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Soran’s response was very interesting.

Although the Maid of Misfortune could not bring good luck to people, it could bring bad luck to people. That was why so many people worship and flatter the goddess; praying that they would not be haunted by bad luck. On the other hand, they would pray that the goddess would punish their enemies. In ancient times, there was a goddess of fortune, who was in charge of both good fortune and misfortune. For some reason, the powerful goddess fell and two new goddesses were born.

These two goddesses who had Great Divine Powers were the Maid of Misfortune and Goddess of Good Fortune!.

It was said that the Goddess of Good Fortune inherited all the capricious qualities of her predecessor, that was why good fortune comes without warning and was very irregular. The Maid of Misfortune, however, inherited all the beauty of the former goddess. It was said that all men who have seen the Maid of Misfortune, if not burned to death by their desires, would desperately try to satisfy every unreasonable demand of the Maid of Misfortune. There was even a legend that said that any woman who saw the Maid of Misfortune would immediately fall into a state of madness.

That was why she was also called [Lady Doom].

Most of the Priests of Lady Doom multi-professioned in Rogue, Assassin, and Bard; some might even get the opportunity to advance into the class [Auspician].

There were many difficult female gods, but the most famous were the “Twins and Queen”. The twins referred to the Goddess of Good Fortune and the Maid of Misfortune, and the queen referred to the Queen of Spiders, which everyone was familiar with. On the whole, the most difficult goddess to deal with was the Queen of Spiders because the combination of the Goddess of Good Fortune and Maid of Misfortune would then match the power of the Queen of Spiders.

In other words, the Maid of Misfortune had half the power of the Queen of Spiders.

Thus, the Priest in front of them would be half that of the Priests of the Queen of Spiders.

Soran took a slight glance at the Priest and noticed the slender waist and limbs. The weapon favored by the Maid of Misfortune was a divine weapon named [Ill Fortune], a special cat o’ nine tails scourge. That was why many of the Priests of Lady Doom were good at using scourges. Soran never understood why so many goddesses loved whips and scourges.

The Queen of Succubi’s divine weapon [Lovers Whip] (Unknown), Maiden of Pain’s divine weapon[Messenger of Torture] (Nine-tailed barbed scourge), Lady Doom’s divine weapon [Ill Fortune] (Cat o’ nine tails scourge), the Queen of Spider’s divine weapon [Destroyer’s Anger] (viper whip)!

Thus it was best to be careful of goddesses that used the whip.

They were fighters among the goddesses, and many gods had died in their hands. The Queen of Succubus had killed two lords of Abyss. The Maiden of Pain had killed many weak gods. Lady Doom had killed the deity of the Rogues. Finally, the Queen of Spiders was even worse; the number of gods who had been killed by her was close to ten!

Soran was very afraid of the Priest in front of him.

Even though he was not a person that believed in faith, he very much believed in things like fortune and luck.

A stroke of luck would bring a person out of death, and bad luck would push you a person to the depths of the Abyss!

That was why Soran quickly offered sacrifices, and then said his prayers.

The twins of fortune only fought amongst each other during the Time of Troubles. No other deity went against them. If Lady Doom hadn’t started to look for allies, no other gods would have been involved in their battle. The divine powers of these two goddesses were very strange as well; sometimes even powerful gods may be affected by luck.

However, one thing was true. Everyone would show respect to be on their good side. Although their personalities were capricious, people still needed to be courteous when they had a chance to.

Even if people could not get lucky, they would still spend it to not get misfortune!

The Priest with her devilish eyes stared at Soran then looked down at the Gold Derahls in the palm of her hand; Her lips moved slightly, then she left a mark representing the Maid of Misfortune on Soran’s forehead and said, “The goddess has taken your bad luck, but you need to offer more sacrifices to show your sincerity and get the blessing of the Maid of Misfortune.”

The blessing of the Maid of Misfortune?!

When Soran heard what she said, he was a little stunned and looked up at the Priest in surprise.

Only a powerful Priest would dare to say something like this!

The blessings of gods were a special kind of buff. At least Priests at the level of archbishops were qualified to channel the blessings of gods because they had mastered the ability of [divine power]. The archbishops were quasi-legendary Priests; thus they could also use Minor Divine Powers.

Since this Priest dare to say these words, maybe she is a powerful Priest?

But she doesn’t look like a legendary Priest?

The bewitching woman continued to look at Soran with playful eyes; Her expression seemed to show interest. When she saw Soran hesitating, she became somewhat unhappy and was ready to retract her hand. When she was just about ready to move on Soran quickly grabbed her hand, gritted his teeth and pulled out all kinds of precious stones and gold coins from his multi-dimensional bag. At least ten pieces of precious stones were taken out, all of which were left for future Alchemy use; the value of the things he took out were thousands of Gold Derahls. Seeing these glittering and translucent precious stones, the bewitching woman showed a slight smile.

She naturally took the sacrifices and gave Soran a look, but his heart was still in pain and did not notice it.

Without any choice, the bewitching woman could only stand on tiptoe to kiss Soran’s forehead. The height difference between them was somewhat large as her height was only about 1.65 meters. After the kiss on his forehead, the woman kissed him on the side of his face, and then whispered in a secret language close to his ear, “The Maid of Misfortune has begun to pay attention to your enemies! You have been blessed by the goddess with your sincerity!…”

The mark on Soran’s forehead had a weak glow.

It was not a glow the naked eye could see, but Soran was able to see a bit of it.

The bewitching woman did not seem to have the intention of staying. When she put away all the jewels, she walked away satisfactorily. Strange enough, she even looked at Princess Anna inexplicably.

Soon the Priest left the scene, and no one dared to stop her.

The name of Lady Doom was still very revered by the people in this world.

Perhaps it was because of the fear of misfortune, no one else dared to approach Soran. Even the guards did not stop him. Lady Doom was famous for her love of revenge; Since she had very few Priests, those who dared to attack her Priest would feel her wrath. Since Soran had been blessed by Lady Doom’s Priest, the guards also dared not question him.

Princess Anna did not seem to be too bothered by this.

She blinked her big, beautiful eyes, and approached Soran. She whispered, “Looks like she is the high Priest of the Maid of Misfortune! You won’t have bad luck in the future!”

“Our fortune seems pretty good.”

“The Priests of the Twin of Fortune are rare to come by! I was blessed by the Priest of the Goddess of Good Fortune when I was very young. Then I never met them again! ”

Soran was taken aback.

Then he frowned slightly, grabbed Princess Anna next to him and asked in a whispering tone, “Have you been blessed by a Priest of the Goddess of Good Fortune?”

“Yes.” The girl nodded then laughed and said, “I think my sister brought the Priest specifically. What a coincidence; Now you’ve been blessed by the Priest of the Maid of Misfortune.”


Princess Anna paused for a while then finally turned around and murmured, “Maid of Misfortune? Goddess of Good Fortune?”

The two walked toward the direction of the Priest hastily.

There were some customs in the world that were almost everywhere. For example, when a newborn was born or when a person had come of age, the families would usually pray to many gods. There were not only good gods, but also evil ones, such as the Maid of Misfortune. Parents would offer sacrifices to their children for luck, and pray that bad luck does not fall on their children. But if a Priest of a deity was present in such a ceremony, the other ceremonies would be canceled because the portfolio of many gods overlapped

If the Priest of the Goddess of Good Fortune was present, then there would be no ceremony for the Maid of Misfortune.

There were no traces of the Priest in front. Soran and Princess Anna could not see her at all as she quickly disappeared in the crowd.


Princess Anna’s expression was hesitant, and she murmured, “Does this mean anything? Maybe it’s just a coincidence?”

“Even though the Maid of Misfortune was not kind, she would still give blessings…”

Soran was somewhat silent.

Soran could not be sure if all this was just a coincidence, because the Priest stopped in front of him despite the other people around him. The goddess of misfortune and good fortune had been fighting for thousands of years; If Princess Anna had been blessed by the Goddess of Good Fortune, she would have the mark of good fortune, which Soran could not see, but the Priest of Lady Doom would have seen. Maybe she just happened to pass by; maybe she wanted something from Soran and blessing him wasn’t just a coincidence.

What was her real motive?

The Heroes Fortune, The Glow of Fortune, The Blessing of Misfortune…

Soran looked at the data and found that there was an extra ability. A passive type Special Ability.

[The Blessing of The Maid of Misfortune]!

“Blessing of The Maid of Misfortune [Special Ability]: You were blessed by Lady Doom. Your luck will not be reduced to below a normal level. You would be immune to any spells that bring misfortune, such as Disaster, Calamity, Befall Misfortune and so on. At the same time, your enemies will be watched by Lady Doom, and when any test occurs, they would get a 1 point devaluation because of misfortune. These tests include attacks, hits, dodges, etc.