Abyss Domination

Chapter 172 - Bloodline Purification

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Newborn vampires were impulsive.

They cannot control their strength, especially after just turning undead. They must also face the choice of killing human beings to survive. Many newborns went berserk during this period of transition and would be imprisoned in the coffin for a very long time. This process, called [Restriction], was when other older vampires would watch over them. These elderly vampires would nurture them for a period of time ranging from several years or even decades. When the newborns gradually stabilized and their emotions became controlled, they could finally be released.

This was an arduous process.

Vampires may seem to be powerful, but the growth cycle was too slow. They took hundreds of years to level up to grade 4. The newborn in front of him was only grade 3. They seem strong because vampires are innately more powerful than the other living creatures. They have an innate attribute bonus, agility, and strength that were much higher than ordinary people.

The one in front of Soran was a betrayer, that is, she had just become a vampire but betrayed them. This was the reason she lacked the survival experience of a vampire.

If a betrayer was caught, they would either be imprisoned and punished for a period of time or get directly executed them!

Because the betrayers were an uneducated bunch, it was easy to expose the traces of vampiric activities and the uncontrollable desire and craving for blood will attract powerful enemies. This, in turn, was a disaster for vampires.

The woman in front with exposed fangs had already lost the prior beauty she had. She looked at Soran in front of her and said: “Help me? How can you help me? What can a mere mortal human do to help me?”

Soren laughed hysterically and said: ” Seems like you are overestimating the ability of the vampire too much!”

“I will stand here, and as long as you can push me back a step within three moves, you win. Do you dare take up the bet?”

What arrogance.

Now, Soran must increase the psychological pressures of his target. For those newborns who are brutes and have little skills, what he just said was not exaggerating.

The Soran now is not the same as before. Even if he has to fight a Legendary, he would still be able to counter their attacks.


The newborn vampire was fierce, and she did not hesitate to launch an attack. She jumped onto the wall and started climbing, then she leaped forward towards Soran. Just like an eagle catching its prey, the sharp claws went straight for Soran’s throat. It seemed like she was going to kill him with a single strike. However, Soran did not flinch and even closed his eyes and slightly spread opened his palms. The moment when she almost reached him, he twisted his waist ninety degrees and dodged the opponent’s claws by a hair’s breadth. At the same time, his hands emitted a cold light, then accompanied by plop sound. The newborn vampire was already on the floor behind him.

Through this entire time, Soran’s hands still remained empty.

The newborn vampire looked at her abdomen incredulously, and a half-foot-long wound appeared. There was a layer of frost on it as she narrowly avoided death. If it wasn’t for Soran showing mercy, this strike could have split open her abdomen. Even with vampire’s physique, she would have been cut into halves. Although this kind of wound would not threaten the life of a vampire, it was enough to make her impressed. As she lowered her head down pressed her hands onto her wounds.

Soran condescendingly said: “Do you want to try again?”

The newborn vampire shook her head and said: “No, sir. I believe in your strength, but I don’t understand why you want to help me. What do you need me to do for you?”

Saron feels that his acting skills were much better than before, and the reason may be related to the increase in contacts with women. The previous contacts were all men, and his acting skills did not improve much. Now, his acting skills must have at least increased by more than ten points. Sure enough, dealing with girls need acting skills, and unexpectedly, the skill was more useful than it seemed.

He gently moved his wrists and said: “I just happened to meet you. That’s all. There is something useful that I need, and it just so happens to be on the elders that are hunting you down. So, I am going to help you kill them. As for what I want you to help with, you can wait until your troubles are resolved.”

“What’s your name?”

The newborn vampire hesitated, but softly said: “Ariana.”

What a hard name to pronounce.

Soran repeated it once and said, “Very good. Ariana. Tell me about what happened to you. I need to evaluate the strength of the elder who is trying to bring you back. After all, those with the ability to make you into a vampire aren’t easy to deal with.”

Ariana was a little hesitant at first, but a hint of hatred slowly revealed itself on her face, and she slowly said, “It’s my older sister who turned me into a vampire. She was my paternal cousin. My hometown is in Solad and my family was just a fallen aristocratic family. My mother died a long time ago, and my father has been trying to restore the family’s former glory but never come back after venturing outside. My cousin married an aristocrat followed him back. That year, when she returned, we were all very happy, but we did not expect her to become like this when she returned.”

“She killed the rest and made me into a vampire to become her master’s slave.”

“I ran away, and eventually ended up here. In Shipwreck Bay.”

What a typical story.

Although she did not go into the specifics, Soran could roughly guess the entire process. The cousin that became a vampire went on a killing spree and seemed to have killed other family members. She left those pretty looking ones and transformed them to become new vampire slaves. vampires were superficial creatures. If one wasn’t handsome enough or beautiful enough, they would never convert them. Especially the female vampires where most of which are above average in appearance.

“Very good.”

Soran nodded his head and said: “Seems like your cousin would be the one to catch you back, but of course, it would be more likely that her master would come personally.”

“No worries, I would end their lives for you. You will gain your freedom in the future.”

He stood up to walk around and said: “You better rest. This injury should be no problem for you, right? After all, the vampire’s regeneration ability is very strong. I suggest that you learn how to hunt. Such lousy techniques easily attract attention and cause troubles.”

Vampires have strong genetics.

Their natural protective ability is +6, and the basic health is 12, which is equivalent to Barbarians.

At the same time, vampires will gain various spell-like abilities, various resistance abilities,

various energy erosion ability, and gain Strength +6, Dexterity +4, Intelligence +2,

Constitution +6, Wisdom +2, Charisma +4 attribute bonuses, in some ways, these attributes are catching up to Dragon Disciple’s attributes already. They have a +10 Race Bonus on basic skills such as Bluff, Hide, Listen, Sneak, Search, Detect.

The basic creature level of a vampire is 8, which is a creature that is naturally close to grade 3.

These kinds of evil creatures don’t have many weaknesses. A lot of the folklore is fake after all. They have shadows, are not afraid of mirrors, and Garlic is just a smell that they hate. The only thing that they are afraid of is sunlight, which will reduce their powers drastically. It is even possible to eradicate weak vampires entirely. Their weakest points are the heart and the head. High-level vampires can transform into bats and gaseous states, classifying them together with those that are hard to kill.

Others are similar to the Undead, and Soran has killed a lot of them before!

There is a very important part of a vampire, and that is their spine. It is a special casting material and is a key material in the bloodline purification of the evil alignment.

The bloodline purification ritual is a transformation of a supernatural lifeform with many special casting materials.

They could improve the effects of the bloodline purification ritual, but they wouldn’t change a person’s bloodline origin. There are more core materials in the evil alignment. There are roughly ten different sources of such materials, such as Vampires, Werewolves, Lichs, Demons, Devils, Dragons, and many more. The simplest bloodline purification ritual was directly blessed by the gods, and Soran wasn’t naive enough to think that there was a god who would be willing to bless him. Secondly, a more convenient way would be to use dragon blood, but it must be a pure breed dragon. The minimum standard is a White Dragon.

There were many stories recounting professions becoming stronger by bathing in dragon blood. But, that was actually a form of the bloodline purification ritual.

In the end, they were still humans.

However, these people had unconsciously undergone the bloodline purification ritual and gained the effects of dragon blood in the life force.

Such a ritual suggests that they should be able to reach such a life force, but because of the limitations such as insufficient nutrition during childhood, the training not achieving desired results, or other reasons, they did not reach the peak of their supposed life force. This ritual allowed you to reach your peak state and may even improve the attributes that one couldn’t attain for many other reasons during your youth. (The chances are extremely low!)

Soran’s purpose behind all this is to bring out the potential of his Life Force through bloodline purification. He didn’t have the ability to kill a dragon, nor did he have time to find one. However, a vampire was also not a bad substitute. Furthermore, using high-grade vampire as purification material would also give an additional [Toughen]ability. After completing the bloodline purification ritual, it could raise the profession level hit points by 2 to 3 points.

In other words, his life force would be almost the same as a Fighter of the same level that hasn’t gone through the bloodline purification.

The night passed very quickly.

Soran left the inn the next day and began to prepare items to deal with the vampires. Holy water was the best thing to use, followed by other items that can restrain the dark creatures. From what Ariana said, Soran found out a lot of information and came to a conclusion that the ones who transformed her into a vampire were from a small vampiric family. They used the vampire’s natural ability to control people to turn those that transformed into their slaves. Looking at this, it seems that Ariana’s Will is not bad, to be able to resist the mind control of the vampire elders.

Now they just have to wait for her elder to find her, then bait him to a suitable place to finish him off.