Abyss Domination

Chapter 162 - Unknown Mutation

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Inside a cold and eerie forest.

Soran pushed forward weightlessly and vigilantly. Although he shook off the Knight in Silver and the high-grade Druid, he encountered a very dangerous creature last night. It was a leopard that had long white stripes. It was bigger than an adult Siberian tiger and seemed to weigh about half a ton. It was a very rare Frostsaber.

It was not a primitive beast but a special kind of magical beast, the product of some forbidden experiments.

These creatures mostly inhabit the outer planes. They were said to have appeared around the period of the Arcane Empire.

The creature had a monster level of 16.

Soran did not deal with this dangerous creature. Although both parties detected each other, they just looked at each other hundreds of meters apart. The beast had wisdom. After it felt it was at a safe distance, it escaped directly into the dense woods.

Magical beasts were as smart as human children. They appeared on a large scale during the period of the Arcane Empire. During that period, even rabbits could spray out icy powers. All of it was due to the leakage of magic energy and various kinds of radiation energy. Many animals at that period undergone large-scale mutations, and they were a serious threat to other creatures. The total number of Sorcerer doubled during that period.

Then came the massacre. Even the Druids were forced to fight and destroy these magical beasts because they were not products of nature.

These magical beasts were a threat to the natural balance.

Wolves may become extinct because of one mutant rabbit. Nature’s biological chain was under attack and may collapse at any time.

The result of the radiation energy was not only this; there were also some very dangerous creatures.

They were called the Elder Evil. Their destruction has continued for tens of millions of years. Until now, there are still in some corner of the universe. Even the deities are no match for these mutant creatures; They could only seal them up if they work together.

Soran once spotted one somewhere deep in a dessert.

He continued on his journey.

He did not calculate how far he had gone, but suddenly he felt something and stopped.

Soran’s heart began to accelerate for no reason. His heart rate inexplicably increased dramatically. Because of the blood rushing through his body, his muscles began to expand, while his pupils became bloodshot.

This strange feeling was not in his control at all. Soran had no idea what was happening to his body. However, in the midst of this, Soran was able to feel Vivian. All these changes seem to have something to do with her.

The whole ordeal did not last long.

Soran’s head pulsed ever so slightly. His head hurt because of the increased pressure. He couldn’t help speeding up his breathing and gasping for air. He ran towards the river not far away as he felt extremely hot and dry. His skin was reddish and his mouth was dry. He felt as though he hadn’t drunk a drop of water for days and all he wanted was to drink a whole bucket of water.

His skin became more and more red, and his muscles were aching.


Soran couldn’t help but scream. He stumbled and fell on the ground. The pain was getting worse and worse. He gritted his teeth and pushed himself forward; crawled to the riverside bit by bit, and then fell in with a splash.

Sizzling sounds were heard.

A stream of water vapor came out, and Soran’s skin was like a burning iron, evaporating a great deal of water.

More and more water evaporated.

Soran’s pain faded and his consciousness gradually recovered. When he looked down at his palm, he found a strange tattoo. The tattoo gradually spread along his arm, extending from the position of his arm to his neck. It then continued until it stopped below his earlobe.

Soran stood up slowly.

In the reflection of the river, he was still the same as before. However, some parts had changed– his pupils were now scarlet, and there were many strange tattoos on his body.

These tattoos seem like magical marks on a Wizard but were more like tattoos seen on high-grade demons in the Abyss. The ancient high-grade demons would have similar tattoos on them, allowing them to withstand all kinds of damage.

Soran still looked the same as before. The biggest changes, however, were the tattoos and his scarlet pupils.

Soran’s heart was still pumping fast.

It was as though his resting heart rate had been increased by about 50%. All these changes were extremely confusing to him.

Even his body temperature raised!

The first thing Soran noticed was the change in his body temperature.

The average human body temperature was about 36 degrees, but his current body temperature was close to 50-60 degrees. His skin was a little reddish. His thin body was now much stronger than before. His muscles had expanded in size thus stretching his shirt out.

The change did not last long.

When Soran was just about to examine why he suddenly changed, his accelerated heart rate slowed down and returned to its original level. His swollen muscles began to recover and his scarlet pupils returned to their original color. The tattoos on his arms faded little by little.

If there had not been a little water vapor around him, he would have thought that everything that had just happened was just an illusion.

“What was that?!”

Soran opened his palm and looked at himself. There was nothing abnormal about him. His pupils returned to normal. The tattoos disappeared completely. All the previous changes did not leave any trace of him.

A row of data appeared:

An unknown mutation occurred!

Activated divine energy!… Temporarily transformed into the Slayer form!… Slayer stats activated!

Mutation lost.

Recovered to original form!… Slayer stats removed!


Soran’s expression changed slightly, and almost immediately came out of the river and ran ahead. Although he did not know exactly why he had experienced such a change, he was sure that it was linked to Vivian. The divinity of the Dread Lord had been absorbed by Soran, but his divine powers had been transferred to Vivian.

There should still be a connection between the two.

Thus, the change on Soran might be linked to Vivian using the power of Fear.

If Vivian utilized the power of Fear, it would be possible to awaken the divinity in him. The power of divinity could change a person’s bloodline, and could even transform a person into a half-saint. Soran has not the slightest clue regarding this change, so everything would stay a mystery until he found Vivian.

Soran could not help speeding up his pace toward the location of Gloria’s Wizard Tower. Intuition tells him that something must have happened to Vivian!

The Frost Kingdom.

Arendell was filled with a festive atmosphere; the day of coronation for the elder princess.

The royal court prepared a large number of ceremonies and even invited circuses from the southern seaside. The people of Arendell were enjoying the celebration. People drank and laughed. The fireworks of the celebration had started, and from time to time bards performed wonderful tricks to greet people with a burst of surprise. The largest crowd was around the Phantom Circus—the goblin clown raised plenty of praises while the animal trainer directed the beast show.

The celebration, which was delayed for some reason, had finally started.

The elder princess stood at the top of the castle in Arendell, looking down at the city in front of her.

“Big sister.”

There were soft footsteps behind her. Princess Anna’s thin face appeared behind her; She looked much more tired and was not as naive and lively as before. She seemed quiet and indifferent, just like a little white flower in the breeze.

Her temperament had begun to change slightly; becoming slightly more like the elder princess. Princess Anna has kept herself in her room for three days since her last stunt. When she came out, she had become much quieter. She began to try to help the elder princess with the affairs of the kingdom. She also treated the officials and guards kindly and gently. She would occasionally sit on the balcony in the afternoon and meditate.


The elder princess’s eyes showed a trace of love. She opened her arms and embraced Princess Anna in front of her. She then asked, “Are you all right?”

Princess Anna nodded gently and replied, “I hope to learn magic.”

“As a Princess of Arendell, I can’t always rely on others to protect me. Maybe I should try to protect myself.”

The elder princess thought about it for a while, then nodded her head lightly.

Then she took Princess Anna’s little hand and led her to the top of the castle. The court lady next to them made a gesture and immediately, fireworks rose.

The brilliant fireworks bloomed in the sky, illuminating Arendell. The people outside the castle looked over– they marveled at the beauty of the fireworks and saw the two princesses at the top of the castle.

A roar of cheers rang out from the crowd below.

The elder princess was crowned Her Majesty, and Princess Anna became the heir apparent.