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There were lots of prostitutes in Shipwreck Bay. Late into the night, there stood rows of female slaves.

In this kind of place, the prostitution industry always flourished since it is always filled with those that have just arrived at the seaport; Mainly pirates that have just gotten their new loot, mercenary guilds protecting their hirers, and even risk-loving adventurers that were just passing by. After a night of drinking in a pub, their next source of entertainment would be to find beautiful women to relax for a night. The women here come from many different places. Even elven slaves are available, but only if you could afford them. They couldn’t be displayed in public.

If not, it would anger many of the stronger and more influential powers.

At most, they would only display half-elves. The price for them would usually be multiple times of an ordinary woman. They were despised by elves and are not recognized by humans.

Anyone that was mixed-blood would always be in an awkward situation!

Of course, there isn’t only a large number of brothels, there was also an uncountable number of gambling dens, and all sorts of different things that could fulfill anybody’s weird desires. However, Soran did not relax one bit. Since he had always been threading in grey areas, he knew for certain what kind of troubles are lurking in these places. One of the women he saw just now was seductive with a full bosom. She had voluptuous waists and slender long legs with such fair skin. When she noticed Soran coming, she gave a seductive wink that was so alluring.

She was a beauty!

However, Soran was still on alert. He gently staggered with his fingers, gave a bow and walked passed her.

The seductress came off a little surprised as her lips pursed with a hint of thrill. She nodded a little and showed her fingers. On the ring finger wears a simple ring, and after that, she diverted her attention somewhere else. At Shipwreck Bay, you need some common sense if you’re looking for some entertainment. There are no shortages of idiots who lost their lives barking up the wrong tree. The consequences of people drunk with lust either woke up as monsters or are left with a dried corpse devoid of blood.

That is a vampire.

They should be a Blood Descendant-level evil creature, as high-grade vampires rarely come out to hunt by themselves.

For sure.

There were a lot of vampires here!

They also need some level of wealth for their livelihood, especially those that live a luxurious life. They also need a sufficient source of food, and without a doubt, targeting those blinded by lust would be the best way. If you head towards any one of those voluptuous vampires, you would find that they are as alluring as it gets. That is because the Charm spell has already been cast on you.

If you left with her, you would find yourself entering the dark narrow alleys, twisting and turning while filled with vigor and constantly being teased with temptation. Unconsciously, you would arrive at a ghastly place, which might even be one of the hidden rooms in the underground sewers. Afterward, you will realize that there was more than one woman inside the room. These temptresses that would be gazing at you with their eyes full of thirst, making you full of excitement, testing the limits of your chastity.

What happens after would be a feast!

If you are good looking enough, with a bunch of vampires, you might be able to enjoy things that you could have never imagined. After you have enjoyed yourself, it would be their turn. Even if you were a legendary profession, you might not be able to escape while fending off attacks from a group of vampires because there lies someone stronger within their lair. These girls are their slaves. They seduce those lustful men to kill them off and take their wealth. Afterward, they would present their loot to the master that turned them into vampires.

The scene was wonderful yet cruel.

With a group of vampires with such beauty, you would enjoy a lot. Unfortunately, you might find yourself floating in the stinking sewers the next day.

Yes. Your corpse.

There have been many overlapping areas between the grey and the dark. Soran has been in contact with hundreds of vampires. He has even seen the entire feasting process by the vampires.

These bunches of lewd creatures were disgusting, depraved and obscene. It was a mess. They show no mercy when killing their prey!

Vampires that you hear in folklore just doesn’t exist. When they start to feast on humans, they have already lost themselves to the darkness, slowly degrading day by day.

Soran found an inn across the road.

There weren’t many guests inside. You could see drunkards at the side, the waitress cleaning the bar. At the bar, a middle-aged lady was looking very sturdy, and any woman that managed to give off that sort of vibe was not simple. Soran quickly booked a room, following the bar waitress up to the second floor. Her hips swayed left and right seductively up the stairs, then she turned to give a wink.

After entering the room, he immediately closed the door, blatantly ignoring her hints by shutting the waitress out.

The inns in this world could be associated with garbage. You will get sick of it once you engage them too much. Soran took off his clothes and lit the candles to read a book. However, the walls couldn’t insulate the noise coming from below. Soran took out the magic scroll and started reading. Occasionally picking up a quill to record some stuff. Not long after, five to six pages were filled. The heavy footsteps outside the room resounded. It seems as though someone that was exceedingly heavy was walking pass as his armor was clanking away.

As time slowly ticks away…

Soran had no intention of staying up late. He packed his things to prepare to go and rest, but suddenly, there was a commotion outside his windows.

A woman’s moan.

He frowned a little as he walked to the window to see what was happening. He saw a drunken man, clearly intoxicated, showering the girl in his arms with kisses. The silver moonlight reflected the girl’s flawless fair skin. She made a few pretentious moans and groans. Then, her expression turned cold as her pupils changed color. Fangs appeared at the corners of her mouth as she bit into his neck. Heaps of blood flowed out through the veins as she sucked on as if she was intoxicated. The man was still obsessed with the bosoms in front of him, not knowing that death was imminent.

The Charm spell.

A vampire’s Charm spell is very unique, even when sucking out the blood, the prey would not be awakened.

The other party did not notice Soran watching, she seems like a new-born vampire. Because, if she belonged to a clan, she would not be feasting in the open. This would attract a lot of unnecessary attention. They usually hide in the depths, in ghastly areas underground doing things sneakily. New vampires weren’t able to control their desires. They were usually very thirsty, hence, killing the man very quickly. They would feast till they were full before the man would become a corpse, sliding down as if he were made of mud.

The girl looked around before she left to head outside.

Soran raised his eyebrows slightly with a thoughtful expression before he knocked on the window panel and opened the window to look below. He slowly said, “Did your elders not teach you how to feast your prey? Just leaving the corpse after you are done?”


The girl who was just about to leave turned. Her pupils turned green as sharp fangs appeared. Her nails grew sharp as it turned black. As she half-squatted into a stance, appearing to be in hunting mode but her prey was on the second floor. Soran’s expression was calm and collected. He coldly spoke, “If I were you, I wouldn’t do that. Because that is a dumb move”

“Throw the corpse into the sewers and take care of the remnant bloodstains.”

“After you are done, come to me, I have some things I need to discuss with you. Surely you would not reject a kind stranger’s request no? Am I right? Betrayer?”

Having said so much, Soran playfully continued, “You’re quite daring! A new-born dared to betray them! And you’ve even succeeded.”

The girl’s expression turned stiff as she hesitated a little. Afterward, she lifted the corpse with a single hand.

This man should be weighing around 200 kilos, and she just lifted him without breaking a sweat. She roughly cleared the remnant blood stains and left for the sewers.

Soran saw her back, and added, “Remember to deal with the wound on his neck. Make it seem as though it was bloodletting.”

The other party gently nodded.

Soran did not close the windows. Instead, he walked to the bed and sat down. He seemed a bit flustered as he was in deep thoughts. After a while, he wore back his cloak at the side, and his Master Battler Gloves and every single piece of his weapons started appearing and disappearing one by one. The new vampires are very impulsive and strong. He better be careful since they may attack at any time.

The educated vampires would not feast this way.

Even the ones he met knew how to lure the prey somewhere else to feast and clear the corpses.

From this, one can tell whether a new-born is educated or not!

After the transformation to a Vampire, there would be an elder to educate them for a while: teach them how to survive and warn them to avoid the humans. Creatures like the vampires were strong, but that is only in comparison to mortal humans. If any evil creatures dared to come out in the open, even the gods need not step in, they would be easily eliminated by the legendary professions. The new-born just now didn’t seem to be a deserter. A deserter vampire has a lot of experience and was vigilant. They would never expose themselves.

She must be a betrayer.

Newborn vampires could escape. This, without a doubt, piqued Soran’s curiosity. He seemed to have remembered some interesting things.


The sound came from the outside, and it sounded like someone was climbing the walls. Although it was very soft, it couldn’t escape Soran’s detection.

The new vampire was extremely agile as she twisted her body, coming in directly from a small window. As she nimbly landed, her green eyes stared intently at Soran, and asked, “Who are you?”

Soran laughed as he raised his eyebrows slightly, “Who am I isn’t important. What’s important is that I know you’re in a predicament, and I… can help you get out of it. Of course. I also need your help.”

He squinted slightly, as his eyes glimmered with a cold glint.