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Inside the Wizard Tower.

The gorgeous woman glared at Soran. Soran’s expression was calm as they walked up the Wizard Tower. Now that Gloria knew they were coming, she would not let her mother do something to Soran. Moreover, with Soran’s current strength, it was not difficult to escape even if he couldn’t beat the gorgeous woman in front of her.

It was obvious that the relationship between Gloria and her mother was rather rigid; probably because of the particularity of the Northern Witches—they probably don’t get along too much with each other.

In fact, many Wizards neglected their children because they focused all their time on their craft.

For wizards who have lived for hundreds of years, their attitudes towards their children were very similar to those of the elves. Families of elves are well-known for being indifferent to each other. Most elves live with their parents during infancy then they would move out once they could; even couples may live separately for long durations.

The more powerful they were, the more they lived in isolation.

Although Gloria had never mentioned anything, Soran could tell from the gorgeous woman’s character that she must have not been a competent mother.

The gorgeous woman’s face was stiff, and she seemed to want to kill Soran. However, she had some doubts about how much Soran’s strength had improved. Owing to the fact that Soran had become so powerful in such a short time, the gorgeous woman definitely felt a bit fearful.

She even wondered if Soran was a child of a deity.

Because besides a child of a deity, she couldn’t think of anyone else who could quickly ascend to a grade 3 Rogue in just one month.

He even looked more dangerous than the other Rogues.

The top of the Wizard Tower was quite open. When Soran saw the lonely woman in front of him, his face suddenly became much stiffer—It seemed that Vivian was really in trouble. Soran’s eyes fell on Gloria, and he could see that her face was slightly pale. Even her hair had a hint of silver. This change shocked him and he said, “Your hair? What happened?”

Gloria looked at the woman behind Soran and said, “Mother. You must be tired. I’ve heard about what you’ve done. You can stay here for a while, but you’d better leave as soon as possible. Because you have violated the banishment punishment of the Witch Council, you may be banished permanently if the Eye of the North finds out you’re here.”

“Maybe you should take a good rest and think about how to deal with the druids.”

Since Gloria’s mother did not accept her punishment, the Witch Council had no reason to protect her anymore.

Gloria, as her daughter, could provide temporary protection for her because of her kinship. However, she would not allow her to stay here forever because sooner or later, the Witch Council would find out. The druids were also a bunch of persistent buggers.

The gorgeous woman was not pleased. She looked at her daughter with a complicated expression and murmured, “Fine.”

After that, she turned and left the room. Her face became somewhat worried as she walked out.

In fact, she almost has nowhere to run.

Because of her past experiments, she had become one of the top three wanted persons by the druids. The Witch Council took great pains to temporarily appease those druids.

Initially, she thought she could quickly crack the secrets of the Deck of Destiny and become a legendary Witch. But the fact was, she could not even activate the power of the cards. Her Wizard Tower and laboratories had been confiscated by the Witch Council, and some important magic devices were even sealed up. The druids even posted some guards there just in case she went back.

Just before she walked out of the room, she took a glance at Soran; seemingly pondering about something.

When the gorgeous woman went out of the room, Gloria sighed softly and said slowly, “My mother escaped punishment. This made the Witch Council very angry so some people suggested that she be permanently imprisoned. Even I can’t change it.”

She didn’t seem to want to explain more about it. Instead, she turned around and looked at Soran, then whispered, “I’m sorry. I have failed to take care of Vivian. There have been some incidents that even I can’t deal with.”

It must have been a matter of legends if a high-ranking Northern Witch could not do anything about.

Soran took a deep breath then asked, “What happened?”

Gloria raised her hand and touched her long hair, which contained strands of silver. She looked at Soran with a complicated expression and was able to sense his increased power.

Slowly she explained, “Someone snuck in—A legendary assassin, probably the Hand of Despair. I wasn’t his opponent at all, but Vivian suddenly woke up. She not only saved me but also killed the legendary assassin.

“But, she called herself Lilian. The Witch of Terror, Lilian!”

Soran was shocked all over.

Then the expression on his face suddenly became shocked, “Lilian!? The Witch of Terror, Lilian!?”

A string of memories came to mind.

Amber City, before the beginning of the Time of Troubles, the first Son of Fear appeared. She was the Witch of Terror, Lilian—the most powerful Son of Fear, and also the one that would ultimately be the vessel for Dread Lord himself. The Dread Lord did not have many descendants, but there were at least dozens of them, and divine powers were scattered among them. Even though the Witch of Terror, Lilian, killed most of the other descendants, she was eventually killed in a battle because she angered the Highlady of Silvermoon.

Even history had been changed.

When Soran heard the name, especially when it came out from Vivian’s mouth, his heart sank to the deepest valley.

Vivian is Lilian?

It can’t be!

Vivian is Vivian, how could she be Lilian!

Lilian must be controlled by the Dread Lord. The Descendants are prone to personality changes right after they come out. The Will of Fear must have influenced her!

No! I must find Vivian!

If Vivian kills the other Descendants, then the Divinity in her would become stronger and stronger; the Will of Fear would also become stronger and stronger. By then, she would really become the Witch of Terror, Lilian!

Even though Soran was very anxious, he didn’t act rashly; he needed to first figure out where Lilian was.

He patiently asked for all the details then went into deep thought.

The appearance of legends had become more and more frequent, but the name “Hand of Despair” reminds him of something. He seems to have dealt with the legendary assassin in the past.

It should be the Shadow Plane. The opponent was a legendary wanderer who has transformed into a shadow lifeform. Killing him was as difficult as dealing with a Lich. Even though Soran, with the help of others, had killed him once, he did not end him completely. Somewhere in the Shadow Plane, his soul remains.

Soran looked up at Gloria in front of him and asked hesitantly, “Can you predict Vivian’s position with Divination?”

Gloria thought for awhile.

She unconsciously raised her hand and stroked her long hair, twisted a strand of silver on her white fingertips, and then slowly said, “Yes. But I need to get ready.”

Using Divination to locate a Son of Fear meant she had to pay a heavy price.

There was a hint of gratitude in Soran’s eyes. He gently bowed down and slowly said, “Anyway, I’m very grateful to you. In the future, I will certainly repay you for what you have done today! ”

Gloria shook her head gently. Her expression was complicated. She then said quietly, “I like Vivian very much, too. I can see my past self in her.”

As if she had seen something, she frowned slightly, looked at Soran’s knife, and questioned, “Icingdeath?!”

Does she recognize this curved sword?

Soran nodded softly and answered, “Yes. A weapon I acquired when I was in the Frost Kingdom. Do you know it?”

“Yes.” Gloria approached slowly. She reached out to touch the curved sword, but suddenly she felt something. Her fingers shook, and she took back her hand as if she had been electrocuted. She shivered because of the cold. Gloria’s expression was in disbelief as she muttered, “Just like the legends! Only the person it chooses to be its master can touch it”


“How are you able to use this curve sword? Doesn’t it requires its user to be of kind heart?!”

There’s an alignment requirement?

Soran’s expression was rather surprised. He raised his hand and pulled out the curved sword. The legendary curved sword gave off a faint white light but he did not seem to feel any abnormality and could use it freely.

“How is this possible!”

Gloria looked very doubtful and murmured, “You don’t seem to believe in good, do you?”


Soren seemed to have remembered something. His was in disbelief as he quickly opened his data log.

Omnipotent Hands (Legendary Ability) (Weakened State)!

The skill was still not useable.

Soran reached out his finger and stroked the curved sword in his hand without feeling the slightest rejection. If the legendary curved sword in his hand really had requirements, the only possibility that he could use it was due to the ability Omnipotent Hands—even though it was still sealed, it was already showing effects.

There were some very special legendary equipment in this world.

Users must meet a specific requirement if they wanted to use them. If they were not met, then the person would not be able to use it. They might even injure themselves in the process.

Since the Northern Witches were Neutral in nature, Gloria only felt the chills when she touched it.

If the alignment was on the other side of the spectrum then it may even damage the user. For example, creatures of the evil alignment may be damaged by legendary objects that were good in nature. Such weapons were often spiritual and would have existed for a long time—perhaps because these weapons had killed many evil beings, or were buffed by some kind of spell.

There were also plenty of weapons in the Abyss that only evil could use.

If Omnipotent Hands did not take effect, then Soran would have received severe frost damage when he touched it.

These legendary items were not too rare—examples include the weapons of the Paladins; their legendary weapons were shrouded by Holy power, and if it were used to kill many evil creatures, they would develop requirements. Some of these weapons would even develop some sort of consciousness and attack enemies automatically when they discover them like the level 7 spell “Mordenkainen’s Sword”.