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Blub! Blub! Blub!

A series of bubbles emerged from the clear lake, and then a small figure emerged from the bottom of the lake. First a small wet head, then a small body. Vivian came out as if she was drunk and then walked on the water at a shaky pace. She seemed to be a little dizzy. After taking a few steps, she suddenly raised her little hand and covered her mouth in surprise.

“Oww!… Ah!…”

The little girl opened her eyes in surprise and looked under her feet. There was a slight ripple on the water as she walked on it as if it were flat. Without any magic at all, Vivian walked on the calm lake.

She felt uncomfortable with her wet clothes so she raised her white little hand and made a snap of her finger. Immediately, her clothes became dry and clean. The little girl walked curiously on the water for a few steps, then began to run—her tiny body jumped lightly on the water as though she was a lake elf.

“Awesome!…Huh!…When did I become so powerful!”

The little girl turned her head and thought for a moment. Then a series of memories came to her mind.


Just like that, Vivian fell into the lake again.


Her wet head came out again. The little girl opened her mouth and spit out the water. Then she climbed up from the water and stood on the calm lake again. This time she dared not run anymore. After cleaning her wet clothes, the little girl walked cautiously toward land. She looked a little cautious and seemed afraid that she would fall in again.

Vivian still doesn’t know how to swim.

When she stepped on the flat ground, Vivian patted her chest with her little hand. It seemed as if she was relieved and said, “It’s safe now!”

“But, where am I right now?”

The little girl stood tiptoed to see clearly around her, but she was so short and small that could not see far at all. As a result, she could only walk to the hillside ahead, and then try to jump up to see the surrounding environment– a vast wilderness. A large lake; dense forest on the left, and a high mountain on the right.

There was no sign of human activity, so she was probably in the wilderness.

“Oh no.”

Suddenly the little girl cried and murmured with a mournful face, “That fool, Lilian!… calling me an idiot…she’s the real idiot! Running to the middle of nowhere for no reason!… Great! Now I’m lost.”

Maybe because she wasn’t used to speaking like this.

The little girl quickly reached out and rubbed her lovely little face and muttered, “No! I’m influenced by that fellow! I definitely can not let her out next time!”

Vivian complained for a while and then took out many small things from her delicate embroidery bag. First, she tied up her hair with a pink hairband and turned it into a beautiful ponytail. Then he took out a pair of deerskin boots and replaced the slightly high-heeled leather boots on her little feet. Finally, she tied up her snow-white socks and pure white trousers with cloth strips.

“Sister Gloria said that we shouldn’t wear anything too loose. They look good, but they are troublesome in the wilderness.”

The little girl looked around and then got into a bush like a cat. After a while, when she came out, the princess’s skirt disappeared and it was replaced by simple clothes and trousers. If it weren’t for her beautiful face and long silky hair, she would probably look like a boy.

“I wonder how sister Gloria is doing? Hope she’s fine!”

When the little girl finally got ready, much time had passed. She looked around in some confusion and murmured, “Where on earth should I go?”

The little girl had no idea where to go.

Eventually, she only took out a Derahl, threw it into the air, and then head in the south-west direction– It was a large forest ahead. Gloria had told her not to enter the dense forests unnecessary. She didn’t know how far she had teleported, but she was sure she had left the Northern territory because it was warmer.

Vivian’s actually a little scared, but she was also a very strong little girl. Her experience from the slums had made her very mature, thus she knows very well that in moments like this she would need to prep herself.

Because her brother was not around her, she could only rely on herself.

“First, let’s find some people.”

Vivian’s little body was advancing in the meadow, but she was not slow; she had cast a spell on herself. She looked up at the sky and murmured, “There are many monsters in the wilderness. My small size makes me a prime target and they would use me as a sacrifice. For now, I can only find a city first and see if we can hitch a ride with a caravan.”

“Sister Gloria told me that there are a lot of bad guys out there!”

“Goddess of Riches! Please watch over me!…I’ll make a lot of money in the future!…”

The little girl does not fully understand faith.

She thought that since the Goddess of Riches was in charge of wealth, it would be pleasing to her that she made plenty of money.

In fact.

From the beginning, the little girl was taught by Gloria that witches must learn to make money. A witch without money is not a powerful witch, but a witch with money is a powerful witch. As a result of the circumstances, the idea of believing in deities started to formulate in her mind. After careful consideration for half a day, Vivian finally chose to believe in the Goddess of Riches.

Thus she became a believer. However, that only meant occasional praying and make sacrifices in urgent situations.

This was actually very common.

After all, devout believers would have to pray every day and talk about their deity all the time. Most people in the world were just average believers.

After some traveling, the day was now dark.

Vivian felt much more powerful than before—not tired even after walking for so long. She does feel worried because she had not encountered anyone; After all, she’s not very brave. Many people at her age, in fact, were relatively timid. They would only feel safe if an adult was around.


In the distance, there seemed to be the howling of wolves, which made her quicken her pace.


The little girl seemed to have seen something and she hastened her pace toward that direction. She noticed the rising smoke near a road—possibly other adventurers. Wild animals rarely light bonfires, and they rarely did so by the roadside. Gloria had taught her a lot of useful knowledge.

“Who is it?”

The voice of a vigilant person sounded ahead, following which a figure darted out.

Vivian suddenly stopped, because she saw the person in front of her, and the strange person made her feel a little afraid.

It was a man with two men and three women beside him.

The men’s faces were somewhat devilish, while the women’s faces were quite gorgeous. They seem to be no different from ordinary adventurers; Except for the somewhat devilish appearance.

But that’s not what Vivian sees in her eyes– she sees two faces on everyone. The first face was a human face, which was what other people saw with their naked eyes. The second face was a blurred illusion—there were silvery scales covered their faces. Their pupils were verticle and yellow. They had sharp tusks at the corners of their mouths and tiny scales all around their bodies.

They were the Serpentfolk.

Some of them are hidden in the human race and are very evil, dangerous creatures.

They have the innate ability to change and can disguise themselves as human beings in front of ordinary people. Most of them are mixed-blood, but occasionally there are very powerful pure-blood Serpentfolk.

Vivian had read about them in books and knew that they are very cold-blooded creatures.


One of the Serpentfolk showed a surprised expression, as it seemed hard to imagine why there would be a lonely girl in the wilderness. But his vigilance made him dare not relax at all; He made a gesture to his fellow snakes and then slowly approached Vivian.

The little girl didn’t think too much and quickly turned to run.

The glamorous woman who looked like the leader frowned and then said to the others around her in a cold voice, “Grab her!”

Several figures dashed out.

The little girl sprinted very slowly with short arms and legs and was almost immediately caught up.

When the opponents were about to seize her, Vivian suddenly screamed. She raised her little hand and pointed forward. A faint magic light emerged, and then five Arcane Missiles shot out. The nearest male trembled; When he lowered his head, a huge hole had been opened in his chest.

One of the snake folk fell to the ground and the others pulled out their weapons.

Vivian seemed to be a little frightened. She subconsciously pointed her finger, then a flood of Arcane Missiles came out. The other four snake folk who rushed to her became bloody and torn apart.

The female snake folk who initially gave out the orders became shocked!

When she saw Vivian’s eyes turn around, her face was full of fear. Suddenly she threw herself down on her knees and buried her head deeply on the ground. She trembled all over and said, “Don’t kill me! I’d like to serve you as my master! Oh, powerful master!… Your humble servant is willing to be loyal to you forever!… I only ask you to spare my humble life!…”