Abyss Domination

Chapter 157 - Her Highness Anna!

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Soran soaked himself in the hot spring and breathed out comfortably; He had already forgotten how it felt to take such a nice bath. Along his journey of slaughter, he could only take simple baths; Thus this extravagant hot spring was a real luxury for Soran. The white marble bath was ten meters wide and had exquisite art carved on top to prevent people from slipping on it. At the top was a brilliant crystal lamp, a masterpiece of Alchemy, which probably only the palace could afford.

At the top of the bath was a statue of a goddess; the thin silk on the goddess outlined her perfect body. The statue had her arms spread out to let out a stream of clear hot spring. It seemed like it was the statue of the Goddess of Singing Waters. Probably only the royal family of Arendelle would put her in the bath. The bath was specially designed thus that there would always be a constant flow of water in and out; the flow was constant and ran almost all year round. Next to it was a big luxurious bed, with two beautiful-looking servants standing with expensive silk gowns in their hands.

Soran felt very relaxed after the flow of warm water washed away his tiredness.

Unfortunately, he did not stay in it for long as he did not want to indulge in enjoyment and become careless. When he got up from the bathtub, two servants came up with a blush on their faces, and one of them put on a silk robe for him. One of them led him to the bed and lay down, while the other reached out and massaged his back. This was a special massage technique that was done very professionally, such that the flow of blood in his body hastened.

This is really comfortable.

The two servants rubbed and pressed with their slender little hands, sometimes putting more pressure at places which were acupoints. This technique originated from shrines, which gradually spread to the aristocrats. Soran’s breathing became even and his body relaxed like never before. He was in a very safe environment. Even though the elder Princess was not very friendly, she would not hurt the person who had saved her sister. Soran who was now relaxed, quickly fell asleep. The servants wiped his sweat lightly, then covered him with a soft velvet quilt which they took from another room.

This was not a sleeping area but just somewhere to get massaged. However, since he was asleep, the servants did not want to wake him up.

The night was soon over.

The elder princess came out wearing a snowy-white sleeping gown that had delicate laces. Her long silvery-white hair was down, making her a little less fierce and a little more gentle; as if a beautiful goddess had just woken up. The servant outside stood up, crouched down slightly and said, “Your Majesty the Queen! Do you want to bathe and change?”

The Princess shook her head gently and said slowly, “No. Has that man woken up? Let the captain come over.”

The servant responded and quickly went on her way.

After a while, the guard from yesterday came over. She bowed slightly and said, “Your Majesty the Queen? What are your orders?”

The elder Princess looked at her and frowned slightly. “Prepare the man’s reward, and then send the man away. Anna recited his name hundreds of times last night, and I’m afraid she would fall in love with this person because she is still too young!… She is the princess of Arendell and will be the queen of Arendell in the future!… That adventurer is too bizarre! He has a killing intent that makes me feel uneasy!… Anna mustn’t get too close to such a person!…”

How could the future Queen of Arendell get too close to an adventurer that has misfortune, Fear and Slaughter?

His hands are covered in blood, and he brings about a blood storm wherever he goes!

The elder Princess shook her head firmly and said, “Be more generous with the reward, then send the man away.”

The guard was just about to leave.

Then the elder Princess hesitated for a moment then said, “Let’s give him that weapon. I think he seems to like using curved swords; that will be his reward for saving Anna.”

Outside a room.

Soran woke up because of the sound of footsteps outside. The other party seemed to have come for a while but did not leave. The person waited quietly outside, but judging from the breathing, the other party seemed to be in a hurry; raising her hand several times without knocking the door. He sat up slowly, then reached out and touched his silk robe, which was smooth and comfortable. There was a bitter smile on his face but he did not feel angry. It was evident that he was not welcomed as someone was already at his door early in the morning.

It was clear now that the elder Princess does not welcome him!

Soran took off the robe and put on his rough cloth and leather armor. He looked at the room where luxury was everywhere and murmured, “When we get through this crisis, I’ll prepare a room like this for Vivian.”

This is how Vivian should be living.

Instead of following me, trekking thousands of miles in snow and wind, all weary and tired.

A little girl that’s only 8.

But had never lived a normal life.

Her life was hard, but she never muttered a word of complaint.

Soon, Soran was done putting on his clothes and slowly opened the door. Outside the door was the guard. Her expression was slightly astonished, and she was even more astonished when she saw Soran’s clothes. This clearly meant that he had guessed what Her Majesty meant. Since the other party was a great adventurer, he had long been aware that the Princess would want him to leave early. Behind the guard were two servants, with delicate trays in their hands. One of them had a curved sword on it and the exquisite scabbard could be seen to be extraordinary. The other had a black silk glove with strange inscriptions on it, as if it were something extraordinary.

“Her Majesty the Queen has asked me to…”

As soon as the guard began to speak, Soran interrupted her. In fact, he was not happy, but he was not angry.

He reached for the curved sword and stroked it gently on the scabbard. Then he pulled it out with a clang. The silver-white body of the curved sword glowed with a faint light. He passed the edge of the curved sword on his finger lightly, and blood rushed out immediately; soon he felt a cold sensation on his palm. This truly was a legendary grade weapon!

The elder Princess does not seem like a harsh person and only wanted to protect her little sister.

“I know.” Soran looked at the other party while he put the curved sword away, and picked up the gloves on another tray. He said expressionlessly, “I’ll leave soon, and I won’t disturb Princess Anna anymore.”

The guard was silent.

Soran’s words left the guard speechless. She did not even have the chance to tell Soran what the elder Princess had said. Obviously, this made her feel somewhat embarrassed. After all, the other party did risk his life to save Her Highness, Anna.

Soran took a glance at the gloves and gently put them on.

The Princess was worthy of her name indeed. She gave two legendary grade pieces of equipment that were very rare.

Item Type: Icingdeath [+2]

Item Grade: [Legendary (Grade 2)]

Description: This is a weapon with a legendary history. Its past master once took it into the Abyss. The blood of the devil and demons was left on its body, and the murmur of the dead could be heard faintly. This is a curved sword forged by the northern [Ice Forge] process. It is infused with Mithril during forging, which makes the blade body lighter than other weapons while maintaining its toughness and sharpness. The weapon is fused with the power of cold, and when it hits the enemy, it will cause them to suffer frost damage.

Requirements: 10 or more Strength [Strength requirement -2]

Effects: Mithril Effects, Ice Forge Effects, +5 Sharpness, +5 Penetration, +3 Toughness, +2 Armor Piercing, +3 Frost Damage.

Special Effects: [Icingdeath] When this weapon hits a weak enemy, it has a certain chance to freeze the blood of the enemy, so that the enemy whose maximum life value is less than 20 points would die instantly.

Special Characteristics: [Sharpness] In battle, this weapon has a certain chance to break any extraordinary weapon. Any weapon below legendary grade has a slight chance to be broken by it.

A very powerful legendary curved sword.

The weapon was almost as good as the two weapons Soran forged in the Underdark previously. The elder Princess still rewarded him with sincerity. It was only her attitude towards Soran that was bad.

Item Type: Master Battler Gloves [+1]

Item Grade: [Legendary (Grade 1)]

Description: A legendary item made of extraordinary spider silk; a small dimension space has been activated on the glove with special enchantment technique. Spider silk itself is extremely tough, it can withstand most attacks without any damage, and can even deflect part of the damage. It doesn’t affect the user when battling as it is thin and light.

Requirements: None

Effects: Toughness +1, Deflect +1

Special Effects: [Three feet storage space]

When Soran put on the gloves, the curved sword in his palm suddenly disappeared and a flying knife appeared in his palm; then a curved sword appeared in his left hand, then his right hand.

It was a very rare piece of storage equipment in the world.

This item was even better than the Ring of Storage. Only adventurers proficient in combat would know how much better Glove of Storing was compared to storage rings. Such rare-grade items allowed adventurers to switch weapons at will, and there was almost no disadvantage in battle! The real value of this equipment was even greater than the legendary curved sword, and the value of both pieces of equipment was almost as good as being gifted the title of a low ranking baron.

Soran nodded his head in silence.

He turned around and looked at the palace, then went out. The palace was ultimately not a place he should stay.

Wind and snow blanketed his figure, and he still had a long way to go.


Before leaving, he noticed the elder Princess on the balcony. She was still so beautiful and noble, and still aloft. Soran bowed slightly to show respect and then left without looking back.

He felt disappointed, but he was not angry, because he felt that the elder Princess was a little like himself.

Her protection of her sister Anna reminded Soran of how protective he would be with Vivian. If he was in the elder Princess, he probably would not want Vivian to get too close to those bloody adventurers. Since she could quietly enjoy a princess-like comfortable life. Why let her close to those adventurers that were so close to blood and slaughter?

Maybe one day, a person like him would die in some random place; since it was common for adventurers to die in the wilderness.

Soran’s figure slowly went further and further.

The flying snow in the sky gradually shrouded him. The guards in the palace looked up at the sky and then looked at the position of the elder Princess. If Her Majesty’s mood was not so good, then it’s possible for Arendelle to have snowfall too. The elder Princess was a person who had a restrained personality; Outsiders seldom had the chance to see the mood in her heart from her face. She was always a gentle and kind Queen; Even in the face of the poor in the kingdom, she would bend over and look at them with a smile.

That was why she was very much loved in Arendelle!

The elder Princess watched Soran’s departure until he was about to walk out of the palace gate, and then she let out a breath of relief.


Just as the elder Princess was about to go back, Princess Anna suddenly voiced out. She wore a lovely snowy-white nightdress, rubbed her eyes with her little hands, and came out barefooted. As if she were still sleeping she muttered, “I just dreamed that Soran had suddenly left! Where is he?… I want to see him!…”

The elder Princess looked stunned. Even the snowflakes dancing in the sky seemed to stop for a moment.

She let out a long sigh and slowly said, “He had left.”


Princess Anna suddenly widened her eyes, and a hint of tear appeared in her beautiful eyes. She cried for a moment because of the overwhelming fact, then she ran toward the outside of the palace without a sound. She left the elder Princess astonished, and a young servant that was still chasing after her with a pair of exquisite crystal shoes.

The girl ran down the stairs like a gust of wind and then ran barefoot with her hands lifting the skirt of her nightdress. She pushed aside the guard after exiting the door, and then turned over and mounted a white horse. She galloped towards the gate of the palace. Behind her was the elder Princess who was still startled by the sudden change of events, and the young servant standing at the door panting.

Princess Anna rushed to the entrance of the palace with her horse but the nearby guards had stopped in front of the entrance of the palace.

She sobbed bitterly and pushed them aside in anger, then ran up the stairs to the palace wall with bare feet. A distant figure could be seen in the distance, but it was blurred by the wind and snow.

“So! Ran!”

Princess Anna put her little hands to her mouth and formed a cone. Tears trickled down from her beautiful big eyes as she felt very wrong for some reason. She looked at the gradually fading figure in the snow and suddenly cried out, “Soran!… I like you!!!… You dare to marry me!!!?…”

The palace became dead silent.

Only Princess Anna’s voice still echoed in the air.

The elder Princess opened her mouth in surprise and remained motionless. Her expression seemed to be almost frightened and scared silly.

In the heavy wind and snow.

The gradually fading figure suddenly stiffened for a moment, then stayed in place. Vaguely it could be seen that he had turned around and bowed slightly while holding the palm of his hand in the position of his heart.

This was an ancient way of salute.

Princess Anna’s eyes were still dripping with tears. She stood on the wall of the palace. Her petite figure shivered slightly in the cold wind and shouted with all her strength, “Soran! I’ll be seventeen next year!… When I grow up, you must come and marry me!…”

Princess Anna finally burst into tears. She pushed aside the frightened guards around her and ran to the palace, wiping her eyes.

She was a Princess of Arendelle.

The future queen of Arendelle!

In fact, she did not know much about liking someone, let alone love, but there was an impulse in her heart. She felt uncomfortable in her heart and became even more uncomfortable without saying the things in her heart.

Her Highness Anna.

A bold princess; her courage may not necessarily be understood by others, but she was still really brave.

She also had the arrogance of a princess, because she asked Soran if he dared to marry her, which was a very heavy responsibility. One of Arendelle’s two pearls, Her Majesty the future queen. Since she was not an ordinary girl, marrying her required not only strength but also great courage!

She was also a girl that followed tradition. What she wanted was not just romance.

She was very simple-minded.

She thought that if she liked someone, they should step into the sacred hall of marriage. That was why she asked a person she liked if he dared to marry her.

She was brave, yet would feel scared at the same time.

That’s Anna.

One of Arendelle’s two pearls, the most dazzling princess. She probably was not strong or the most beautiful princess, nor was she that smart.

But that’s who she was; Her Highness Anna!