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In the Wizard Tower.

A figure invisible to the naked eye was slowly advancing, and no one knew how the figure snuck into the tower. It was not until he reached the second floor at the bottom of the tower that Gloria noticed the intruder. The figure moved cautiously along the corner; no one would underestimate the power of the Wizard Tower and its various traps. No one knew how many dangerous devices would be installed in the tower by the Wizards who were distraught.


There was a slight noise and the invisible figure prized open a door. The figure walked through it carefully.

The other party’s basic skills were high. Almost no sound could be heard when he walked and many complex magic locks could be easily opened. But when the figure stepped through the door, suddenly the wall had a heavy muffled sound, and a solid stone door fell instantly. Heavy footsteps echoed behind the passage, and a huge figure of a Steel Golem approached slowly. On the right side of the passage, a trap door was opened and a deadly green beam shot out of it.


Things which were hit by the green beam dissipated; decomposing into the most basic molecules. The figure trembled all over as if it had been harmed greatly. Disintegrate could cause up to 240 spell damage. If the figure could not pass the Test of Fortitude, it was possible to be disintegrated on the spot. Even if the figure could pass the test, Disintegrate could still cause 30 erosion damage; there was also the possibility of the figure losing body parts.

At the top of the Wizard Tower.

Gloria looked doubtful and frowned slightly. “How could you sneak into my Wizard Tower and not be able to avoid Disintegrate? Does he not have any legendary equipment?”

It was almost impossible for a legendary grade Lurker to not have legendary equipment.

Moreover, no matter what occupation the Rogue advances into, they would master some special Shadow techniques, which could resist spell damage; there was no need to take the spell head-on.

Unless someone was absolutely confident of their Constitute and Fortitude, it was possible to be decomposed on the spot; one of the most deadly spells that were a Test of Death.

“Something’s wrong!”

Gloria’s frowned and said in a deep voice, “Activate the Laser Pulse Beam!”

A magic gemstone device was activated, and then a red energy laser beam emerged. Anything in the beam’s path was cut; the beam crossed the channel at an amazing speed and hit the figure instantaneously. The figure’s body was cut in half in an instant, but no blood came out. The body of the figure fell to the ground and the invisibility slowly faded away, revealing a face covered in a black cloak. There was a special emblem on his chest; a pale palm stretched out from the ground, surrounded by a graveyard of white bones.


Gloria’s expression changed dramatically, instantly activating a device that wrapped her in protective energy and muttered, “Hand of Despair! What kind of spell-like ability is this? Shadow Avatar? Mirror Image? Or Simulacrum?”

A cold ray of light appeared behind her.

A weird figure suddenly rushed in from hundreds of meters above the tower. The strange figure twisted and then went through the energy shield of the tower; smashing the window and entering the tower. The enemy had been staying hundreds of meters above the Wizard Tower until he figured out where Gloria was. The enemy then jumped through the protective energy shield with special plane jump ability and then broke the window into the tower.

A black dagger appeared, and the wail of the dead sounded faintly!

“Spell Trigger Activation!”

“Spell Sequencer!”


“Ring of Protection!”

Six glows of magic appeared around Gloria. One after another, layers of Energy Shield covered her, and her figure disappeared. The shadowy figure vanished in an instant. Then they appeared again behind Gloria and thrust a dagger toward her heart. The Energy Shields bursts like eggshells as the dagger hits the weakest point on the shield. At the same time, spells would be released at the moment of contact. In just mere seconds, the dagger had cut into Gloria’s back!

Fresh blood gushed out.

Gloria’s face became very pale. Fortunately, the deflective force field had offset the thrust of the dagger slightly; even though she was not stabbed in the heart, she was seriously injured. The strength of the enemy was more astonishing than she had imagined.

“Expose Weakness!”

This was a legendary Assassin with a Profession Level close to 25.

Unsurprisingly, there was poison and it began to spread.

Gloria seemed to be trying to cast a spell, but the process was interrupted by the poison. A little blood spilled out of her mouth and there was already a little black taint in her blood.

Dimension Step, Shadow Realm, Shadow Jump, Shadowstrike, Deadly Poison, Expose Weakness, Mirror Image.

Within seconds, Gloria’s heart was full of despair. The enemy was the legendary Hand of Despair; a top Assassin who entered the realm of legend hundreds of years ago who even succeeded in assassinating a legendary Wizard. Although Gloria had a fairly high Profession Level, she had not mastered level 9 spells. She couldn’t use Chain Contingency on herself and had no time to cast other high-grade spells. The enemy, of course, did not give her any time to cast spells at all. Immediately the black dagger slashed toward Gloria’s throat.

From the start, the enemy had no intentions of sneaking into the Wizard Tower. The mirror image was just to startle her and to find out where Gloria was in the Wizard Tower.

This was a very experienced legendary Assassin!

Death was closing in.

Gloria’s eyes were full of hopelessness. As a core member of the Northern Witch Council, she had never been in such a difficult situation and had never been so powerless.

There hasn’t been a legendary Assassin of Profession Level 25 for the last hundred years.

Why would he assassinate me?


Where is she? The tower won’t be able to contain this Assassin!

Unless she had advanced into the realm of legends, she would not have time stop spells or legendary level 9 spells; It was impossible to resist this enemy. In comparison, the ruler of the Wizard council or the current “Eye of the North” was only a level 24 northern Witch; her Profession Level may not even be higher than this legendary Assassin!

This person had the qualifications to step into the realm of gods.

The moment of death was a very long one. Just as Gloria was ready for her death, the dark dagger suddenly stopped in front of her, and a trace of horror appeared in the eyes of the masked Assassin. The Assassin swiftly disappeared as a shadow and moved to a place fifteen meters away. Gloria collapsed and instantly activated a piece of equipment, temporarily suppressing the poison in her body. She then looked outside the door.

Vivian’s figure was there.

She was wearing a white princess dress and looked lovely and moving. Her little body was suspended in mid-air and her pupils turned into a bloody red color; on her back were a pair of Demonic Wings.

Her expression was so strange.

It was as if she was smiling, but the corners of her mouth showed a trace of evil. It was a kind of expression full of ridicule and laughter. It was different from the Vivian she knew.


Vivian gently stepped into the room, glanced at the seriously injured Gloria next to her, then turned her gaze to the Assassin and savored, “Finally let me out? Your sister Gloria would have died if I didn’t come out!… But it doesn’t matter if she died! We could still turn her soul into something else!… Maybe a Banshee? Or is it better to become a Succubus?…”

Gloria was in shock and uttered, “Vivian!… What’s wrong?”

The little girl turned slowly, raised her white little hand and lifted her long hair. There was a monstrous tattoo below her ear. She looked at Gloria playfully and mocked, “I’m not Vivian. My name is Lillian, The Witch of Terror [Lillian]!”

“I’ve been watching that useless fellow silently for eight years. Even after absorbing so much divine power, she’s still useless.”

“But I have to thank you.”

“If you weren’t in danger, she might not have wanted to let me out.”

“But now I’m free!”

Vivian’s little figure was suspended in midair and took a deep breath of enjoyment. She spread out her little hands to celebrate her freedom. Even the Demonic Wings behind her trembled slightly.

She then turned her head and looked at the Assassin in front of her. A glow of divinity appeared in her scarlet pupils; A cruel smile appeared on her lips and she said with an evil laugh, “Now that I have come out. According to my agreement with that fool, I’m going to kill you, a disgusting fly!…”

“Honesty is very important!…I’m similar to my brother like that!… not like that useless fool!… Even with so much power, she still couldn’t protect my brother!… what a complete useless idiot!… a complete burden!…”

The little girl seemed to speak in a somewhat melodious rhythm as if she were a willful rebellious girl who wanted to act lawlessly.

But she was just eight!

That was why her expression, tone, and attitude did not seem to fit the package.

If Soran were here, he would only describe her as a rebellious teen.

Vivian’s mouth showed a cruel smile. She raised her white small hand and a glow of divinity appeared in her pupils. In the next moment, an enormous amount of divine power erupted from her, covering everything within 30 meters around her.

She stared coldly at the Assassin in front of her and said with a serious expression, “Divine realm of Fear!”

“Time Stop!”

Everything around them froze.