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Could it be that Omnipotent Hands had fully recovered?

Soran wasn’t sure because the requirements of legendary equipment were still weak and could be suppressed. For example, some Abyss weapons could be used by anyone after purification, reducing the need for being in the evil alignment. If something had happened to this legendary curved sword or had been forced to erase its alignment requirements, its use would be easier. Perhaps it allowed people of the evil alignment to use it now.

The best way for testing the skill Omnipotent Hands would be divine artifacts and soul bound equipment.

It was practically impossible to erase the needs of alignment in divine artifacts; only gods themselves could change the requirements.

The latter has a soul imprint on it, most of which were made by legendary spellcasters, and could only be used by themselves or by their descendants after completion. The best examples were the three legendary rings: one in the hands of elves, one in the hands of dwarfs, and the last one held by an ancient human family. These three rings were legendary objects bound to the soul and could only be worn by descendants of direct descent.

Otherwise, it must be a legendary Thief with the skill Omnipotent Hands!

Soran previously wanted to forge a legendary soul bound ring, but he failed to find a legendary spellcaster with a profession level of 25 or higher.

He still, however, hoped to forge a soul bound ring as these rings have a special effect! [Note: Soul bound rings used by humans would give the user an extra legendary spell slot.]

Inside a dark room.

Soran stood in front of the window and looked into the distance. He could not test his Omnipotent Hands because he had no artifact in his hand; that’s why he could only put it aside temporarily for now.

Gloria was preparing to use Divination. In order to determine Vivian’s position, they would have to wait until Gloria had cast the spell.

Soran felt conflicted—fearing both for Vivian’s safety and Lilian’s complete awakening. He had fought against the will of the Dread Lord, thus he knew very well how terrible it was; how someone could easily fall into it if they were not careful.

At the top of the Witch Tower.

The figure of a gorgeous woman appeared on the astrological platform. She glanced at her daughter lightly and said slowly, “You have consumed too much of your vitality. Why do you also use Fortune Tell?”

Gloria wore a white gown, her long hair flying in the wind. She did not look back at her mother, but said softly, “You don’t need to bother with my affairs.”

The gorgeous woman’s expression seemed to be a little angry and complained, “Fool! You’re wasting your life! Do you not know the price you’ll have to pay for knowing the fortune of a divine child? You will only drag yourself into the mire! If it were me, I would have caught them early. Maybe some experiments could be used to extract the divinity from them!

“Soran is also a divine child, right? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have grown so quickly!”

Gloria frowned slightly, turned to look at her mother and said slowly, “Did you come here today to tell this?”

The gorgeous woman looked stiff and silent for a moment, then sighed, “Do whatever you like, just don’t regret it in the future!”


Gloria raised her hand and gently lifted her long hair, which seemed to have a strand of silver on it. She shook her head and said, “I have no regrets of the path I choose! Besides, I always had a strange presentiment that something terrible would happen in the future. I have a strong sense of foreboding about them; as though I’ve felt their river of faith!”

“A gushing and chaotic river.”

“I’ve chosen my alignment but I like that little girl, and I’d like to help. Look at the skies! Do you find that the stars representing the gods have become somewhat dim? Maybe the appearance of the Sons of Fear is just the beginning!…”

The gorgeous woman looked at the stars in the sky for a moment, but unfortunately, she could not see anything.

She was a master of Evocation and Enchantment magic but did not research much about Divination spells. Her daughter, however, was a master of Divination; her talents even amazed the [Eye of the North].

Somehow, she believed that her daughter did feel or see something.

The gods have become silent for too long.

It was exactly for this reason why she escaped from her banishment. She thought that the Druids would not have cared about her.

Too bad she underestimated the stubbornness of the Druids and her notoriety!


Gloria sighed softly and said slowly, “You have violated the rules of the Witch Council, and your escape from punishment has made the Honourable Eye of the North angry!… Even though she won’t take action herself, she won’t stop the Druids!… You’d better get out of here and live in seclusion somewhere they can’t find you. Maybe when the change starts, then the Druids would not be in the mood to come after you!…”

The gorgeous woman’s expression gradually became angry and her voice shriveled, “What do those idiots know?”

“They don’t even know how great my research is! If I can succeed, the Arcane Empire will be revived because of my work! The unprecedented era of Arcane would be opened by me!…”

Gloria frowned slightly and sighed, “Mother. It’s a pity that you still failed.”

“I don’t know what you found in the ruins of the desert, but I know that the core knowledge of the Arcane Empire has lost its inheritance. Your research has only caused terrible damage and irreversible energy radiation. You probably don’t know that there have already been biological mutations at the site you experimented in? The Witches of the North and the Druids jointly blocked all the news and set up a maze in the area to prevent other creatures from entering it!


A hint of surprise appeared on the face of the gorgeous woman and she murmured, “Mutations occurred?”

“But my research is on the verge of success! Just short of a little!… Just a little!… As long as we understand the energy core that supported the operations of the floating city in the period of the Arcane Empire!… I would be able to create a new era!…”

Her expression seemed very disappointed and a little exhausted. Suddenly she looked up and said, “There’s still a chance! As long as I get to the realm of legends! I would be qualified to enter the plane Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus! As long as we find the energy core to run the floating city!… I can build a floating city of my own! By then, no one would dare to threaten me, banish me or come after me!… I will be an Archmage who can stand side by side with the gods!…”

“Daughter, would you be willing to help me?”

Gloria sighed softly and shook her head. “Mother. Have you not woken up yet?”

“From the disappearance of the Arcane Empire until now, so many forces have tried to recover the core secrets of the Arcane Empire. But what were the results? Goblins used to have great alchemy. As servants of the Arcanists, they had a lot of knowledge. But they were almost destroyed in a terrible explosion. Now they can only survive in the desert near the sea. The dwarfs also tried to find the secrets of the Arcane Empire, but their cities were destroyed, buried deep underground by the collapsed mountains.”

“The League of Wizards had also done thousands of years of research. However, all they got were a few destructive explosions and nothing more.”

“It’s too dangerous! A slight mistake and that terrible force will bring devastating disaster!”

“Give up your research on [Elemental Obliteration]”

The gorgeous woman stepped back and shook her head firmly. “No!” I won’t give up! Half of my life has been devoted to this research!… My dear daughter! I know you hate me!… I’ve never fulfilled a mother’s responsibility either!… But please believe me!… You are the only person in the world that I care about!…”

“If it hadn’t been for the most critical time of the research, I would not have left you in the care of her Honorable Eye of the North!”

Gloria gave her a deep look and sighed, “Mother. I don’t hate you.”

“I’ve always been unclear about your existence. In my childhood memory, you appeared only a handful of times. When I began to understand things, your experiments had already brought terrible disasters, killed many innocent lives and forced people in the vicinity to move elsewhere. When I was about to know you, you had been banished and imprisoned in the city of Whiterun. You are no longer the person I remember.”

“Do you know that?”

“I could never understand you. My only request as your daughter is that you give up this dangerous experiment.”

“With your current power and wisdom, you won’t be able to control such a dangerous power!”

The gorgeous woman became silent.

After a while, she finally looked up at Gloria briefly then turned to walk out. She didn’t escape only to be free.

She had rejected her.

She felt that the gap between herself and her daughter was getting bigger and bigger, but she was unwilling to give up. She believed that as long as she crossed the threshold, she would be comparable to the existence of gods; that her daughter would know that she was wrong and that her mother was not the idiotic League of Wizards, nor the low-IQ goblins and silly dwarfs. She has completed part of her experiment, or else the destruction wouldn’t be this big.

She had to get back what was hers, even if it meant paying a heavy price!

She needed an alliance.

Since her daughter wouldn’t help her, she would have to find a new alliance.

The Arcane Empire.

The ancient and brilliant Arcane era!

She did not need to complete all the research, as long as she could find the core secret of the floating city, then even the gods would have to fear her!

She wouldn’t give up that easily as she had already been locked up for ten years.