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Many things had happened in that short moment.

First of all, Vivian came in very quietly but was still found by these snake folk. Snake folks had the gift of [Snake Sense], and their average attributes were higher than those of ordinary humans. They were a gifted race, but their growth rates were slower. Their life span was also comparable to that of the Elves.

Vivian was frightened by their appearance, thus she turned around and ran away. Unfortunately, they still caught up with her.

Vivian had no battle experience. Although Gloria had taught her a lot, the little girl still panicked a little and subconsciously used her best spells.

Level one Arcane Missile!

This was a very good low-level spell; it doesn’t have a long cast time and was pretty powerful.

Vivian could instantly cast Arcane Missiles because she was a spellcasting prodigy; all her 1-second spells could be cast instantly. However, unlike the last time, five missiles appeared at the same time when she cast the spell.

One more missile was added every two spellcasting level, with a maximum of five missiles appearing at profession level 9. That also means that Vivian had somehow reached a profession level of 9.

So she was able to shoot out 5 Arcane Missiles at once.

So how many Arcane Missile spells did she memorize?

Since she was a Wizard multi-professioning in Sorcerer, her spell slots were calculated separately. Even without calculating the addition of attributes, with her level 9 Wizard and level 9 in Sorcerer; Vivian could release at least 12 level 1 spells.

Wizards are not able to cast spells without memorizing them in advance, but Sorcerers, on the other hand, can increase the number of spell cast as long as they level up. The amount of spell casting a Sorcerer could perform is dependent on their level; so long as they’ve mastered a spell, they would be able to use it at will.

Since Vivian was frightened, she unconsciously shot out all her Arcane Missiles. Each instant was five missiles, so more than 60 Arcane Missiles were fired during that short period!

Even Soran would be shot to smithereens if he stood in front of that Arcane Missile Volley.

The missiles also had penetrative effects.

High-grade Wizards could use Arcane Missiles to pierce thin iron plates; the Arcane Missiles that Vivian shot out were almost to that level. That was why she could destroy the armor of the Snakefolk.

At that instant, a large swath of Arcane Missiles shot out and killed the four Snakefolks in seconds. Even the “Minor Magic Resistance” their race had, was completely useless. Before they could even escape, they were shot at close range, and their bodies fell to the ground with a thousand holes.

Within a second or so, Vivian had killed 5 Snakefolks; all of which were around profession level 5.

The remaining female Snakefolk was stupified!

When she saw her companion’s torn corpse and looked at Vivian again, her eyes were full of fear. Although the little girl in front of her looked beautiful, innocent and lovely, she was also an existence that created fear.

A fear which came from the soul of creatures.

Immediately, fear consumed her heart and she completely lost her will to resist.

“Aura of Fear” [Divine realm]: All creatures within a 100 feet radius must make a compulsory determination of Will, otherwise they would fall into fear and be unable to extricate themselves. As long as any creature generates even the slightest fear within the radius of the Aura of Fear, he or she would have to go through another determination of Will with a +1 difficulty. If that person fails the test, then he or she would get debuffs similar to the spell Fear.

That was what Vivian’s divine powers brought. Compared to her, Soran’s Fear Gaze would only scare the average joe.

Vivian also seemed somewhat shocked.

She didn’t expect to kill so many enemies at once. It was subconscious because she had not experienced real combat before. However, the bloody scene did not make her panic; Vivian used to live in the most chaotic slums, where gang street fights would result in a bloody mess. What made her feel a little confused was the woman who knelt and trembled on the ground. She hadn’t even understood the situation, and the woman in front of her had begun to call her master.

But she was not clueless. She made a straight face and used Lillian’s tone, “Look up!… Are you willing to serve me forever? Dedicate your life and soul to me!…”

“Yes!” The female snake folk was so frightened that she nodded her head without hesitation.

Vivian tried to keep her face straight and said in a slightly tender voice, “That’s good. You are my servant from today on. When you prove your loyalty, I will give you the rewards you deserve.”

Right then, as if time had paused, when Vivian uttered this sentence, an invisible magic light appeared, and immediately the fear on the female snake folk’s face began to fade away, but her expression was still dull and blank. She gradually recovered, only to see her humbly kneeling on the ground. She leaned over and kissed Vivian’s shoes and murmured, “Master! Your servant will always be loyal to you!…”

This scene was almost incredible.

It almost looked like a ceremony of the deviant worshippers—the worshippers trembling in fear and awe, while the lead priest blessing them with Blasphemous Language.

Vivian swayed ever so slightly because she was somewhat tired.

In a vague way, she also seemed to be able to hear an annoying voice—the fool who called herself Lillian was saying in a gloating voice, “Ha-ha! It seems that you’ll become really tired after all that casting!… You idiot and fool!… You better let me out soon!…”

Vivian shook her little head, seemingly wanting to chase away that nasty voice and muttered: “You’re the fool!” You’re so crazy!… I definitely won’t let you out!…”

However, for some unknown reason, Vivian had not been as resentful of Lilian as she imagined herself to be.

Since she knew everything about herself, it seemed that she had been there since she was born. She feels as though Lilian was like another her, or a twin sister.

Vivian is a very kind little girl, as long as it is not related to her brother, she is very kind and friendly. But if things become related to her brother, then no matter who was right or wrong, she would be on her brother’s side.

Kindness and justice were not important to her. In her eyes, the world was supported by her brother, so her brother is more important than anything else.

Vivian didn’t like Lilian, but she does not hate her either.

Perhaps she also sensed that hating her would be hating herself because they had a common memory. The only difference was that Lilian could naturally control the powers of Fear.

Vivian was the ordinary person, while Lilian represented the Son of Fear.

If Soran had not appeared, or the original Soran had completely died; with the girl’s deep feelings for Soran, it was very likely that after Fear came, she would completely give up and die with Soran!

Since her elder brother was her whole world, and the only relative in the world—the one that supported her with sweat and blood—Soran’s death would likely make her give up hope of surviving.

She’s not strong. She’s even a little cowardly.

But as long as Soran was alive, she would not give up hope.

She believed in her brother strongly.

She believed that no matter what kind of situation, Soran would always stand in front of her and fight for her!

That was what kept her going.

As long as Soran was alive, her will to fight and survive would not falter.

Vivian is Vivian.

While Lilian is Lilian.

Without Soran’s arrival, Vivian would have died in Amber City; while Lillian, The Witch of Terror, would have come out.


Soran saw the tower in the distance—It was Gloria’s Wizard Tower.

This was a relatively prosperous city. People here were quite rich, and their faces did not look yellow and thin. The person in charge of Waterdeep was an official. He was not part of any royalty, but only a governor elected by the City Council every ten years. The real ruler here was the Witch of the North, Gloria. The governor was just her spokesperson.

The city wasn’t big, but there were many shops and many traders.

Soran didn’t stay in the city for long. After eating a little, he soon headed for the Wizard Tower. It’s a special territory where no one would normally go; since it’s well known not to disturb the Witches in the North. Even the governor would only send the city’s revenue and expenditure reports annually.

Soran was now close to the tower.

But just as he was about to enter, there suddenly appeared a familiar figure—it was a gorgeous woman who looked very familiar.

When she took notice of Soran, she immediately gritted her teeth with hate. She was Gloria’s mother!

One really can’t avoid one’s enemies!