Abyss Domination

Chapter 159 - Intruder!

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There were many small alleyways in the city.

The two were on an intersecting road. Although Soran felt familiar with the fragrance, he did not want to find out more. He had no time to care about other things right now. To his surprise, just as he walked out of the alley, he saw another tall figure beside the street. It made his whole person tremble and quickly retreated back into the alley. The woman in black on the other side also shrank back like a cat and hid in the shadows.


Soran’s figure continued to retreat and he couldn’t help but curse, “How could she still find me?”

Knight in Silver.

Soran was sure that the woman outside was definitely a disguised Knight in Silver. He could see through the disguise easily, recognizing his opponent at a glance. Soran also noticed the Druid beside her which was of inestimable strength; the Druid may be high-grade or even legendary.

“Was that leaf that important?”

Soran muttered to himself, turned to the opposite direction, and said to himself, “How can you catch up with me in this way? Did they use Legendary Divination? The thing is almost gone! What else can they do? Take me back for dissection?”

This was not somewhere to stay for long.

No matter how the other party followed him, Soran felt that he shouldn’t stay here.

He walked quietly toward the other direction, and when he turned his head, he saw the woman in black running furtively.

The two saw each other, and both their expressions were stunned.

Soran felt that the woman in front of him was familiar. Although he could see her face through the veil, the feeling of familiarity was strong. He had definitely seen the woman in front of him before and had seen her more than once. The woman in black also had a similar look. She looked carefully at Soran, who was wearing a black robe. Her eyes were filled with doubt and familiarity. Both of them were in black, and the direction of their retreat was the same; this made the situation awkward.

“It’s you!…”

Suddenly, the woman in black showed a strange smile and her eyes became enchanting. With a cat-like light step, she gently took off the veil on her face and revealed a charming and moving face. Her expression was seductive and said in a voice of enchantment: “Come here. Come here. Come to me.”

Soran’s expression was momentarily in a blank, and then he subconsciously walked toward the other side.

The sexy woman’s expression was obviously proud. She held out her white fingers to point to Soran’s forehead, and a strange smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Slowly she said, “It’s my luck to meet you! Looks like you’re not weak, you should be able to help me attract their attention! ”

“Dire Charm!”

Soran was getting closer and closer. When he came to the gorgeous woman in front of him, a cold light appeared in his eyes and immediately he pulled out his sword to slash toward the woman’s head. A look of astonishment appeared on the face of the gorgeous woman, and an invisible energy field of protection emerged, pushing Soran away. The strike had destroyed the protective force field. When Soran’s curved sword met with the woman’s skin, another energy field blocked it. However, her dress was cut open revealing her white voluptuous breasts.

How is this possible!?

It hasn’t been that long, but this man is now able to breakthrough my Energy Shield?

In the past, Soran was almost controlled with a level 1 Enchant Human, but now he not only resisted the high-grade Dire Charm, but he also broke through her Energy Shield. If it not had been her secondary shield she would probably have been cut open. Even so, her clothes were cut open, and the place where the curved sword cut left a feeling of chilliness, which made her tremble for a moment.

A Legendary grade weapon!?

Only Legendary grade weapons could have this kind of cold energy.

How did he become so powerful all of a sudden?


Soran did not continue to attack after being pushed back. Instead, he stepped on a barrel with a thud and then his figure disappeared. Wizards often had a pattern of storing Spells, especially protective spells. The last time he dealt with this woman, he was pushed back, and this time it was the same. The fact that the woman snuck around seemed like she was chased by some other people. Maybe the Knight in Silver wasn’t going after Soran, but the glamorous woman in front of him; Soran remembered Gloria had mentioned that her mother used to cause so much trouble that Druids all over the world saw her as an eyesore.

“Evade Sight!”

Soran’s figure disappeared in the shadow and swiftly left the scene.

The woman in black was apparently afraid after the attack. In the instant Soran disappeared, she activated a piece of equipment and then cast True Seeing on herself.

She feared that Soran would continue to attack and that if he could break through her Energy Shield, he would be able to kill her!

Unfortunately, she was wrong.

After being able to see through invisibility, the gorgeous woman did not see Soran at all. On the contrary, because of the noise, it attracted the attention of the Knight in Silver and the middle-aged Druid; they rushed in quickly. When she saw the two enemies rushing in, the gorgeous woman almost broke her silver teeth. She looked hatefully at the direction of where Soran disappeared, then raised her hand and pinched something. Her figure suddenly disappeared and then appeared three kilometers away.

“Damn it!”

The gorgeous woman stamped her foot in anger and cursed, “That damn fellow! I had to use the last Teleport marker!…”

From afar, a silvery figure began closing in on her.

The gorgeous woman looked at the Knight in Silver who had tracked her and the eagle flying in the sky. The expression on her face was very angry. She instantly cast several buff spells and then fled away.

“These buggers are like ghosts!”

The gorgeous woman clenched her teeth and ran away, saying to herself, “If I had brought my things, I would have imprisoned all of your souls! The equipment on me are almost used up!… They would catch up with me if I go on like this!… Wait until I advance into the realm of legends, then I’ll come back for your heads!… Now I can only go to my good daughter!…”

“Hopefully she’ll help me because I’m her mother!…”


Soran turned around and let out a breath of relief.

As he expected.

The Knight in Silver wasn’t there to track him down. There was no reason she could have tracked him here in the Northern Territory when she hasn’t appeared when Soran stopped for so long in the snowy mountains. It turned out that the Knight in Silver was following Gloria’s mother.

But wasn’t she banished to Whiterun? How did she sneak in here? Seems like the Druids still want her dead.

Soran didn’t dare to stay here for long.

If the Knight of Silver found him, she would probably turn around and kill him. After all, these ladies were famous for their revenge.

Soran went straight into the shadows, bypassing the city and went to the woodland trails, then headed for the direction of Waterdeep. He had known the location of Gloria’s Tower; As one of the core members of the Northern Witches, she had a very noble status in the North. Both she and Vivian could be found there unexpectedly.

As for Gloria’s obviously wayward mother, Soran would not care about her life or death.

This woman was vile to the core!

She planned to control him to attract the enemy’s attention with Dire Charm. If it weren’t for Soran’s high Will exempting him from the effects of the spells and confusing her with his acting skills, it would not be so easy to escape.

At a tall tower.

Gloria stood tall on the balcony, holding little Vivian’s hand, with a gentle smile on her face.

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something. Suddenly her face changed dramatically. She immediately raised her hand with a glow and a water-like mirror appeared in front of her eyes, in which a hazy figure could be seen.

How is it possible that I’m not able to see the opponent even with True Seeing?

Gloria’s face suddenly became serious. She raised her hand to protect Vivian next to her and said, “Legendary Assassin?… Vivian, go to the lab now!… Do not come out!… A legendary Assassin had invaded the tower!…”


The walls of the Wizard Tower shook slightly, and with a wave of Gloria’s hand, hidden doors appeared on the walls, followed by a heavy Steel Golem coming out. At the same time, a magic aura emerged from the top of the tower, which closed all the channels in the tower instantly, even shadows were wrapped up by magic energy.

“Who dares to intrude into my tower!”

Gloria’s beautiful face showed a trace of killing intent. She raised her staff off the ground for a knock and an invisible energy wave gradually spread out.

She observed the water-like mirror and calmly ordered, “Steel Golem hear my commands!… activate Laser Pulse Beam!… turn on Space Realm lock!… lock down all the access to the other Planes!… block all Teleportation!… awaken the Shadow Puppet!… Scan the Spirit Plane!… Scan for lifeforms!…”

“Activate the power core!… Wizard Tower at level 1 alert!…”