariana’s eyes. It seemed that she did not slowly level up, but she directly sucked the blood of a high-level vampire; she may belong to a higher tier Blood Descendant. That is why that glamorous lady did not find out that she was a newborn and just thought that she was a wanderer, or else she might have already taken action.

New-borns were too dangerous!

Ariana slightly bared her fangs, her expression a little fierce, but she walked outside instead. It seemed that she still knew how to control herself to not be exposed in the crowd.

Soran just kept frowning as he tailed behind.

Before they separated, he had already told her where to go, and that he would be discreetly following behind her.

The elders could track down their own offspring and even control them, but there was a limit. If they were beyond the scope of their abilities, the offspring that they had created would be free. There were a lot of wandering vampires. They traveled everywhere committing sins as they slowly improved their power. Once they acquired a certain amount of power, they would then create their own family. These vampires were all slaves at first, and it may take a long time for one to gain their freedom unless they are like Ariana who betrayed and escaped.

The security at Shipwreck Bay was very chaotic.

When Ariana went out, she was still hit on by a drunken sailor due to her appearance. If she didn’t remember what Soran said, she might even conveniently seduce him and then kill him in a corner where there wasn’t anyone. Instead, she rebuked the drunkard and broke his arm as a warning. When she smelled a trace of blood, her pupils enlarged slightly, but after a while, she calmed down and ran outside.

Soran has been silently following behind. The dark night was his best cover.

He seemed to have heard movements nearby and looked up towards a distant roof. Unfortunately, he did not see anything. But he could not help but to slow down his movements and try to catch up with Ariana from the other side. The elders who turned her into a vampire may have been nearby. Other vampires in Shipwreck Bay could confuse each other’s senses. Hence, it was much easier to trace them in the wilderness.

Ariana gradually quickened her pace!

She seemed to have felt something too. Her expression showed traces of fear as she escaped further.

Time passed. She had been walking for more than ten kilometers in the dark with Soran nonchalantly following behind, even Ariana did not know where he was. This woman was obFviously afraid. Largely because she wasn’t sure about Soran’s position, and even a little doubtful about whether he had been following her or not. However, she couldn’t retreat now. She would be discovered by her elders sooner or later since she exposed her whereabouts.

One after another, shadows flew through the woods!

Soran frowned slightly, having noted that there was more than one enemy. At least three vampires were here.


The strange and pleasant laughter suddenly came from the front, and then a charming woman came out from behind the tree. She wore a delicate noble skirt, hands wearing white gloves. Her fingers were playing with something. She playfully spoke: “My dearest sister! Where are you escaping to? Do you know that your actions have made your master very angry?”

Betraying was worse than usurping.

This seriously challenged the pride of the vampire elders and had undermined their long-standing rules and regulations.

They exist to stand for evil.

The vampires had been strictly adhering to the rules and regulations passed down for millenniums. They exclude any existence that brings chaos and directly kill the target if necessary.


Ariana opened her mouth, revealing her sharp fangs. Her pupils turned dark green, and black claws grew out of her jade white fingers. She looked at the woman in front of her, filled with hatred: “I don’t have any masters!… I am free!… You killed my loved ones, monsters!…”

“Monster?!” The charming woman cheekily laughed as her whole body trembled. Her expression suddenly became cold as she continued: “Are you not a monster? Look at what you are now!…”

“Being able to reach the level of Blood Descendant, you should have killed quite a number of people, right?”

Ariana’s expression was a bit ugly. She stared at the woman in front of her as she stood there a little stunned. As if it was self-consoling, “It’s all your fault!… You made me this way!… I only killed those who deserved to die!… None of those men were good!…”

“Is it?” The charming woman gave a vicious smile. She suddenly made a hand gesture, and a figure fluttered in the air. Two other figures were rushing out, and it seems like a plan to subdue her.

Three shadowy figures attacked.

Ariana made a low-pitched groan and rushed straight towards the charming woman in front of her, it was as if she wanted to perish together!