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Heavy snow covered the hill.

Soran slowly flew up with Princess Anna’s delicate figure in his arms. She seemed to be a little excited, but just as she opened her mouth, quite a bit of snow went into it; Her small face could not help but become slightly red. Only those who have experienced strong winds, storms and typhoons could understand how it felt to be exposed to the storms of nature.

In fact, Soran was also slightly excited because flying was something great and desirable.

They rose little by little and gradually flew hundreds of meters into the air. The altitude could not be said to be enjoyable anymore because the cold winds became stronger. The speed of Fly was about 30 to 120 feet, which was about the speed of about 10 meters per second to 40 meters per second. Basically, few people could go beyond this speed limit, because the human body could not withstand the force; especially the relatively weak body of Wizards.

In Soran’s memory, there was only one spell that could reach the speed of sound!

The name of the spell was ‘Celestial Flight’, a high-grade unpopular spell that was difficult to learn. After casting, it would turn the user into a spiritual form; they would be unable to attack nor cast spells but would be able to fly beyond the speed of sound. Since Soran had not mastered the ability [Flight Form] yet, his flying speed was only about 10 meters per second. It was said that someone had reached a flying speed of more than 100 meters per second; However, this required a lot of other abilities for support, and a protection spell must be added.

Flying was not as safe as some people thought.

For example, Wizards were most afraid of others throwing a ‘Dispel Magic’ at you. If they successfully dispelled the effect of Fly, then how high you fly would also mean how severe the fall would be.

That was definitely no laughing matter!

High-altitude spellcasting requires a very powerful basic skill [Concentration], as spellcasting itself already requires plenty of concentration. If you were suddenly dispelled from flying and was unable to cast a spell during a high-speed crash or had not prepared other spells to cope with the crash then what awaits you would be smashed into a meat pie. Even spellcasters would be killed if not prepared. That was why Wizards liked to study Teleport rather than devote their energy to learning flying spells.

Some high-grade Wizards who like flying would also use stronger spells, such as Feather Wings and Dragon Wings. These spells were not really that safe since they could still be broken apart by ‘Disintegrate’ or ‘Heaven’s Drive’. Essentially, Fly was certainly not as cool as Teleport. Even NPCs don’t use Fly that much. Gloria, too, preferred to walk rather than fly because of subconscious worries.

The duration of Fly was calculated by minutes.

Soran, for example; had a low Spellcasting Score. He has a Profession Level of 6, Intelligence plus 5, which would add up to a Spellcasting Score of around 11. Thus, he would be able to support 11 minutes of flying, covering a distance of around 6000 meters. Since Soran’s Wizard has a Profession Level of 6. He would have two level 3 Spell Slots, which added together would allow him to fly for around 12 kilometers.

This amount of flying distance was definitely enough for him to fly over the mountains.

Out of nowhere, strange sounds were heard.

Soran seemed to have heard the sounds of Ice Quetzalcoatlus. He quickly lowered his altitude a little, then made a ‘be quiet’ gesture toward Princess Anna who was in his arms and slowly slipped away at low altitude. If they had to deal with Ice Quetzalcoatlus in the air, Soran would definitely not make it. Flying would be relatively fast if in a straight line, but rising and falling would half the speed. Soran flew quietly and soon arrived at a forest.

After flying over the mountains they went into a dense forest, a very dense snow forest.

Soran let out a breath of relief, lowered his altitude, slowed down his flight, and then landed in the dense forest.

They couldn’t fly all the way and had to walk part of the journey.

The road was much easier to travel in the forest. It took him half a day to bring Princess Anna through the dense forest and gradually enter areas with Human activity.

“Wear this.”

Soran took out a cloak and handed it to Princess Anna. He murmured, “Don’t talk much on the road and don’t take it down. The Chosen is very hard to deal with, and there may be those believers as well. ”

Princess Anna nodded gently then put on the cloak without hesitating.

In fact, this was the territory of Arendelle; but no one could guarantee that there would be no believers of Torture here. As long as there was a definite goal, a legendary Wizard could arrive in a short time. Since the power of the Chosen was very strong, and he did not know whether the elder Princess could deal with her, the best way to pass was to disguise themselves. This way Soran could also check the conditions in Arendelle; if nothing big had occurred, then it would still be relatively safe.

After all, according to Soran’s past memory, nothing really happened in the Frost Kingdom!

The two walked along the snow-covered road.

They spent a night camping in the wilderness. They went on for tens of kilometers and finally saw the outline of a town.

“This is the town of Talado.” Princess Anna recalled for a moment and whispered, “If we continue on we’ll be close to the sea. This town is run by a baron I think, but I don’t remember his name.”

Arendelle had many towns under its control; they didn’t have much farmland when compared to the southern regions.

There were many cities and towns in the north, and the number of large cities was less than a fifth of that in the south. Small villages were scarce, mainly because villages were difficult to maintain in the Frost Kingdom, where monsters were generally difficult to deal with.

It was clear that something must have happened in the Kingdom of Arendelle because Soran saw guards on high alert and the cross standing outside the town.

The cross.

It was a very special symbol.

Unlike previous generations where the cross still had a special religious significance, it now represented a kind of punishment. Only two kinds of punishment used the cross. The first kind was crucifixion, the second kind which everyone was familiar with was death by fire. These two punishments were so cruel that they were seldom used by the kingdom. The most common punishments were beheading and hanging. Ordinary punishments were either fines or hard work; there were also severe whippings.

The crucifixion was mainly used to punish the fallen, and the most common use of death by fire was to punish the believers of evil.

“Seems like something had happened.”

Soran looked at the cross from a distance. The blood on the cross had been frozen; probably someone had been nailed to death.

Soran turned to look at Princess Anna and whispered, “Follow me and stay quiet.”

The city guards were in high alert.

Soran moved along with Princess Anna bit by bit. Suddenly there seemed to be a disturbance beside him. All he saw was that everyone in the vicinity was withdrawing in awe. The sudden disturbance attracted the attention of the guards. Soon, a big Northern guard captain came up and shouted loudly, waving a whip in his hand and whipping it. But then his expression became shocked when he approached the crowd. His eyes were full of awe, and he took a step backward and bent down slightly to show his humility.

A woman appeared.

A seemingly evil-looking woman with a veil on her face stood in the center of the crowd. She had alluring pupils and facial features that were somewhat Indian. Her hair was tied up in small braids with many odd ornaments. The woman was wearing a black robe with a skull mark on the front. The sign of a skull was not something people could just use in this world. If not the Priests of Death, then it would bring a lot of trouble. In fact, the woman was not a Priest of Death, but a Priest of another god.

On her chest was a badge with a blood-red background, that had white bones and black antlers.

She was a Priest of [The Maid of Misfortune]!

There were two goddesses in the world one should pay attention to. The first was the Goddess of Good Fortune and the second was the Maid of Misfortune. Whether you believed in them or not, it was best to show respect to the Priests that represented them because these two goddesses were notoriously difficult to deal with and had personality preferences that were hard to judge.

Among the deities in the world, the Priests of the goddess of fortune and misfortune were the smallest in number because they were one of the two most familiar and frequently mentioned gods in the world. Priests were unnecessary to spread their beliefs.

Even Soran would pray to the Goddess of Good Fortune for luck. This shows just how significant they were.

The Maid of Misfortune or the Lady Doom was a wicked and capricious goddess, and their Priests weren’t any better. They could not bring you good luck, but they would entangle you with bad luck.

This was not something to joke around with!

The Priests of Lady Doom had divine spells that could lower one’s luck and cause them to be very unlucky for some time.

The world mostly revered this goddess more than anything.

Soran obviously feared the goddess’s Priest; so as she passed by, he quickly pulled Princess Anna aside and showed respect.

No one would want to be unlucky!

Everything seemed normal and the Priest of Lady Doom walked straight over. No one dared to stop her, but suddenly she stopped in front of Soran. The woman gazed at him strangely, then slowly spread out her hands, palms engraved with deer antlers and white bones emblems and slowly said: “The goddess needs you to give an offering!”

The crowd quickly moved aside and formed a large circle.

Soran’s expression was a little stiff because it was a bit like he was being cheated and had to come up with something. Princess Anna quietly pulled at the corner of his clothes; Soran did not hesitate much and quickly took out more than ten Gold Derahls. Then he carefully placed them in the palm of Priest and said, “I humbly offer my sacrifices. May the Maid of Misfortune gaze upon my enemies.”