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A few days had passed.

Princess Anna no longer looked like a princess. Instead, she now looked more like a beautiful girl living on a hill. It turned out that even princesses didn’t always look so noble. She even learned to make her bed and wash clothes by melting snow into water. She also cleaned the cave up nice and tidy.

She seemed to have a little OCD as she often liked to put things in order. Sometimes she would even have a lot of strange ideas in her mind, such as whether they would have given birth to a nest of monkeys or something if they had been living in the mountains like this all the time.


These are just some of the absurd assumptions of adolescent girls.

At first, she was worried about what Soran would do to herself. Since she was a princess, not an idiot, she would still think about what could happen. However, it turned out that she was worried for nothing; Soran was more knightly than any Knight she had ever seen, even though he was a Rogue multi-professioning in Wizard.

Occasionally Princess Anna would curl up beside Soran like a cat. It was difficult for the girl to tell what she was really feeling, she only knew that it would make her feel more comfortable and sleep more soundly.

On the other hand, Soran almost did not sleep and his eyes were bloodshot.

He looked like a Steel Golem that did not need rest, spending almost all his time learning and practicing magic. Princess Anna didn’t know why he worked so hard, but there must be something in his heart pushing him forward. Occasionally, the girl would think that what he was doing was to send herself back to Arendell as soon as possible; It certainly made her feel warm inside. Despite her desires to return early, Princess Anna tried not to show her anxiety because she thought it would increase the pressure on Soran. She already thought that Soran was already working too hard.

He needed some rest.

Even though he was a very responsible person, he still needed rest.

She sometimes also worried about what she would do next if Soran suddenly collapsed due to fatigue!

As a young and immature girl, Princess Anna felt empty at the thought of it.

The only other person who had ever given her such a feeling in the past was her elder sister. She had always believed that as long as she had her sister, there would be nothing to be afraid of.

Since then she had, of course, become more mature.

Although she was still cute and lovely, the sixteen years old girl, she had tried to make a change.

She learned to clean, wash, and even cook. Her white and slender fingers had become a little rough. Her once fair and perfect skin now had cracks that were due to the brutally cold winds. She dared not show her frostbite to Soran and would sometimes cry when she looked at it herself. She was still a young girl, so she would want to see herself be beautiful. When her future husband kissed the back of her hand, she would want his lips to feel the tenderest skin in the world, not the frostbite.

However, she would sometimes also feel enriched by this experience.

These days had helped her grow.


She was still the Princess of Arendell, one of the two most dazzling pearls. Her palms were not as beautiful as before, and her clothes were torn; Even after washing her clothes with snow water, they were still dirty. Her hair was in a simple ponytail and was tied with a white piece of cloth torn from her clothes. She took off the other exquisite and expensive pieces of jewelry and only wore the earrings her mother had left for her.

She would occasionally sit beside the cave in a daze. Thinking about absurd yet after some thinking were not things that were too bad.

These thoughts would sometimes make her heart jump and face blush. She would also sometimes take peeks at Soran.

However, she was also very busy.

She had now learned how to cut meat with a knife, how to build a bonfire, how much salt should be used, how to add spices to make food more delicious, and even how to sew. In fact, she had studied needlework previously since the education that a princess received was very comprehensive, and needlework was included.

The only difference was that previously she only sewed when she was free and when she wanted to make something for her elder sister.

Since she was a Princess, one of the Pearls of Arendelle; even though the clothes she wore were patchy, it still looked good on her. She would only cry sometimes when she looked at her frostbitten hands, which seemed rather painful.

Soran was almost in a state of craze.

Maybe it was due to his last ascetic experience; but now when he was focused on doing something, he would almost seem like an insane person.

Similarly, the speed by which he learned and understood spells was insanely fast!

A level 1 spell would take an ordinary wizard nearly a month to learn, but Soran only spent one night and one morning. The next day he would have had most of the complicated models in his mind. On the third day, he completed the spell structure of Levitate at noon, and on the fifth day, he completed the spell structure of Fly.

Soran used merely five days to learn three spells!

Time went by faster than expected, and when Soran had finished reconstructing the spell Fly in his mind, his eyes were already fully bloodshot.

The long-awaited data finally emerged.

After practicing Levitate for some time, he had finally mastered the ability [Spell Control].

Now that he had learned Spell Control, he had reached the requirement to advance in his Wizard class. Soran upgraded his Wizard to level 6 in a rush, and then got an additional Attribute Point and an Ability Point.

Finally, Soran had acquired the ability [Spell Control]; this was a pre-requisite ability to many other Metamagic Abilities.

“The profession Wizard is now Level 5.”

“Received 25 [INT 20+ (INT 20-10)*0.5] Skill Points, HP increased by 10 (Profession HP 4+ (CON 21-10)*0.5].”

“Acquired one Free Attribute Point.”

“Acquired one Ability Point.”

Soran undoubtedly allocated the Attribute Point to Dexterity, and then put all Skill Points into Literacy.

He had finally reached the requirement to obtain a Metamagic Ability.

A row of data appeared in front of him:

“Combat Casting [Proficient]: Wizards gradually improve their abilities in long-term training. Even if attacked in battle, they would not be easily interrupted during their casting. As this ability improves, even if the Wizard is directly attacked, he could still cast spells successfully. When this ability is improved to a certain extent, some multi-profession Wizards could also cast spells while attacking; However, this may require the combination of the abilities Silent Spell and Spontaneous Casting. [Concentration + 10].

“Mobile Spellcasting [Proficient]: Wizards are now able to cast spells while moving after undergoing some special training. They would not interrupt their casting when they Evade. At the same time, as the level of the ability increases, Wizards can also cast spells while flying and moving at high speed. This is one of the abilities that high-grade Wizards must master, otherwise they would not be able to cast while using Fly. [Concentration + 5]

“Empower Spell [Metamagic Ability]: Wizards are now able to use some unique Metamagic Ability to improve the power of spells after mastering the spell. Using this technique would increase the level of the spell by 1 and increase the power of the spell by 50%. When using Metamagic Abilities to reconstruct spells, Wizards would need to spend more time to complete the reconstruction. When casting spells, they were no different from the original spells. (Prerequisite for [Maximize Spell])

“Spell Penetration [Metamagic Ability]: Wizards analyze their power in-depth, which leads to enhancement in their ability to perform spells. Whether it’s a damage spell or a controlling spell, the Wizard could get an extra 2 points when faced with the Test of Spell Strength. The enemy, however, must have a higher level of Fortitude to resist the spells. (Prerequisite of [Advance Spell Penetration])

The earlier two abilities were basic abilities that wouldn’t disappear even if he did not learn it.

Soran cared more about the latter two Metamagic Abilities. The first one was [Empower Spell], which could increase the power of a spell by 50%, and the second one was [Spell Penetration], which could increase the difficulty of the exemption test. For example,’Arcane Missile’, would increase in power if he learned Empower Spell; or ‘Charm Person’, which become harder to resist if he chose to learn Spell Penetration.

These were the two paths.

The first was an important ability in becoming a powerful nuker since the 50% damage bonus was amazing. The second was the core skill of controlling the battlefield; Whether it was Charm, Hold, death spells, etc., they all needed Spell Penetration to support.

Soran did not hesitate for too long.

He chose [Empower Spell] since this Metamagic Ability would greatly improve his fighting capabilities. This was especially true when his spell level had increased, then the power of five Arcane Missiles would equal to 7.5 Arcane Missiles.

With only mastering [Practiced Spellcaster], he too could ‘Pew, Pew, Pew!”

Since Soran had now mastered Fly, it naturally was time to leave the place.

Although Princess Anna wished she could fly back to Arendell now, she could not help looking back at the cave before she left. It was cleaned up by her and she wondered what creature would take advantage of it now. As he left, Soran saw the footprints of Ice Trolls that headed to the opposite peak. It seemed that the Ice Quetzalcoatlus corpses he had left behind had been taken by the Ice Trolls. At least the Ice Trolls did not come and attack the two.

The snow was still moving in the strong winds.

Princess Anna would be on her way home today. She looked at Soran who was beside her and her beautiful eyelashes trembled slightly.