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The sky slowly became dark.

The merchant ship did not stop since the river was relatively safe and the captain was a veteran. If there were no accidents, it would take around half a day to reach Shipwreck Bay, which was where the river ends in the sea.

Sounds came from the room next door again in the night. It seemed that the man and woman were very energetic. They even tried it on the hammock. Soran’s expression was rather calm, quietly waiting for the opportunity; sometimes he would pay attention to the outside.

Stealing was not easy.

The room was small and the couples were in their room. Anyone other than a legendary Rogue would have problems.

Not only that, but there was also a long distance to travel. If the other party noticed the thief, it may lead to unnecessary trouble. Since Soran was a person that hated trouble, he was more inclined to use quick and cruel methods. The two didn’t seem like they were good people either.

However, If Soran wanted to dispose of them, he would have to do it quickly since there were other sailors in the cabin, and there were guards on the deck.

All of these were possible troubles. The sailors and guards do not hope something bad would happen.

Time went past slowly.

Soran waited patiently for the arrival of midnight. The man and woman next door had tossed about three times in a row; It seemed that they were really tired.

Then he heard the man’s snore.

From time to time, the guards would pass by their room. Once every hour they would do their patrol, mainly to check on the cabin cargo, after all, these cargoes were pretty valuable.

Sailors, however, worked in shifts. A group would work the first half of the night and a second group the other. Soran was unsure of the situation on the deck since he did not go out today. Nobody bothered him either since people thought that the wizards had odd tempers.

Food was served at the kitchen and people had to go get it themselves.

No one would send the food out. After all, it was a merchant ship, not a passenger ship.

Soran gently knocked on the table as he calculated the patrols patterns.

The guards would appear once every ten minutes. Their footsteps consisted of three people, and occasionally they would chit chat. They would go under the cabin to check on the cargo for a bit and then go back to the deck.

Soran waited until the footsteps went a little farther, turned around and picked up his clothes, and then slowly pulled out his curved sword. It was not the legendary curved sword that he got from the Frost Kingdom, but the one he had previously used.


Soran gently opened his room door. No one noticed his minute actions.

His figure melted into the darkness as his Sneak ability made him completely invisible in the shadows. He carefully walked to the next door, and then came out with a set of lock-picking tools.

Soran was still very good at this line of work. He moved slightly and heard a slight click. He had already picked the lock of the door. The people inside did not wake up as they slept soundly after their exercise.

Soran opened the door gently.

His palms stable, paying attention not to make any sound. His night vision ability allowed him to see everything inside—an obscene room.

A woman’s dress was laying on the ground, and there were many odds little toys.

Weapons were at the end of the bed.

The man should also be an adventurer; maybe a Fighter. He had distinct muscles, some of which were very strong and obvious. The woman curled up in the corner of the bed, her hair was red, back was white. Her butt and breasts were full while her legs were long and strong. She looked beautiful and should also have a profession. Because the calluses on her palm between her index finger and thumb, Soran’s rich experience told him that the woman was good at using short weapons.

The room only had their breathing sounds and the man’s occasional snores.


Soran closed the door quietly, then made his way over in silence. He moved like lightning in an instant, and his sharp curved sword had pierced the man’s heart. Originally, he intended to knock them both out, but since the man was a Fighter, his Fortitude must be very high. Soran’s strength was also not as strong as him, and the possibility of alerting others was too high. Thus without any mercy, he swiftly ended the man’s life and grabbed the woman’s throat.


A slight thump was heard.

The sound was a little abrupt thus it did not alert the sailors downstairs.

The woman opened her eyes in an instant. She opened her mouth and wanted to shout. However, her beautiful face was full of panic, because she could not make any sound as she was strangled by Soran. As her last attempt, she kicked the board with her feet. Soran’s eyebrows were locked. He swallowed back the words he wanted to say, then twisted his wrist; with a crisp snap, the neck of the woman was broken.

A hint of blood smell appeared.

Soran quickly pressed on the wound and stacked the two bodies together.

Since some people were very sensitive to the smell of blood, he thought it would be best to clean up a bit, so that the smell of blood wasn’t so strong.

A row of data appeared:

“Backstab activated!”

“Dealt 85 piercing damage to the target!… Target killed!”

“Extracting soul energy from target… Received 550 Slaughter Experience Points.”

“Activated choking!”

“Dealt 24 bruising damage to the target!… target’s neck snapped!… Instant death activated!… Target Test of Fortitude failed!… Target killed!”

“Extracting soul energy from target… Received 350 Slaughter Experience Points.”

The man was killed by a knife to the heart, which was equivalent to a Backstab attack. The woman was choked, resulting in bruises, but because her neck was snapped, she died instantly. Neither of them was high ranking professions; maybe grade 2 or so. Soran handled them easily; He didn’t even have to use any skills to kill the two.

This lowered his expectation of the rare grade item. Unless the two had extraordinary luck, they basically couldn’t have found anything good.

Soran began to search the room.

He found a lot of small things. But there was hardly any rare grade equipment on the two; they only had ordinary military goods. But Soran soon found a special item—a rather large dark red cloak. It looked very gorgeous and felt very smooth. This should be the rare grade item they were talking about.

Soran attempted to appraise the item and a row of data appeared:

“Item type: The Sorrows of Mohe [Nereid Cloak +2]

Item grade: [Grade 2 legendary item]

Item Description: This is a cursed special cloak, ordinary Nereid cloaks were made of their hair, but this one is made of the skin of a Nereid born from a river named Mohe. The whole process is bloody and cruel. The maker cruelly peeled the high-grade Nereid and then weaved the legendary equipment with her hair. It’s more powerful than the ordinary Nereid cloak, but it has the curse of the dead on it.

Requirements: 12 Constitution and above.

Effects: Charm +2 to a maximum to 25.

Special effects: [Charm Person] once per day. This legendary item allows the user to cast Charm person once a day, without any casting action; casting the skill instantly.

Special effects: [Dire Charm] Once every three days. This legendary item allows the user to cast Dire Charm once every three days without any cast action; casting the skill instantly.

Legendary equipment?

Soran had a surprised look on his face.

Nereid cloaks were hard to come by because Nereids and Dryad were the embodiments of nature and were not very common. Among them, the Dryad were slightly more common. Many legendary wizards would make Dryads as their own servants or concubines who warmed their beds. Nereids were rare; they were the embodiment of rivers and oceans and possessed many extraordinary abilities.

They were supernatural creatures that were born with Charm abilities.

Dryad, Nereid, Succubus and lust spirits were four creatures that naturally had Charm abilities. They had 20 Charm once they were mature, and had Instant-Cast Charm spells. Ordinary Nereid cloaks were woven with their hair and enchanted by special spells, usually adding 1 Charm and occasionally adding extra spell effects. The one Soran had was special; similar to the Deadman’s Suit. It not only uses the hair of the Nereid but also her skin.

No wonder it had the curse of the Nereid!

This equipment reminded Soran of the Deadman’s Cloak from the Abyss. It was also a piece of legendary equipment and it gave evil alignment creatures +3 in Charm.

A person certainly needed to be mentally prepared to wear these clocks.

Soran previously abandoned the Deadman’s Suit because of disgust, and finally wore a legendary dragon leather armor; since wearing dragon skin had less of a psychological burden.

He touched the cloak slightly with his finger and sensed something. It was an illusion of a sobbing voice; there was indeed a curse of the dead. Soran’s Wisdom was not high, if it were higher, he could even communicate with the dead soul.

Soran quickly packed the legendary cloak in.

Then he started to clean up the bodies. Since the ship would reach Shipwreck Bay tomorrow, Soran wanted to be sure that the bodies won’t be found for now.

He won’t care about what happens after they arrived since they’ll be long gone.