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Everything within 30 meters around Vivian became still.

But everything outside the Wizard Tower had not changed. The cold wind still howled, and everything was normal. Gloria sat motionless, her lips slightly open as if she wanted to say something. However, she looked like a puppet, even her eyes were completely static. Opposite Gloria was a completely static dark figure wrapped in a twisted shadow; the figure also had a faint frightened look.

Vivian’s petite figure gently landed on the ground, her hands began to cast spells at high speed, her mouth also started to chant a strange language.

An ancient evil demon language!

A language with special power and the main component of [Blasphemous Language]. Only some powerful demon lords and fallen under lords could control part of it. This kind of language was also very valuable knowledge in the Abyss.

From the creation of the Abyss, only one legendary existence could fully speak these languages: the most ancient devil and the first Succubus in the world. Of course, they were not called succubus at that time. Even the demon Balor had not existed. Even the Queen of Succubus would have to humbly bow her head and address her as the Lady of Pain.

Her existence was a strange one.

Anyone who worshipped her as a deity or served her would be mercilessly killed by her!

She was one of the legendary embodiments of the Abyss. She could kill powerful deities without any Divine Titles and was also the only one who was considered to have Great Divinity.

She was an existence that had no Shard of Divinity nor a hint of Divine Power. That was also why no one knew what he thought about.

She was once aligned to the chaotic camp then turned to the lawful camp.

Till this day, the Lady of Pain still stood in the center of the Multiverse and watched the changes of the whole universe; However, her realm had been closed to the outside world and no one had been able to enter her realm for three thousand years.

Vivian cast her spell for some time.

She uttered a series of ancient words of evil, while the space in front of her began to twist as if space and time were fragmented. The space in front of her began to collapse, like a mirror. Then Vivian stretched out her white little hand and pulled out a piece of a fragment from the dark space-time crack. After, she turned into a sword, almost taller than her whole person.

“Sword of Annihilation!” [Legendary Magic]

Vivian’s small hand held a long and narrow magic sword. It was not a weapon made of material, but a piece of space-time fragment; it only looked like a sword. She raised the sword with both hands then slightly pouted her lips and muttered, “Sure enough, the whip is still easier to use.”

The magic sword touched the ground.

Because she was too short, the ground under her feet was obliterated instantly, revealing a mark nearly three inches deep. There was nothing in the three-inch mark, not even a bit of dust; any object that touched the Sword of Annihilation immediately disintegrated. She moved with the long and narrow sword and appeared in front of the Hand of Despair.

The Hand of Despair was a motionless puppet, with no movement at all. In the next moment, Vivian split her up in a messy way and the Hand of Despair instantly split into two.

Time slowly started to flow again.

The still wind blew through the window, and everything static began to connect with the outside world. Although the world outside had passed 30 seconds, everything inside stayed the way it was 30 seconds ago; except for the fact that Vivian had moved. The Hand of Despair’s eyes moved slightly. He seemed to want to do something, but he had been split in half. There was no blood gushing out, and all the substances that touched the Sword of Annihilation were broken down.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but his whole person had disintegrated into dust within seconds!

The body of the Hand of Despair gradually collapsed while his flesh and blood turned into powder. When Vivian finally pulled back the Sword of Annihilation in her hand, only small amounts of black dust remained on the ground. The Sword of Annihilation does not disintegrate all substances. Any substance touched by it would undergo a very high Test of Exemption (legendary difficulty). If the person could not pass the test, their molecules would be instantly destroyed and disassembled; this applied to legendary professions and even saints.

Any lifeform that wasn’t pure energy would have to go through the test when they touch the Sword of Annihilation.

That was the Sword of Annihilation: one of the most powerful and legendary Evocation spells. It could breakdown most material including legendary equipment!

Only Artifacts could go head to head against it.

Gloria didn’t know what had happened in the thirty seconds. But when she recovered, the Hand of Despair that had driven her to despair had died. In front of her was Vivian with a slightly discontented expression. The little girl muttered something, “Damn it! … It has been transformed into a shadow creature! I knew I should have cast Imprison Soul!…”

As she said this, at an ancient and dark basement room in the shadow plane, a twisted shadow suddenly appeared. Immediately after appearing the twisted shadow became a human figure which looked like the Hand of Despair. But all his equipment had disappeared, and only a vague body made up of shadow energy could be seen. His expression seemed to be a little angry as he stood up and looked around. He then walked toward a leaping flame and slowly said, “The first Son of Fear has completely awakened! She destroyed my body!… I have to reconstruct my body once more!…”

At the top of the tower.

Gloria stood up with some difficulty. She looked at Vivian, who had turned into a demon, and murmured, “You! Vivian!…”

The little girl turned her head somewhat discontentedly, stared at her with wide eyes and scorned, “I said I am not Vivian!”

“My name is Lilian!”

“I am the most powerful Witch of Terror!…”

After that, she turned and left. In the beginning, she had a strong aura, as if she were a high-ranking demon lord; but at the next moment, she was controlling the smaller version of a pair of demonic wings behind her. Her wings shook slightly, as if she was still an immature succubus, and fluttered in a somewhat awkward manner. She flew using her immature demonic wings behind her, but she looked very clumsy.

As though she had not fully learned how to control her wings. Her small body flew unsteadily in the air!

It did not matter if she was Vivian or Lilian, she was not mature.

Gloria stood up with her wounds. The toxins in her body had been removed by magic. She watched Vivian, who had flown out of the Wizard’s Tower, and said weakly, “You… Where are you going?…”


The little girl in the sky turned around and looked at her. She pouted her lips and said, “Of course, to kill the other Sons of Fear. Would I wait for those guys to come to kill me? I’m not an idiot!… When they’re killed, I will be the Dread Lord!…”

“Oh right!… If my brother comes to find me, tell him I went to kill all the other Sons of Fear. Oh and tell him I’ll give him a gift when I see him!”

The little girl’s face was full of vigor; as if all the other Sons of Fear was nothing to her!

Regrettably, no matter how ambitious she was or how arrogant she was, she still flew out like a fluttering baby bird: swaying and only flying for a few meters. The demonic wings behind her were too small and seemed very weak!

Maybe she felt that flying was not at all efficient. The little girl muttered discontentedly and then raised her little hand to open a portal.

Soon after she flew in the portal and disappeared right in front of Gloria.

Hundreds of kilometers from the Wizard Tower.

Suddenly a black portal appeared in the sky, and Vivian’s petite figure came out of it. She funnily fluttered her demonic wings. After flying a little distance, she began to fall with her little face in an angry voice, shaking and disapproving. “What a fool!… Growing up so slowly!… totally useless!…”

The little girl fell speedily.

As she got closer and closer to the ground, she could not help frowning, checking herself with her little hands, and muttering, “Why am I feel less and less powerful? No!… the power is still there!…”

“No! This is bad!”

“All the power is going to the fool!… How could this happen?… How can I not compete with that idiot? Didn’t she have no divinity?…”


“I don’t want to go back!… It’s dark inside!… Idiot!…Fool!… useless crap!… let me out!”

“I’ll be back!”


When she was ten meters away from the ground, Vivian suddenly fell rapidly. The demonic wings behind her disappeared gradually. The tattoo below her earlobes disappeared. Her little body fell directly into a lake and water splashed.